Abstract Prints & Amazing Silhouettes In Norma Kamali Spring-Summer 2016 Collection

Iconic designer Norma Kamali is known for her innovative yet timeless approach to fashion. In today's post I am more than happy to share with you her Spring 2016 season collection that comes with marvelous prints and amazing silhouettes. Why do we love her works? The garments look timelessly modern and extremely versatile. Personally, I like that urban meets elegance vibe that is seen in almost every creation.

Norma Kamali Spring-Summer 2016 Collection (8)

We see a perfect fit-and-flare leopard print sleeveless dress that is worn with strappy black sandals.

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Contemporary Urban Elegance In Brownie and Blondie Spring-Summer 2016

Hi there everyone! It's been a while since my last post. I was really busy, sorry. :) Anyway, I am here to share with you this stunning Spring-Summer 2016 collection from Brownie and Blondie brand. New season comes with fun and urban looks made for men and women.

Brownie and Blondie Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

Both models appear in black raincoats, polka dot shirts and black trousers.

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Folkloric Modern Looks In Piroshka Spring-Summer 2016 Collection

Are you addicted to folkore fashion, if yes, then you must see this Spring-Summer 2016 collection from Piroshka, entitled 'Indigo'. It's a perfect urban wear for ladylike red-riding-hoods! Berlin and Budapest based fashion brand Piroshka is inspired by Hungarian folklore heritage and their neighbor cultures and fusions in an unique own eclectic aesthetic. This collection contains traditional hungarian indigo blue print fabrics and hand embroidery. Made with love in Hungary by craftsmen.

Piroshka Spring-Summer 2016 Lookbook (1)

Dark blue top printed in white folkloric characters looks fresh and fun. By the way, I am so in love with model's hairstyle.

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Printed Streetwear Essentials In Casenkreation Spring-Summer 2016 Menswear Lookbook

Casenkreation has shared with us its awesome spring-summer 2016 collection of men's urban streetwear essentials that are great for going outs and simple walks around town. It features amazing printed sweatshirts, elongated sporty jackets, awesome sleeveless tees, hooded toppers, almost-knee-length trench coats that can be easily paired with knee-ripped skinny jeans. This season's collection fully encompasses the youth and attitude of the brand.

Casenkreation Spring-Summer 2016 Lookbook (1)

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Creative Women Shoes In Alberto Guardiani Spring-Summer 2016 Collection

This time I want to draw your attention to Alberto Guardiani Spring-Summer 2016 collection of women's creative footwear, consisting of high platform sneakers and loafers. You can see the quality and glamour look from the very first view. Every new season comes with style and that passion and desire for experimentation. Brand proposes its unique collections worldwide, where artisanal expertise and passion for innovation meet. Every single pair of shoes comes with an excellent look and expressive details.

Alberto Guardiani Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

The following high platform loafers are ideal for statement walks around town.

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Valentina Brugnatelli Spring-Summer 2016 Italian Jewelry

Italian jewelry fashion designer Valentina Brugnatelli presents her latest Spring-Summer 2016 collection of women's luxe jewelry. Looking through these images you automatically ask yourself if every showcased design has a soul. I am amazed by the beauty of these creations, every detail comes with a marvelous look. It feels,like every piece tells a story. Brugnatelli's clientèle is a free-spirited woman with a personality strong enough to wear whatever she feels like. She's comes with an individual personality that makes you love her from the very first sight.

Valentina Brugnatelli Spring-Summer 2016 Italian Jewelry (1)
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UNIQUEDESIGNMILANO Eyewear For Summer 2016

Please welcome beautiful sunglasses Summer 2016 collection from UNIQUEDESIGNMILANO brand. You are about to see an artisanal approach that gives rise to unique eyewear. The latest collection features classic modern designs made with unique style. Every single pair is made in Italy. The quality is bespoke. Each pair is made of only locally sourced materials. Art and fashion are the main focuses of these beautiful sunnies. The combination of these key factors are combined together to create a real masterpiece.

2016 Summer Sunglasses Trends (1)

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Urban Sports In Plùs Que Ma Vìe Spring-Summer 2016

Plùs Que Ma Vìe offers clean lines, unique style and minimalistic approach in its Spring-Summer 2016 collection of men's urban sportswear. This season features complex and harmonic creations. The result is a contrast of regular and irregular geometries and textures, a puzzle of shapes and classic hued color palette, including shades of white, gray, black, blue and yellow.

Spring-Summer 2016 Menswear Fashion Trends (1)

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Monochrome Fashion-Forward Outfits In Luca Michele Spring-Summer 2016

We have chance to see LUCA MICHELE latest Spring-Summer 2016 collection of men's and women's monochrome fashion forward outfits. London fashion label offers a sophisticated approach that is both creative and easy-to-wear. The garments are lightweight (as must-have feature for summer) and still complicated. Label's creators and brothers Luca and Michele have ideally translated the modern society's movement and the way of life. We see athletic touches, ideal evening dresses, urban sporty separates and black-white colors harmony work. Personally, I love the way designers cut their patterns creating new and unique vision. Anyway, let's have a close-up look at their beautiful creations. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Luca Michele Spring-Summer 2016  (1)

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