Hipster Must Haves

Today I’d like to tell you about the must haves of every hipster. If you are just a beginner and want to underline your hipster style, then I will share with you all the necessary things that should always be around you. So what do you need for a real hipster style look?

Hipster Must Haves 2019

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Taylor Tomasi Hill Street Style

Moda Operandi art director redhead New Yorker Taylor Tomasi Hill is a real fashionista, who appears in every street-style photographer portfolio. What does she tell us about her own style: "I am kind of chameleon. My style is always evolving and it's important for me to wear comfortable clothing, as I spend much time running around the city as I meet lots of people. So, my daily style is to wear relaxed garments that are not too fitted and of course without high heels. I have to be practical, basic clothing saves my life."

Taylor Tomasi Hill Street Style 2019

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Fashion Tips: Best 7 Women’s Things That Will Never Go Out of Style

Every girl or woman during their lives comes to conclusion, that fashion has some canons that never change, I mean there are always some items that are always in style, so that every girl or woman has those in her wardrobe and no matter what kind of event is going to be, these savers will help when it comes to "nothing to wear" problem. If you are interested to know which are these items, then you can start with this simple list of chic and elegant pieces that never go out of style.

Fashion Tips: Best 7 Women's Things That Will Never Go Out of Style 2019

#1. Straight leg jeans. No matter if they are dark blue or blue, straight leg jeans are casual, every day basics, that will be suitable for work, walkings, cocktail parties and other various occasions. You can simply wear these jeans with an everyday tee and flats for a sporty look, yet if you want going-out look, then try on heels and embellished top. What I love about these pretty everyday item is that they look great on hourglass-shaped, rectangular bodies.

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Ryan Gosling’s Everyday essential casual looks

We all know Ryan for his great movies where he appears in great outfits, stylish pantsuits and glamour outfits, yet let's meet him from another angle, I mean let's see him in casual style looks. Pay attention, how great he looks in laid-back clothing essentials. I hope you will agree with me, that Ryan Gosling styles all his garments so perfectly, that every look is cool and stylish. Fitted jeans, chino's, button-up shirts, scoop neck, leather biker jackets, cardigans...all that looks amazing on him. Love how Ryan pairs his outfits with accessories, like backpacks, specs, beanies and necklaces.

Ryan Gosling’s Everyday essential casual looks 2019
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Ryan Gosling Clothing Movie Style: How to dress like Ryan

Dress like Ryan. There is no doubt about Ryan Gosling's amazing style, I personally love Ryan's every movie's look, as it's laid back, cool and effortless. During several years we have witnessed Ryan Gosling style evolution and transitions, from formal to casual styles: slouchy denim jackets, three-piece suits and everyday basics.

Ryan Gosling Clothing Movie Style: How to dress like Ryan 2019

If you want to look through some of Ryan's best movie outfits, then I advise you to take a closer look at these images. I have learned some tricks for myself, so please take a moment of your time and see Gosling's five movie looks and get some inspiration.

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Bloggers Style: Candice Lake

Photo and Style. Candice Lake is a real "frog-traveller", she was born in Australia, worked in Milan, New York and Paris, yet now she lives in London. She wokred in jurisprudence, in model business and now she's keen on photographing. She's a bright person and likes to wear bold garments, she always has camera with her. She does images not only because she likes it, yet for her personal blog.

Bloggers Style: Candice Lake 2019

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Bloggers Style: Jules Sincerely

That's the Style. I'd like to share with you lovely images of Mexican fashion blogger Julie Sariñana from Los Angeles and her style. She's the owner of fashion blog called Sincerely. Her own style she describes as Californian, it's colorful, free and bohemian. She always creates looks that are creative, original and chic; I like how she teams up Isabel Marant sneakers, skinny jeans and simple tees, and of course details: sunglasses, bracelets, oversize handbags and amazing necklaces. All in all, Jules knows how to combine every piece.

Bloggers Style: Jules Sincerely 2019

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Women’s Boyish Style in June’s Style Singapore

A real boyish style. In June's Style Singapore fashion model Blake plays role of a stylish girl wearing boyish style clothes for this season. The brunette wears amazingly elegant and youthful androgyny looks, here are shown such chic selects as Haider Ackermann, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. Easy wearing and relaxed styles, I think these are real must-have ones.

Women's Boyish Style in June's Style Singapore 2019

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New Tennis Timepiece Collection by Gucci

Timeless. Gucci presents its latest Tennis Timepiece Collection. It consists of beautiful watches, with stainless steel cases, some come with white leather bezel, white nylon strap with green-red-green web with ardillon buckle, they are water-resistant and swiss made. Believe me, with these kind of watches you will be in center of everyone's attention.

New Tennis Timepiece Collection by Gucci 2019

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