Hi Expectation Summer Expressive and Bold Lookbook

Hi there, fashion readers, today we are going to observe Dallas based fashion brand Hi! Expectation Summer season's lookbook. Label's creative Director Sofi Sugasti has an expressive aesthetic and love of intensely bold colors, that's why we see so much fun, bright prints and vibrant patterns. Her designs are original and individual, that's why each of her creations has such powerful impact, which makes you stand out from the crowd. All her products are manufactured in the United States. You are about to see comfortable silhouette looks which are not only versatile, but also unique and fashion-forward.

Hi Expectation Summer Expressive and Bold Lookbook 2019

How about watermelon and pineapple print summer dress. Love the way it's paired with yellow socks and high heeled sandals, looks fresh!

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Naco Paris Summer Minimal and Ultra Modern Collection

This time I want to introduce to you talented French fashion designer Naco Paris and his beautiful, luxury Spring-Summer season's collection, entitled “Art is resistance.” Summer season comes with art, punk attitude, underground spirit, minimal and ultra-modern aesthetics. This warm season comes with qualitative materials, like knit, lace, cotton, and beautiful embroideries, including sequins, patchwork patterns and eye-catching prints. My personal favorites from the lookbook are sky dresses, comic-like printed separates, brush splash printed sweatshirts, cropped pale blue jackets and other super-vibrant creations.

Naco Paris Summer Minimal and Ultra Modern Collection 2019

My favorite cropped pale-blue biker jacket is worn with sky-print skirt.

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Bellfield Spring-Summer Urban and Expressive

Let's see Spring-Summer season's collection from Bellfield. This brand is big on trends, quality and comfortability. As it's already summer outside we have to wear something which will compliment our beauty and individuality, that's why we see such amazing splash of bright prints, urban essentials and denims. By the way, denim plays a major role in the latest collection, that's why we see so many expressive styles, smart shirts, skinnies and laid back dungarees. Each piece is made with a great attention to detail and workmanship creating fun and adventure-inspired clothing sets. This year's collection was inspired by the 1970's Americana style combined with contemporary streetwear and bold tropical prints. Anyway, let's take a closer view at these youthful and chic designs:

Bellfield Spring-Summer Urban and Expressive 2019

Here we see models wearing Punu maxi dress and cool Katsina bomber.

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Just Female Spring-Summer Versatile Outfits Lookbook

Let's see Copenhagen (Denmark) based label's Just Female Spring-Summer season lookbook images. The brand's designer & brand manager Penille Andersen and owners Preben Laust and Steen Holtermann offer us relaxed, semi-casual street-style inspired sports-urban looks. Each piece is made of hight-quality fabrics, comfortable shapes and defined colors. This season comes with quieter colors, including soft pastels, neutral hues creating real summer look. The showcased outfits can be worn at work, special cocktail parties, meetings, etc. Here are presented clean lines in combination with raw materials, which create very unique and edgy designs. Love the raw detailing and textured finishes.

Just Female Spring-Summer Versatile Outfits Lookbook 2019

Here we see model wearing denim jacket with monochrome striped tee.

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Bellerose Spring-Summer Relaxed and Playful Essentials

Now, let's have a look at Bellerose women's Spring-Summer season's selection, which includes eclectic, upbeat and playful selection of semi-casual and relaxed urban essentials. What I love about Bellerose, then it's aim, which is to influence the lifestyle of individuals, without dictating their choices. This year's summer collection is inspired by Pierrot le Fou, Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 film. That's the movie where Ferdinand Griffon (Jean-Paul Belmondo) runs away with his baby-sitter, an ex-girlfriend, Marianne Renoir (Anna Karina). You are about to see stylish essentials, which are not only seductive and lightweight, but also practical. As you all know, comfort plays major role before buying the clothes, that's why Bellerose has such roomy volumes and cozy separates.

Bellerose Spring-Summer Relaxed and Playful Essentials 2019

Here we see a cute striped dress paired with cool bomber and retro sunglasses.

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Beaufille Spring-Summer Jewelry Collection

Please welcome Canadian womenswear and accessories brand Beaufille spring-summer season's of eye-catching jewelry collection. The label was founded by two sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon. Each of the presented pieces reflects a sophisticated tough girl's style, who loves to wear and combine masculine and feminine elements. The brand's inspiration comes from French culture, art and history. Love the way Chloe and Parris combine their ideas, like the inspiration from historic events and style mixed with a modern approach. So, let's take a closer view at the Summer collection jewelry and accessories.

Beaufille Spring-Summer Jewelry Collection 2019

That's a beautiful medieval like neck piece with a double ring set.

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Andy Imbrechts CONQUEST/WONDERS Tee Collection

Let's meet Leuven, Belgium based fashion designer Andy Imbrechts (27) who reveals his CONQUEST/WONDERS tee season's collection. The showcased designs look awesome, as we see creative illustrations created by designer himself. Each looks has an oversized fit and draped sleeves. I personally find the showcased tops quite feminine (in a good sense), thanks to the bright colors. Andy has a real passion for illustration and prints, that's why he tries to implement his dreams and ideas into wearable men's clothing. Love the way he thinks differently, by giving his creations new life, shape and practicality. All in all, he's a real master of vibrant colors and amazing prints. All the presented pieces are available online www.andyimbrechts.com.

Andy Imbrechts CONQUEST/WONDERS Tee Collection 2019

Kaleidoscopic print tee is worn with pleated trousers.

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Supreme Spring-Summer Luxury Streetwear

Let's welcome luxury streetwear brand Supreme new Spring-Summer season's lookbook. A legendary skater Jason Dill appears in studio images wearing brand's awesome looks. As you can see brand collaborated with Schott, Champion and men’s magazine Playboy. I personally love the collection's old silhouettes, classic patterns and new designs. You are about to see cool work outerwear, street style bucket hats, printed button-downs, chinos, denim shirts and pants. Love the 1990's spirit, classic patterns, silhouettes and prints, including leopard and camouflage. All in all, Supreme is for punk, military and urban guys who love wearing statement clothing sets.

Supreme Spring-Summer Luxury Streetwear 2019

Striped Polo Sweater is paired with Uptown Warm Up Pants and cool Virgin Of Guadalupe Pendant.

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Baldwin Women Spring-Summer Mannish Touch Lookbook

Matt Baldwin behind Baldwin Denim reveals women's Spring-Summer season's lookbook. You are about to see skinny cuts, chambray button downs, washed jeggings, simple tees and see-through sunglasses. I personally felt in love with acid, white and raw denim creations. The monochromatic color palette makes these outfits stand out from the crowd. The line was inspired by the menswear, that's why we see some mannish touches in the tailoring and design. Let's see collection's detailed looks:

Baldwin Women Spring-Summer Mannish Touch Lookbook 2019

Circled transparent sunglasses are this summer essentials.

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Trademark Spring Minimalism In Men’s Look Book

For this warm Summer season New York based label Trademark presents menswear lookbook, which is all about sport-driven aesthetic. The clothing sets are inspired by the works of abstract artist Barnett Newman, where the major focus is set on American minimalism designs. You are about to see solid collection of masculine outerwear, summery button-ups, utility trousers made of luxe materials. Speaking of fabrics use, then we see here a wide range of technical materials, including thinned-down nylon, thick twill and rubberized cotton. Love the minimalist appearance, which brings man's personality on the first place. Male model Ian Sharp looks sophisticated wearing label's everyday classic sportswear essentials. Anyway, let's take a detailed view at the presented designs:

Trademark Spring Minimalism In Men's Look Book 2019

Futura jacket is worn with chinos shorts.

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