Sporty Chic Style

Sporty chic is still in trend this year. What is so special about this trend anyway? The thing is, it coexists harmoniously with any other styles, making sophisticated and professional ladies look more relaxed and casual. This year comes with updated new athletic-inspired pieces, so you better check out this great Polyvore sets collection and make some notes before your next shopping day. We are going to see long football jerseys, tank dresses, pastel crop-tops, cool sneakers and trainers, in other words, everything you need to look ‘Le Sport Chic’. Personally, I like this trend for comfortable garments and Tomboy appeal, what makes these outfits fit your street-style and working weeks. I love the way activewear instantly transformed into a chic display of casual glamour.

Sporty Chic Style 2019

We see light grey pullover teamed with pale pink sweat shorts and grey shearling moccasins.

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Women’s Athletic & Sporty Outfit Styles For Fall-Winter

When you think of the athletic and sports trend, dresses, skirts and casual tops might not be the first things to come to mind. But it looks like sports and fashion have a friendly unite, as we see lots of fashion designers and brands offering its clientèle sporty outfits to wear this Autumn-Winter season. These garments are ideal for those women who seek for casual and laid-back looks for their everyday wear. These clothes combine comfort of loungewear with practicality of workout gear. The great plus of this trend is the gorgeous look in the streets.

Women's Athletic & Sporty Outfit Styles For Fall-Winter 2019

Clover Canyon delivers a cool combination of a relaxed, front-zip hoodie, styled with front zip floral top, relaxed sweatpants with side vertical stripes and practical slip-ons.

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