Creative Menswear Autumn-Winter by Si Chan

Creative Winter Looks. One word, WOW! Si Chan presents a small mens collection for the upcoming Fall-Winter season. Hugs- is the main inspiration, i guess, after viewing the designs. Designer himself calls it with these kind of keywords: “Hugs”, “Communication”, “Interesting”, “Fun”, “flourishing”, “comfort”, “to be protected”, “to be surrounded”, “warmth”, “memory”, "happiness", “childhood”, etc. "Hands" play main role in this new collection, as it's key point, they speak to themselves, as they express what is in our minds. Here are shown 6 outfits, that are unique and creative at the same time. I love how designer made clothes more warmth and hugged with hands, looks childish to me.

Creative Menswear Autumn-Winter by Si Chan 2019
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