Men’s classic tailored shorts from Peter Millar

Menswear brand Peter Millar launches exclusive summer specials with Mr Porter and Harrods this season, by offering its clients classic tailored shorts in new summer shades. These staples are subtle classics with a slim fit and lightweight fabrics. Every single pair is ideal for wearing at the offices and beaches. They make the perfect packing essentials for beach holidays and city breaks. What color is your favorite? Tell me in comments below.

Men's classic tailored shorts from Peter Millar 2018

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How To Wear Knit Sweaters For Women With Denim

No matter if it's summer or winter, but sweaters are seasonless garments that will warm you during chilly mornings and cold evenings. Speaking of today's climate, it's no wonder why weather is cooling down, that's why we start noticing lots of cozy knitwear around. In today's post I want to draw your attention to knit sweaters for women to wear from Mondays to Sundays. Personally, I like sweaters SO MUCH! There are numerous of silhouettes, different forms, oversized, big and slim-fit ones. I just can't get enough of them. In this collection you are going to find absolutely gorgeous Polyvore sets featuring cable knits with bulky silhouettes, Grandma's must-haves, awesome turtlenecks, cardigans paired with our beloved denim bottoms. Yes, the best way to style your favorite knits is to pair them with denim. It's always a win-win combination. In the following images we are going to see best ways to mix knits with denim.

How To Wear Knit Sweaters For Women With Denim 2018

Make it slouchy with a loose-knit sweater. You can always style it with your favorite mini shorts and beautiful minimalist white sandals.

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How To Wear Shorts in Summer

In today's post I want to share with you my personal Polyvore sets on what shorts and how to wear them this summer. It looks like this year summer months are going to be very warm, that's why we better choose and buy shorts in advance. Everything depends on your personal preferences. I've found awesome Polyvore sets what for sure will inspire your next shorts outfit. In this compilation are gathered various styles, starting from beach casuals, vintage-inspired to athletic and hippie-grunges ones. Anyway, let's have a closer look at some of the best outfit ideas and choose our favorites:

How To Wear Shorts in Summer 2018

That's one of my favorites. It's a casual look (great for beachwear) that is an ideal choice for those ladies who feel their selves as young businesswomen who are full of energy and know what they want. They do not want to wear bright garments, because they like classic staples. We see a shortened light grey top styled with white-grey striped sweatshorts, light grey pointed-toe loafers and light grey eye-glasses.

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Leggins, Pants, Skirts & Shorts by Ucon Acrobatics

Berlin based brand Ucon Acrobatics reveals its awesome collection of women's leggings, pants, skirts and shorts collection. You are going to be surprised by the variety of fits, styles and colors. You can combine these awesome bottoms with almost every top. Most of the showcased styles are great for casual and sporty clothing combinations. Personally, I like the relaxed fit of the following essentials. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these pretty bottoms.

Leggins, Pants, Skirts & Shorts by Ucon Acrobatics 2018

Larissa pants come in a loose fit with single-colored allover screen print. They feature elastic waistband.

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How To Wear: Women’s Shorts For Spring-Summer

In today's post I want to share with you best ways how to wear women's shorts for the next spring-summer year. As you can see from the images below, this type of clothing comes in wide variety of colors and prints. The following clothing staple is made for comfortable wear during warm summer days and nights. The great thing is that you can wear them with anything you want, starting from formal tops and outerwear to casual and night out looks. They are back, as they have been seen on many catwalks and lookbooks this year. There are great options of cargo styles, leather, organza, fresh print and denim look variations. Have a look at this guide and choose your favorite piece:

How To Wear: Women's Shorts For Spring-Summer 2018

The following monochrome look comes with black, nylon, loose-fit jacket, white top and knee-length loose-fit bottoms.

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How To Wear: Overalls & Overall Shorts For Women

Let's talk about overalls and overall shorts for women and how to wear them to look fabulous and cool. I want to share with you some ideas which will help you to make a stunning look and update your style. Some women think of kindergarten once they start to think about this garment, but I have some Polyvore combinations for you which will erase the "bad" memories. But before thinking of the styling ways, I highly recommend you to choose the right fit, it's better to opt for a slim cut rather than baggy ones. It looks awesome with more streamlined looks which will make you look contemporary and elegant. Those women who want shorter versions, then it's better to go for roomy ones. Don't forget about layering your look, add a blouse underneath and some kind cool blazer of jacket atop for a more sophisticated feel. This kind of wear is like an instant outfit, which can be simply updated with fun shirt to finish the look. Some ladies love wearing cropped tops instead of shirts, which add that special workout look. If it's still chilly outside, then you can always try on spring coat with your casual essentials.

How To Wear: Overalls & Overall Shorts For Women 2018

Here we see ripped and cuffed version which can be styled with simple black tee, loose-fit, V-neck buttoned cardigan, high sole sandals, suede brown bag and tortoise sunglasses.

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Bluemint: Men’s Shorts To Try Now

Here are presented amazing swim shorts that will for sure be your number one during this summer season. All the presented designs come from Bluemint label. The line is entitled Danny and it looks like we have various color options, including fiery red, tropical green, purple, ink blue, dazzling blue and of course men's favorite classics- black. So, if the temperature rises, then it means you have to go for a swim. Kepp your style simple, colors sharp and body fit by wearing one of these Danny shorts. I personally love the timeless slim fit and clean tailoring which makes your moves comfort and ideal for swim. Wear them for a poolside lounging or an afternoon for tennis. All the presented models are made of lightweight, quick dry and water resistant poly fabric.

Bluemint: Men's Shorts To Try Now 2018
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Bluemint: Beach Shorts For Men

How about nice shorts for the beachwear? I really hope that this collection will fit your taste, as I am going to share with you Bluemint amazing styles that come in different bright, neon colors and summery prints. The Arthur line of summer shorts comes in gorgeous rugged and classic variations. If you want to look confident and coiffed, then let me show you the best pieces that will for sure make you standout the crowd. All the presented swim shorts are perfect for lazy sunny days, when you are at the beach, doing nothing, just having fun. All the presented trunks come in tailored fit and feature elasticized waistband, as well as front and back pockets (which is very important for me, as I like carrying money and mobile while walking down the beach side).

Bluemint: Beach Shorts For Men 2018

Leaf pink print

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Bluemint: Tailored Shorts For Men

Here is another post about Bluemint label and this time I want to share with you its tailored collection of men's tailored shorts (Gordon line). The shorts come in bright colors, featuring the ones that come in white, green, orange, blue, yellow, red and purple, varying in different shades. This pair of bottoms will for sure be a great team for classic shirts, like the ones that we have already reviewed.

Bluemint: Tailored Shorts For Men 2018

If you are willing to look statement, timeless and bright, then I definitely recommend you to look for one of these super soft and essential laidback must-haves, that will be a great choice for your weekend wardrobe look.

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How to Style: Tailored Shorts For Men

Today we are going to speak about men's tailored shorts, how you can wear them and style. It's this year's essential trend, which can be worn as tailored trousers. Why exactly this type of shorts? Well, obviously because of their elegance, which automatically makes you look stronger and gentle. This year length should be an inch above the knee, so that you can style them with various shape tops and layers, but keep an eye out for the short designs. Anyway, we are going to share with some statement above the knee looks in wide legged, slim cut in vibrant patterns, as well as in classic colors.

How to Style: Tailored Shorts For Men 2018

This design should be carefully chosen, as they can appear to look baggy or even weird. But if you will find the exquisite fit which will look perfect at the waist, then I can tell you for sure, you will have a real dressy look.

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