Short Bob Haircuts with Straight Bang

Keep it short, cool, modern and awesome with these bob haircuts ideas which feature straight bang. Short hair is all the rage. They are fun, cool and inspiring. In today's post I am going to show you some of the best cuts which will make you look fresh and modern. The great thing about this cut is the versatility. It suits every face shape and hair type. Of course the most popular one is the classic bob, but you can customize it whatever you want: make it messy, avant-garde, asymmetric, etc. Hope these statement looks will inspire you to try on something new.

Short Bob Haircuts with Straight Bang 2019

When it feels like wanna try something fun but classy, then you better go for this chin length sleek version with straight bang. I love the black color. It suits round and square shaped faces.

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Voguish Short Asian Bob Hairstyle

Asia LOVES Bob hairstyle! Asian girls adore short bob hair styles, especially from China, Japan and Korea, As you see here, girl poses with short bob cut. Well, I tell you this haircut suits most of Asian women, as it looks playful and hot. This girl lovely looks with that cute short sleek bob hair style. I hope you adore this style. As you will see below, girl shows all sides of this beautiful bob haircut. This hairstyle is best for back to school style.

Voguish Short Asian Bob Hairstyle 2019

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Chic New Short Haircut Ideas

Short is for Cool. Want to have fresh and chic look at the same time, then these new short haircut ideas will definitely help you. Here below you will find some fashion tips: hip pixie, short bob and edgy undercuts with some ultra-modern trends. With these ideas you will stand out the crowd for sure. One thing is important to know about short hair, is the use of sculpting products which will make your hair stay in place. I think it’s time for you to steal some ideas from these images, pick your favorite look and run to your hairdresser.

Chic New Short Haircut Ideas 2019

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Bob Haircuts with Bangs (Pictures)

It feels like princess. Today I would like to share with you beautiful bob haircuts with bangs, which will take place this year. These bangs will add an edgy look to your appearance. It's like an explosion of classy and modern styles. With this haircut you will look younger and I tell you, there will be a touch of pepper in your look. Here below you will find different models that can be done in a wavy design.

Bob Haircuts with Bangs (Pictures) 2019

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Stacked Bob Haircuts (Pictures)

The stacked bob haircut is an option today that a lot of people are looking into. There are a lot of different ways that you can get the stacked bob haircut, but for the most part, this is a haircut that is going to be a shorter cut and is going to have a lot of volume to it.

Stacked Bob Haircuts (Pictures) 2019

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Anna Faris Bob Hairstyle

I think everyone knows this beauty for her debut in Scary Movie film series, American actress and singer Anna Faris. Look at her in this image, she is so cute as a button in the polka dot blouse. A real treasury in her look is a classic bob cut with bangs. Every detail is so chic and youthful, that makes every grown up woman look like a real girl.

Anna Faris Bob Hairstyle 2019

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