Scoodies: Hooded Scarves For Fall-Winter

If you want something to cover your head in winter, then let it be a scoodie. Today I bring you awesome hooded scarves to try on this Autumn-Winter season. These designs are ideal for wrapping around your head. It seems like these accessories are going to be popular during the winter months, as we are going to see them popping everywhere in town. That's an essential piece which will make you stay warm in cold weather. It combines a hood and a scarf, which makes you look chic and elegant. It ideally matches different colors and allows you to “wear it how you want it.” It's super easy to style and I'm totally in love with it. Looking through the following images I think of a Little Red Riding Hood. All in all, let's see the best styles to try on this year:

Scoodies: Hooded Scarves For Fall-Winter 2019
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How To Wear: Scarves For Women

The scarf is the must-have accessory, which underlines your beauty and elegance, making you stand out from the crowd. Today I bring you various ways how to wear scarves in your daily life. This is a versatile accessory, which can be tied dozens of different ways. Before buying one for yourself, it's better to determine the size and shape of it. There are different ways how to tie it: loop-n-through, with knot, back drape and double wrap. Don't be afraid experimenting with your wardrobe. I have collected the best Polyvore combinations which feature interesting looks with unique and easy tying variations. I personally love tone-to-tone looks, which feature neutral colors, that gives you sophisticated vibe and underlines your uniqueness. You can always go for flattering pop of color, making an accent on your outerwear or evening look, the contrast goes nicely with dark outfits, when you try some bright color for the scarf. The oversized accessory looks pretty cool, that's why it's better to try it with slim fit outfits. Anyway, I think it's better to see real clothing combinations to know how it works in real life:

How To Wear: Scarves For Women 2019

Here we see a pretty cool work outfit, which includes jeans, navy blazer and light mustard accessories.

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Louis Vuitton Scarves in a Collaboration with Street-Art Artists

Louis Vuitton continues its collaboration with art world professionals and this time LV collaborates with street-art artists who designed pattern for silk scarves. Here are amazing creations from the artist trio: Andre who is famous with a stylish Mr A persona who can be seen on the building's walls of Paris city, Chili artist Inti and American Kenny Scharf. Inti was inspired by the Andean people culture and mythology. The artist decorated the large silk scarf with sun, which is based on Viracocha image, the god of Tiwanaku civilization. The LV logo surrounds the ornament of ancient symbols. California based artist Kenny Scharf created a psychedelic collage of space planets and other cosmic creations. While Andre used his beloved Mr A on a large scarf.

Louis Vuitton Scarves in a Collaboration with Street-Art Artists 2019
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Hermès Christmas Women’s Scarves

Today I'd like to share with you Hermès eye-catching women's scarves that are made specially for Christmas Eve occasions. Indeed, the Christmas collection by Hermès comes with special scarves titled Festive Red. That's a real festive collection, which features red bright color, which is full of joy and happiness. Just imagine yourself wearing those pretty scarves, which automatically add the festive touch to your overall appearance. Each scarf features retro-motives, revealing some facts from the brand's history.

Hermès Christmas Women's Scarves 2019
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Women’s Scarves by ABOLONDON

Please welcome ABOLONDON brand's women's scarves collection, which comes with amazing bright prints and made of beautiful materials. I personally like the Silk Road collection, which is inspired by the travelings around Asia and Europe. All the presented designs originate from oil paintings, so it's no secret, that you will look luxe and rich wearing these gorgeous creations which will easily underline your beauty and charm. The second collection is called Magic Dreams and also comes with wide range of eye-catching items made of silk and wool. You can either wear those scarves around your neck, head or styled with amazing evening dress or blouse. Every piece is designed and produced in United Kingdom.

Women's Scarves by ABOLONDON 2019
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Knitwear Looks in Roboty Reczne Autumn-Winter ‘WOOLOVER’ Campaign

Hello there my fashion readers, today I have fresh news from Roboty Reczne knitwear fashion brand from Poland and it's Fall-Winter collection's campaign entitled WOOLOVER. That's a true lover of knitwear, as it features all kind of knitted designs. Remember my previous post about this label's autumn lookbook, which featured unique and warm knitwear items made from wool (here is the link).

Knitwear Looks in Roboty Reczne Autumn-Winter 'WOOLOVER' Campaign 2019

Today, we have chance to see this label's amazing designs in action, I mean viewing this romantic lookbook, which features all kind of headwear (beanies, pompoms), neckwear (scarves), sweaters, accessories (knitted bracelets) etc. Overall, All you need is knits!
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Women’s Scarves in Spring-Summer lookbook of Alva Norge

Here are fresh news from Anglo/Norwegian London based brand Alva Norge which shares its beautiful contemporary Spring-Summer collection of scarves. New collection includes luxury scarves in Nordic inspired hues. Evey design is inspired by the mystical beauty of the Norwegian landscape. Love those vibrant colors juxtaposed with muted hues, so perfect for the chic city look.

Women's Scarves in Spring-Summer lookbook of Alva Norge 2019
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Must Have Fall Accessories: Scarves

Today we are going to speak about this fall-winter season's must have accessory- scarves. I think you all know how versatile this item is, as it can be used so differently, so that it can underline your uniqueness. I can tell you more: fashion scarves can be used in so many ways no matter if it's winter scarf or summer one. All of them are classy and voguish accessories that underline women's personality. The scarves are the same thing as women's shoes, there aren't too many scarves. One thing is known for sure, scarves are made not just for wearing around your neck and I will try to let you know how you can use those pretty accessories in your daily life.

Must Have Fall Accessories: Scarves 2019
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10 Best Pieces from Burberry Loves Printemps Collection

Today I'd like to feature on my blog gorgeous collection of British label Burberry collaboration with Paris Printemps store. This cooperation will take place in the London Mania framework. It's a capsule collection which is entitled Burberry Loves Printemps, exclusively sold at Printemps.

10 Best Pieces from Burberry Loves Printemps Collection 2019

Here below you will find the best 10 pieces from the Burberrry Loves Printemps: glamour sunglasses, leather moto jackets, totes, trenches and scarves.
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Classic Women’s Scarves in Hermes Autumn-Winter Catalogue

Hello Everyone, today I'd like to share with you stunning collection of women's classic scarves from Hermes. New Fall-Winter collection's catalogue features silk scarves which can be sued as headwear accesory, or to cover your sleeves or shoulders. Fashion model Maglosia Bela shows us how we can wear these beautiful and elegant pieces. You can wear it as women in the 1920's (like a headwear), on the neck, make appearance of a dress. As you already noticed, these scarves can be teamed with white sweatshirts, grey sport style suits, black tops and white trousers.

Classic Women's Scarves in Hermes Autumn-Winter Catalogue 2019
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