Accessories Trends For Women

Today's topic is dedicated to women's fashion accessories you can wear during 2019. It's time to stock up and see what's trending right now. When it comes to accessories, there are items we use in our everyday life and the ones which are made for showing off. In general, we tend to choose the ones that are practical, that's why I decided to talk about statement scarves, old western belts, best eyeglasses trends 2019, belt pouches, hoop earrings, as well as about baker boy hats. I am 100% sure, everyone will find here something inspiring and worth buying.

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The Beauty Of Scarf by Grain de Brune

If you want to wear a beautiful art on your neck, then I highly recommend to take a look through Grain de Brune scarves. French brand is proud to share with us its iconic creations. Every single piece is like a sensitive scene of life that has its own story to tell. Squares and rectangles of organic cottons showcase Paris dreams of nature through colorful and pulsating patterns. Street art and idyllic life are infused with hypnotic scenes of handmade and computer-generated compositions.

The Beauty Of Scarf by Grain de Brune 2019

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Ideal Scarves For Fall And Winter Seasons By Donni Charm

Make a statement on the streets of big cities by wearing one of these gorgeous cozy scarves made by Donni Charm. Every single design looks irresistibly cool worn atop leather jacket or a big coat. Donni Charm is a scarves company that offers cozy and stylish neck warmers. Each style is touches with a hidden charm.

Ideal Scarves For Fall And Winter Seasons By Donni Charm 2019

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Indigo People Autumn – Winter Scarves

Please find below Indigo People's lookbook for the next winter collection of men's and women's scarves. The Fall keeps on exploring traditional weaving and indigo dyeing techniques, where contemporary design meets authentic look. Each design is an ultimate mixture of authentic texture, rich indigo color and authentic design with unique appearance. Personally, I like the natural and rugged look of these shawls. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these products. Tell me your thoughts in the comments:

Indigo People Autumn - Winter Scarves 2019

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Calaphya Timeless Collection of Feminine Silk Scarves

Hello Everyone, that's me again! Today I want to share with you something feminine, lightweight and luxurious. I am talking about the latest timeless collection of feminine and silk scarves made by high-end fashion brand from California Calaphya. We see very special fine art creations made for everyday life with exclusive artistic prints. You are going to see luxury silk (100% Mulberry Silk (best China silk)) scarves that were made in a collaboration with young and popular Indian digital artist Archan Nair.

Calaphya Timeless Collection of Feminine Silk Scarves 2019

You can wear these scarves in different ways: tying them around your neck, wearing as a shawl or like a head-wrap.

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Indigo People Spring Scarves

Indigo People shares with us its latest Spring-Summer season collection. You are going to see fabulous scarf designs. Each style is made of qualitative fabrics that are hand selected and dyed in indigo. The main material is based on unbleached and unprocessed cotton, that gives the product a natural and rugged look. As I have already said before, every creation from Indigo People can be worn with almost any outfit, starting from casual to formal ones. Each piece combines contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship that is made thanks to master artisan authentic techniques. All in all, if you want yourself something unique, then I highly recommend to try on one of these scarves from Indigo People.

Indigo People Spring Scarves 2019
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Thank You Indigo People For Your X’mas Gift

Yesterday I got a very special gift from Indigo People. I've got TSURU model scarf that is long and wide enough for wrapping yourself in winter as well as in the summer time. So, I did some shots at the office today, of course the images aren't in high quality, though you can see the beauty of this great accessory. Both ends of this item are embellished with botanical red stripes. You can wrap it around your neck or head having an extra warmth. Thanks to the rich blue color you can pair it with any outfit, starting from casual, printed or brightly colored tees to semi-formal or smart-casual separates. The both ends of the scarf are embellished with botanical red stripes. Once again, Thanks so Much Indigo People! Keep in Touch next! ;)

Thank You Indigo People For Your X'mas Gift 2019
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What Plaid Scarves Are In Style This Year

If you are looking for a cozy scarf, then let me share with you this awesome collection of plaid scarves what are in style this year. As you all know, scarf is an essential part of any wardrobe, it can serve as a great addition for underlining your uniqueness, as well as a great savior from cold winds and low temperatures to warm your neck. I have collected the most interesting designs, which are great for casual and special events. The plaid print makes you noticeable in the crowd, as well as it underlines your individuality. This season is best for wearing plaid scarves in red, blue, green, cream white and brown. Of course, everything depends on your overall look, I mean if you are dressed in muted colors, then you can always add voguish bright colors to underline your personality, while those outfits, which already come in bold hues, then of course it's better to use neutral color accessories on your neck. Anyway, these images will give you more ideas and inspiration:

What Plaid Scarves Are In Style This Year 2019

Marc By Marc Jacobs offers Toto style in Cambridge red multi colors. That's a vibrant piece in vibrant plaid weave, which is ideal for wearing with office looks.

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