Sandwich Spring-Summer Women’s Lookbook

Sandwich presents Spring-Summer season's womenswear lookbook of everyday apparel that is not only functional, yet comfortable and attractive. I personally love the balance what is offered in the latest collection, that includes fashion and wearability. The latest styles feature wearable essentials with smart silhouettes made of soft materials. We see sporty elements, eye-catching tie-dye effect prints and other pretty patterns that are ideal for everyday wear. Sandwich offers unexpected elements that are very important for making the individual look. I love the intricate and surprising details, like asymmetrical hems, innovative tailoring and modern everyday essentials.

Sandwich Spring-Summer Women's Lookbook 2019

The perforated cream pink wrap jacket is worn atop light grey striped tee paired with wide-leg jeans with an elastic waistband.

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Sandwich Spring-Summer Modern Basics Campaign

Keep your heads up, as we are about to view Sandwich Spring season campaign. The next summer is all about ‘the art of combining.’ The combination is very important to every woman, as she composes her life with elements that are not only important for her, but also comfortable. Sandwich pays a tribute to the wardrobe combinations that are unique for every woman. The brand creates the right balance between fashion and wearability. The following images feature modern basics that can be mixed and matched one with another, offering us endless combinations for an everyday wear. Thanks to the talented label's designers we don't have to worry about the balance, as every piece (no matter if it's a top or bottom) ideally fits your figure. All in all, Sandwich offers a wide range of choices, so every woman can think over her own spring wardrobe.

Sandwich Spring-Summer Modern Basics Campaign 2019

We see female model who appears in a relaxed shirt with a clean tie-dye effect print that tucked inside slim-fit beige chinos.

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Sandwich Fall-Winter Everyday Essentials

Please welcome unique women's fashion label Sandwich with its Autumn-Winter season's collection of pretty urban layers and everyday essentials. No, it's not eatable, though it's fashionable and practical. I personally find the showcased pieces to have a timeless appearance and innovative design, colors and quality. The lookbook features everyday must-haves made of very high quality materials. Sandwich is meant for everyday wear. Next season comes with simple silhouettes, rich fabrics and modern feel. I think every girl and lady will find here something suitable for her wardrobe, that's why I'd like to draw your attention to these pretty images below:

Sandwich Fall-Winter Everyday Essentials 2019

Wrap mohair coat is worn atop wool dress and heavy black tights with suede booties.

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