Trend Report: Russian Inspired Clothing

I say: "Go Russia," as I have spotted a new trend which becomes very popular among many fashionistas nowadays. Yes, I am talking about Russian inspired fashion. It's all about czarina's opulence with fur, rich materials, lots of embellishments and other eye-catching and bold details. If you still wondering, if I'm wrong or am I right, well, take a look at the latest Vogue Russia November issue, which was shot by Mariano Vivanco and styled by Olga Dunina, can you feel the Motherland Russia vibe and spirit, while looking at model Sasha Luss.

Trend Report: Russian Inspired Clothing 2019
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Women’s Accessories: FREYWILLE “Russian Passion”

Bijou from FREYWILLE were always unique, as every piece stands out from other accessories. Today, I'd like to share with you its latest collection which was inspired by Russian culture, it simple simple for a first sight, yet when you take a closer look you will get the point and its meaning. New collection is called "Russian Passion" and consists of four different designs: "Golden Berry", "Firebird", "Ballet" and "My Matryoshka."

Women's Accessories: FREYWILLE "Russian Passion" 2019

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Russian Bow-Ties by Gorky Park

Russian Accessories. Russian fashion brand Gorky Park in a collaboration with Engineer Garin released new collection of men's bow-ties with unique design. The creator of this unusual print, which is inspired by th 1960's, is Gorky's art-director Michail Gannushkin.

Russian Bow-Ties by Gorky Park 2019

Michail underlines: "From the very begining we've created winter season print, this print turned to be cool, that's why we decided to create prints which will suit different seasons. What can be better of bow-tie accessory worn during spring and summer season? Exactly, this accessory can be worn in every season, as it's moderately strict and funny."

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