How To Style: Russian Ethnic Style Print Garments

The Russian clothing is truly a symbol of ethnic diversity, as the country itself has countless regions, where each of them has its own clothing identity. Today, I want to draw your attention to Russian traditional prints, which are coming back in fashion. This country traditional costumes are not only beautiful, but also great for fashion inspiration. The modern fashion world brings back traditional folk motifs which appear as details or prints on various clothing and accessories. You are about to see vivid patterns, great colors and decorative motifs.

How To Style: Russian Ethnic Style Print Garments 2019

There is kind of rococo touch in this look. I personally love the richness of this stunning dark emerald and floral printed ensemble, which is embellished with luxe, gold accessories and pale pink flats embellished with bows.

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Old Women and Men Street Style from Russia

Today we are going to observe stylish pensioners from Russia, who appear in the streets wearing retro and colorful clothing. All the presented men and women have safe the passion for style despite the circumstances that they have faced. Photographer Igor Gavar has taken loads of old women and men images, where he depicts the beauty of style, that makes men and women beautiful. These people have raised in Soviet Union, but despite the suppression of individuality they kept to be original and stylish. I personally love each of the presented looks, as no matter what brand you are wearing, you can always look stylish if you have the right taste of style. Do not be afraid of making any changes in your appearance, just do it and be yourself, that's the main thing that should be overtaken by you.

Old Women and Men Street Style from Russia 2019

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Women’s Accessories: FREYWILLE “Russian Passion”

Bijou from FREYWILLE were always unique, as every piece stands out from other accessories. Today, I'd like to share with you its latest collection which was inspired by Russian culture, it simple simple for a first sight, yet when you take a closer look you will get the point and its meaning. New collection is called "Russian Passion" and consists of four different designs: "Golden Berry", "Firebird", "Ballet" and "My Matryoshka."

Women's Accessories: FREYWILLE "Russian Passion" 2019

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Russian Bow-Ties by Gorky Park

Russian Accessories. Russian fashion brand Gorky Park in a collaboration with Engineer Garin released new collection of men's bow-ties with unique design. The creator of this unusual print, which is inspired by th 1960's, is Gorky's art-director Michail Gannushkin.

Russian Bow-Ties by Gorky Park 2019

Michail underlines: "From the very begining we've created winter season print, this print turned to be cool, that's why we decided to create prints which will suit different seasons. What can be better of bow-tie accessory worn during spring and summer season? Exactly, this accessory can be worn in every season, as it's moderately strict and funny."

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