Rubin Singer Spring-Summer Feminine and Special Lookbook

Several days ago I've received these gorgeous images from the latest Spring-Summer collection of Rubin Singer. New collection is entitled "the serpent queen" and it's inspired by the most powerful dynastic female rulers of the ancient world; great pharaoh queens of ancient Egypt: Hatshepsut, Nefertiti and Cleopatra. New season collection features amazing women's clothing designs, which are so elegant, goddess and unique, that I have no words describing my surprise. Here are presented feminine silhouette gowns, that are so perfect for special evening occasions, like attending opera or red carpet events.

Rubin Singer Spring-Summer Feminine and Special Lookbook 2019

These creations are made for those women who are very dangerous and mysterious. Designer uses hand made fabrics, metallic hues, and sharp tailoring. All in all, Rubin Singer's creations are sophisticated and structured.
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Rubin Singer Bridal Collection

Rubin Singer shared with us his latest collection of bridal gowns for spring-summer season and I must admit, this collection is so detailed, qualitative and romantic, that you can't get your eyes from it, as you want to look through every detail of these wedding dresses. It consists of modern designs and fashion forward bride gowns.

Rubin Singer Bridal Collection 2019

Any way, let's take a closer look at this flawless collection, which exudes femininity and grace. As I already mentioned about the intricate detailing of these dresses, each design has those couture elements and luxe fabrics that every gown is something different and is made for various type of brides.

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Interview With Fashion Designer: Rubin Singer

Hello Dear Fashionistas, I have decided to open new category on titled - Interviews. From now on I will post interesting interviews with different fashion people, starting from designers to musicians, bloggers and other fashion addicted persons. Today's guest is Rubin Singer. His work can be found here.

Interview With Fashion Designer: Rubin Singer 2019

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Dark Evening Looks in Rubin Singer Autumn-Winter Collection

The Dark Scene. Today, I'd like to share with you Rubin Singer's Fall-Winter collection's lookbook, which is entitled "Valkryie's Dominion." This label was founded in the late 2007 and from the very beginning it was focused on the sophisticated and edgy designs, so the same story is about Autumn's collection. Rubin always improves his skills and develops his creations. New season is inspired by women with power, I mean true dominate and matriarchy strength. As designer says: "I have conceptualized my new lady of the night as a modern Valkyrie." Love his creative dresses, that can be used, without ceremony, at any special occasion.

Dark Evening Looks in Rubin Singer Autumn-Winter Collection 2019

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