Modern Sunglasses In Ross & Brown Spring-Summer

Hi everyone, hope all is well. Let me introduce to you Ross & Brown Spring-Summer collection. An Italian sunglasses brand launches a glamour campaign that features New York indie rock band Jeremy and the Harlequins who are joined by renowned bloggers Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street and Lisa Dengler of Just Another.. You are going to see urban rooftops, sky, glimpses of a metropolis and of course modern shades that incorporate two opposites: “vintage” and “contemporary” styles. The new collection includes sophisticated cat-eyes Cannes, mirrored Shanghai and Habana, rounded vintage models and modern aviators. I felt in love with the way how Ross & Brown combines vintage flair with contemporary attitude. Collection is available now through October.

Modern Sunglasses In Ross & Brown Spring-Summer 2019
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Ross & Brown Eyewear Styles For Spring-Summer

In today's post I want to share with you Italian brand's Ross & Brown Spring-Summer season's collection of men's and women's eyewear styles. This Milan and Shanghai based label was founded in 2013 by partners Sebastien Durelli and Mattia Cisari. The following sunglasses are available in about 150 worldwide high-end boutique stores, including Brian & Barry in Milan, Degli Esposti in Belgium and Alter in Shangai. The main inspiration comes from past classics, while all the products are made thanks to the modern technologies, offering its clients the highest quality frames and lenses. I personally love the contemporary interpretation of vintage classics. Each style is named after some iconic city and specific era, for example: Paris in the 50's, Firenze in the ’60s, St. Tropez in the 70's. That's why each pair recalls special place and moments, where memories play one of the major roles.

Ross & Brown Eyewear Styles For Spring-Summer 2019

Here we see aviators, cat-eye, circled, retro inspired and many other statement must-haves, which are ideal for work, beachwear and special events.

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