1920 Inspired Top-20 Retro Pieces for Fall-Winter

This Autumn-Winter season is going to be all about retro style, as you all know, that the main thing of the styling is the total retro style look, which characterizes 1920's years. Well, for some of you the words 1920, feels like something weird and strange, but if you will take a look at the images of that era, then you will see that ladies appeared in beautiful evening dresses were worn with tiny bag, Mary Janes shoes, fur boa and satin ribbon with a feather pen, which accessorized lady's hairstyle.

1920 Inspired Top-20 Retro Pieces for Fall-Winter 2018
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Trendy Street Looks For Women: Retro Style

Retro Mix and Match. It's time for me to share with you some really bright ideas and fashion trend of style that can always be adopted by you, yes, we are going to talk about retro style. Please NOTE! this style has to match your personality, so if you are not feeling this way, please do not try this at home (joke). If you feel that this fashion style really suits you, why don't you try it. One thing is important, there is no rule or fashion points about what kind of outfit is on trend now, that's why it's up to you how and what will you style. What I love about retro style is that you can wear any dress that is vintage, yet you have to style fashionable accessories along retro inspired dresses, like the right pair of big sunglasses. If you are wearing polka dot skirts, pleated ones, or flared trousers then the right amount of bracelets and necklaces will suit just right!

Trendy Street Looks For Women: Retro Style 2018

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