A-morir Eyewear For Spring-Summer

Today I want to make a review of this glamor eyewear collection from A-Morir brand. Designer Kerin Rose Gold behind the brand offers a luxury artisanal frames for this Spring-Summer wear. If you are one of the trendsetters, then I highly recommend you to try on one of these glamor creations. Every collection is inspired by designer's time spent studying classical music as a child. These glasses are worn by such celebrities, like GaGa, Beyonce', Katy Perry, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, 2NE1, and Estelle. It's no secret, that A-Morir has become one of the largest names in pop culture fashion. You are about to see exciting frame models embellished with Swarovski crystals, tiny little roses, embellished with beads, fly pieces settled on lenses, glamor ball styles and many other standout creations. I really felt in love with these specs embellished with premium materials.

A-morir Eyewear For Spring-Summer 2019
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