Slouchy Street Style In Rag & Bone Pre-Fall

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright behind Rag & Bone offer us easy to wear, slouchy menswear inspired tailored essentials for the next pre-fall season. You are going to see here pajama inspired sets, loose-fit silhouettes, sharp looks, denim outfits and relaxed blazers. The concept of autumn-winter pre-collection is the old Englishman pajamas. Indeed, the pyjama theme comes back in trend, as it's perfect for lounging and relaxed weekends wear. I like that formality touch that is felt in these easy to wear basics. All in all, its old-school, but very feminine collection.

Slouchy Street Style In Rag & Bone Pre-Fall 2019

Double-breasted blazer is worn with slouchy, boxy trousers and simple polo shirt.

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Review Of Rag & Bone Designer Backpacks For Women

Keep it cool and 1990's inspired by carrying one of the following Rag and Bone designer backpacks. In today's post I am going to review the best styles for women. There is kind of grunge meets girl touches, which are ideal for those ladies who want to feel and look cool and nostalgic after Nirvana, Kurt Cobain and other stars from the 90's. The following backpacks can look either slouchy, structured as well as carried on one shoulder. I personally have kind of high-school feeling while viewing these trendy must-haves. Well, I suppose for Rag & Bone it's all about taking the best from a decade and making it rather old-school. Thanks to the original design of these leather must-haves you will get more effortless and eclectic look.

Review Of Rag & Bone Designer Backpacks For Women 2019

Grayson model looks awesome in this dark red color. Try this item with your black leather biker jacket and skinny jeans.

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Rag & Bone Autumn-Winter Sixties Inspired Campaign

Rag & Bone presents its Fall-Winter collection's campaign, which features American actor Michael Pitt (my favorite Boardwalk Empire) and actress Winona Ryder (“Heathers” and “Edward Scissorhands”). We have chance to see the full campaign which is full of awesome black and white images. The shots were made at Coney Island, where Winona and Michael appear in cinematic sets, at a shore side carnival while playing games. Love the way this pair makes funny faces in the photo-booth, climbing rocks, circle around traffic poles and depict themselves as targets at the shooting range. I personally have kind of 1990's trend feeling while viewing Winona's outfits, which appear to be modern and menswear-inspired (Love her pixie cut), while Pitt is styled in a way that reminds me of a 1950's Marlon Brando movies.

Rag & Bone Autumn-Winter Sixties Inspired Campaign 2019

Those funny faces in the photo booth are simply gorgeous.

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Rag & Bone Spring-Summer Menswear Individuality

Hello Everyone! Today I bring you menswear Spring-Summer collection from Rag & Bone. What I do like about them, then it's the individuality, which makes you wanna buy every single piece in their collections. The same feeling I have while viewing their latest warm weather's lookbook. The brand invited an eclectic selection of their best friends to prove, that their creations fit ideally various clients. Label's creators and founders Marcus Wainwright and David Neville also participated in the series of shots, along with their wives Glenna Neece and Gucci Westman. By the way, I love the way women wear menswear looks, kind of exaggerated Tomboy style. In other lookbook images we see Jerry Seinfeld, Carmelo Anthony, Glenn O’Brien and Honor Titus. I really love the possibility that the presented clothes can be worn both by men and women. We see long button-downs, tailored coats, relaxed tees, bombers, cropped pants, pajama-inspired tops, etc. I can not imagine person who wouldn't look awesome and stylish while wearing Rag & Bone looks. The presented outfits are so versatile, individual and so different. You are about to see easy-to-wear separates, which are comfortable and fitted.

Rag & Bone Spring-Summer Menswear Individuality 2019

The light khaki green bomber looks awesome paired with knitted pullover.

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Rag & Bone Resort Buy Now Wear Now

I can already hear your voices, like: "Yes, I want them all! Must have! Can't live without it." Indeed, the latest Rag & Bone Resort collection makes me think quite the same. So, the pre-spring is about buy now and wear now clothes, which are one hundred percent commercial. Label's designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright used animal prints for the first time in their collections, which appeared to be a fun thing. Here are presented three distinct ways of the leopard spots use: chunky knits in gray and white, snow leopard pattern and printed on a pony hair. We also see pale pink shades in the form of skirts and outerwear. My favorites are blazers and jackets, which look real phenomenal to me.

Rag & Bone Resort Buy Now Wear Now 2019

A cozy and boxy sweater dress worn with white slip-on sneakers.

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Rag & Bone Fall-Winter Modern and Cool

Sporty and Exaggerated looks are shown in the latest Rag & Bone Autumn-Winter women's clothing collection which was presented during New York Fashion Week. The show featured a touch of 1950's retro kitsch, but in real, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville behind the brand showed a real mix of different things, like English military, grunge and American spirit looks. Models sported cropped jackets, bowling shirts, paint-spattered denim, baggy cream-colored jeans, leather and shearling coats, buffalo-checked parkas, lace-up high-waisted pants, tracksuits and many other stand out looks. The real stand outs for me were mohair check hoodies, Australian brand Coogi sweaters and red color knee-high boots. All in all, these are modern and cool clothes for real and chic girls.

Rag & Bone Fall-Winter Modern and Cool 2019
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Rag & Bone pre-Fall Effortless and Relaxed Collection

Let's have a look at Rag & Bone pre-Fall collection's lookbook, which offers a full range of women's transitional ready to wear clothes, shoes and accessories. I personally find these creations effortless, relaxed and urban, that's why if you really want to make a statement in moderns fashion world, then this is the right page, which shows you the perfect styles. Look at those signature clean silhouettes made of finest materials. The pre-season is about English style, which as showcased in specific way, as most of the garments were inspired by the early 1990's British street-wear (especially those images of Nigel Shafran’s “Teenage Precinct Shoppers” series that featured portraits of youth wearing matchy nylon tracksuits). So, the models appear in urban cool creations starting from slim white jogging pants, relaxed tees, lace skirts, simple boxy T-shirts, long varsity-like jackets, simple t-dresses and other sporty pieces.

Rag & Bone pre-Fall Effortless and Relaxed Collection 2019
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Rag & Bone D.I.Y. Project: Julia Stegner

Just do it Yourself! Today I am going to observe the latest Rag & Bone D.I.Y. Project which feature real German stunner Julia Stegner. The blonde looks bright, smiley and happy in those summery images, as we see her wearing all the stylish designs from Rag & Bone’s jean line. I love these lively pictures where Julia's having a good time in Costa Rica with a dog. My personal favorites from the following campaign are those skinnies and simple dark blue tees made of comfy fabrics.

Rag & Bone D.I.Y. Project: Julia Stegner 2019

Rag & Bone D.I.Y. Project: Julia Stegner 2019

Rag & Bone Spring-Summer Minimalistic Sportswear

Rag & Bone offers 1990's minimalism with a sportswear touches in its spring-summer collection. Label's designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright sent out tomboy urban looks in color palette of black, white, turquoise, light purple, deep mauve and pink. Models sported black and white fitted overalls, sharp black leather wrap skirts, bias-cut dresses, silk slipdresses, blush leather jackets, varsity-style sweaters and slouched leather pants, string-strapped crop tops, slouchy suede pants and cross-body bags.

Rag & Bone Spring-Summer Minimalistic Sportswear 2019
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Rag & Bone x Hunter Autumn-Winter Boots Collection

So it's Autumn soon and you are getting ready for it, right, if so, then let me share with you the latest Fall-Winter season's collaboration between Hunter and Rag & Bone. Brands have presented a beautiful line of women's Wellington boots. The boots come in five different color combinations, including Tall Burgundy model, Short Black/Navy, Tall Black, Short Army/Black and Tall Army. Every model looks very stylish and timeless. The price of the following boots start at $265 for the short styles up to $295 for the tall ones.

Rag & Bone x Hunter Autumn-Winter Boots Collection 2019
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