Pastel Colors Fashion Trend

Let's welcome this year's color trend- pastels. These shades are meant not only for girly girls. This trend has spread all over other styles, starting from sports, Tomboy to minimalistic and office attire. I have looked through various Polyvore sets to make this awesome collection. These ideas will show you how to make this year's candy colors work for your wardrobe.

Pastel Colors Fashion Trend 2019

We see a striped tank top in white and light pink stripes worn with blush skort, chunky cream white sandals, light pink handbag and cool white framed rounded sunglasses.

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Skirts – Top Fashion Sets

Allow me introduce to you this year's the most beautiful and ladylike garment called - skirt. These bottoms will surely add bells and whistles to your style. There are countless outfit combinations what you can try this year. It gives you a feminine and chic look, so you better look through these Polyvore sets for your next wardrobe inspiration, as I've got great ideas for you to try. I am absolutely sure you gonna love most of the showcased looks. You can find here wide variety of fashionable skirts lengths, starting from minis to flowy, maxi, leather, denim and lacy ones. There are so many styles to choose from and this shopping and style guide will show you 2015 top fashion sets.

Skirts - Top Fashion Sets 2019

You can always keep it modern and sophisticated by choosing color-blocking A-line skirt, camel sleeveless tailored vest, retro-inspired handbag, strappy heeled sandals and rounded tortoise sunglasses.

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Grunge Is Back

What else is there? Grunge is back! It's back with bold and eye-catching must-haves. In today's post we are going to observe top 12 must-have grunge looks to try on this year. I've been stunned by the creativity, individuality and simplicity of the following outfits. Here are shown great Polyvore sets, ideal for casual everyday wear, cool weekends, disco clubs, various parties and music festivals. I was impressed by the way how these garments are combined one with another. You are going to see stripes, khaki olive colors, slim jeans, ripped denim, chunky sandals, shiny fabrics and edgy accessories. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these Polyvore sets and choose our favorites. Tell me what sets would you buy for yourself.

Grunge Is Back 2019

When you don't wanna stand out from the crowd, but you do want something eye-catchy, then try black and white striped T-shirt worn with black denim skirt and topped by a cool khaki green parka. Speaking of accessories, then I suggest you to wear cool lace-up slip-ons and folded clutch.

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20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie

Remember Sixties and Seventies clothing? I remember fresh colors, bright hues and self-made styles. Today I want to share with you 20 awesome ways to dress like a real hippie. The following Polyvore collection consists of awesome clothing combinations, including psychedelic colors, tie dye shirts, maxi skirts, fringed accessories, shredded tops and many other interesting complements. Modern day hippies are different from the 60 and 70's ones. They may still be all about piece and love addicted, though the clothing is combined of various styles and trends. Today's hippies wear refreshing and individual outfits. This guide will give you the best tips to learn before making your personal wardrobe.

20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie 2019

The tie dye T-shirt looks awesome with ripped, denim cut-offs, rounded black sunglasses, and glossy white flat slippers.

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1970’s Inspired Clothing To Wear Now

I want you to have a look at the following compilation of 1970's inspired clothing that is perfect to wear now. One of the first things that come in my mind thinking of 70's fashion is the bell sleeves, flared pants, tailored fits, flowing cuts, peasant blouses and earthy colors. This decade's designs are based on Indian, gypsy, peasant, Bohemian styles, as well as disco touches. I personally love the flower power influences with ethnic touches. In today's world, designers and brands offer us voguish and rich fabrics, including shimmering materials, sensual drapes, metallic threads, slinky gowns, chiffons, velvet and jersey. The best thing you can do is to mix and match various styles by making your own and unique outfit. Let's have a closer look at this 1970's vintage inspired Polyvore collection:

1970's Inspired Clothing To Wear Now 2019

What I love about this look, then it's the versatility. The sheer sleeveless sheer blouse in orange looks great can be paired with high-waisted maxi skirt, suede and fringed brown pouch, perforated sandals wedges and accessorized with wrap leather bracelet.

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How To Dress Like A Modern Hippie

Keep it bold and fun. Today I want to share with you various ways to dress like a modern hippie. This subculture was popular back in the 60's, but it seems like it's hitting back this year. Of course, designers have made some changes to the primal looks, making them modern but keeping the genuine hippie spirit. I personally love the way modern trends are combined with vintage basics. Each of the presented looks has that special transition from vintage to modern style. We see flowers, jacquards, lightweight separates, delicate accessories, loose-fit shapes and vibrant psychedelic prints. The best advice so far is to free your mind and get inspired by the 1960's hippie muses, including Marianne Faithful, Pattie Boyd and Anita Pallenberg.

How To Dress Like A Modern Hippie 2019

Hippie & Grunge. Try on a simple sleeveless T-shirt with a cat snout print that is paired with checkered black and red shirt, grey denim shorts, vintage brown leather satchel bag and black lace-up slip-ons.

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What to Wear This Spring

Spring is the time of fashion rebirth, that's why many designers and brands offer its clients reworked apparel styles. Today we are going to observe next spring season's possible wardrobe looks made of breezier materials and colored in bright hues. The following Polyvore sets will show you the best tricks and ideas to make your one and only look for the upcoming season. I tried to search for the looks that are inspired by the street styles of such fashion centers like New York, London, Los Angeles, Milan and Paris. We see Parisiene stripes, casual preppy basics, Victorian era touches, boho details, beach essentials, 70's throwbacks, big city office looks, retro spirit and many other interesting additions. Anyway, let's have a look at these functional ready to wear apparel and choose our favorites:

What to Wear This Spring 2019

How about wearing these sweatpants in floral print that can be teamed with black sleeveless top, chunky sandals in gold straps and statement, oversized sunnies.

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The 15 Best Basics to Wear This Spring

Let's talk about basics. Today I want to draw your attention to this spring season's collection of women's top 15 basics to wear in your everyday life. The thing is, that in most countries, spring time isn't warm yet, that's why we tend to wear cozy apparel. The following Polyvore sets feature next year's various trends, including floral prints, color blocking accessories, mirrored sunglasses, wrap skirts, knits, various washed jeans, mesh sweaters, etc. I tried to include the most essential clothing, which can be styled during transitional weather. As you can see, every look has something eye-catching, it can be seen even in details. All in all, I want you to see all my favorite basic outfits, please comment, as I want to know what's your favorite one.

The 15 Best Basics to Wear This Spring 2019

Keep your pants awesome and try on pale floral print, which has a jungle vibe. Keep it sophisticated and cool by teaming your bottoms with spaghetti strap tank top, awesome pale pink aviator sunglasses, miniature clutch bag and silver metallic pointed-toe shoes.

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Do Hipsters Wear Uggs?

As the winter season comes, we have to think over our cozy outfit. It's quite often I hear people ask one another: Do hipsters wear Uggs? Yes, hipster wear Uggs. Today I want to share with you best ways how you can team these boots with your casual and street wear appropriate outfits. The most important part in every fashionista's wardrobe is the right balance of the look. I highly recommend you to keep your silhouette easy and relaxed, by choosing a loose-fit and oversized top, skinny leg pants and your favorite Uggs (which have exaggerated look). Here we see stunning Polyvore combinations which for sure will inspire you for this year:

Do Hipsters Wear Uggs? 2019

This long cardigan will for sure make you noticed. Try it on with your ripped dark blue skinny jeans, slouchy grey beanie and light brown footwear. If you want to finish your look, then I advice to try on these vintage rounded glasses.

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15 Ways To Wear Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Pants

The great thing about women's relaxed straight-leg pants is the fit, which suits all body shapes. Today I want to bring to your attention these fabulous 15 ways to wear relaxed fit straight trousers at work, in the streets, parties and lazy weekends. Like it or not, but this style is getting popular this season. I personally like this look for its simplicity, which is classy and elegant. There are numerous ways how you can combine this bottom wear, despite this, most ladies still find it difficult to style it correctly without looking weird or miserable. The relaxed-fit trousers are characterized by a fit that retains its shape in the seat but is slightly looser in the thigh and hip area. In other words, this pair look like an elegant boyfriend jeans. I hope this compilation of stylish sets will inspire to buy yourself a nice wardrobe for your next working week.

15 Ways To Wear Women's Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Pants 2019

Here we see a fabulous look, which consists of pleated orange bottoms, the same colored blazer, red pointed toe pumps, pale blue feminine, sleeveless blouse, oversize white frame sunglasses and pale turquoise clutch-bag.

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