Perfect Ways To Wear Knitwear In Arela Winter Collection

Are you knitwear lover? If so, then I am more than happy to introduce to you Finland based clothing brand Arela and its magnificent Fall collection entitled "Lunar Mare." This cold season looks for warmth in the coldest places. Fashion model Caroline Farneman appears in cashmere knits, merino wool and cotton jersey creations with contemporary and timelessly chic silhouettes. She's wearing relaxed-fit dresses, separates, sweaters and loungewear sets.

Perfect Ways To Wear Knitwear In Arela Winter Collection 2019

I am so in love with this matching set consisting of a beanie and relaxed fit sweater.

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16 Must-See Pieces From Marta Cucciniello Fall

Marta Cucciniello reveals her "Broke Classics" Autumn season collection, where sports echoes married with the sophisticated luxury world, in contemporary folds for an enterprising woman and vital. This Winter was inspired by contemporary artists like Chad Wys, Osman, Georges Mousee and Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt's, who twisted classic beauty notion to break boundaries, classical symmetries disproportioning them into new volumes and shapes.

16 Must-See Pieces From Marta Cucciniello Fall 2019

That's a fabulous looking wrap sleeveless coat-dress in dark navy color with bright blue color detail.

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How To Wear Matching Clothes This Fall

It's a Matchy-Matchy situation going on, you know! Okay, ladies, let's try on matching separates this Autumn. What is so special about this weirdo look anyway you might ask me? Well, the thing is, it's an amazing experience what will automatically make you spotted at any party of event. This fashion trend is taking over the red carpet and in every press magazine. It's a perfect choice what will suit everyone. It looks awesome, believe me! I have gathered together all of my favorite looks from the Autumn shows and lookbooks. Hope you guys will enjoy this compilation, as I really think these must-haves will make you look more individual and voguish.

How To Wear Matching Clothes This Fall 2019

What do we've got's Tomas Maier with black grid print on white separates.

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The Best Fashion Forward Outerwear In MÊHLÊ Fall Collection

We all want something unique and eye-catching, it's life's fact what can not be denied. In today's article I want you to meet fashion designer duo Slovenian designer Maja Mehle and graduate of the Royal College of Art and award-winning filmmaker and graphic designer Miha Fabio Kalan, who are founders of London based brand MÊHLÊ. I tell you honestly, I felt in love with her cover ups from the very first sight. Why? It's quite simple- she manages to mix couture elements and details with ready to wear essentials. You can find anything you want in her Winter lookbook, starting from sci-fi looking jackets, exaggerated biker coats to emerald colored long bombers. I've got one word to say: WOW!

The Best Fashion Forward Outerwear In MÊHLÊ Fall Collection 2019

That's a magnificent black matte suit jacket with patch pockets. It's worn with dark blue pants embellished with ostensibly random fabric cutouts.

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Traveling Nomads In Avelon Autumn-Winter Women’s Collection

The Fall season collection from Avelon, entitled "Noble Savage" is inspired by complete freedom. Label's creative director Erik Frenken found parallels with the freedom experienced by traveling nomads and other outsiders who don't have a permanent place of residence. Well, personally, I find these looks to be very elegant, no matter of shapeless silhouettes.

Traveling Nomads In Avelon Autumn-Winter Women's Collection 2019

Okay, may be this one looks too mannish, but the comfort is seen in every detail. Love the boyfriend's sweater and tailored, belted trousers.

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Urban Sporty Essentials In Melissa Nepton Fall-Winter

Montreal-based contemporary fashion designer Mélissa Nepton reveals new Autumn-Winter season lookbook, what is full of ready to wear outfits. The collection is inspired by the romantic warrior. I am in love with her sophisticated yet relaxed designs and silhouettes. The sporty chic vibe is seen almost in every laidback outfit. The fresh feel of the 1970's inspired styles make this collection original and versatile.

Urban Sporty Essentials In Melissa Nepton Fall-Winter 2019

That's an impressive wool scarf what will warm you up during cold evenings.

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Jacqueline Picasso Inspired Outfits In Creatures of the Wind Resort

Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters behind Creatures of the Wind presented resort collection. Designers were inspired by the style of Jacqueline Roque (the muse and second wife of Pablo Picasso). Gabier and Peters like the way she was cool. Personally, I am so in love with such specific source of inspiration. The whole collection is relaxed, luxe, featuring wallpaper florals, biker style details and easy silhouettes. You are going to find A-line skirts, strapless dresses, floral pantsuits, jacquard coats, crafty cotton cashmere T-shirts, etc. We see nods to Picasso's cubist work with collaged floral prints and striped composed of pieced-together rectangles.

Jacqueline Picasso Inspired Outfits In Creatures of the Wind Resort 2019

Fully lined black Jaca jacket with zip front closure is worn atop pullover sweater teamed with striped flared skirt.

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Fall Leather Trends – Skirts

If you are planning to wear on trend garments this Fall season, then you might be interested in leather skirts. Indeed, this bottom garment is a must-have piece to buy for your wardrobe, as it comes with various styles, lengths, colors and details this year. It's a skirt what brings a bold fashion statement, no matter what top you choose. Unleash your daring side and go for something sophisticated and glamour, like a leather skirt. We have seen marvelous designs in recent collections and today I want you to have a look at my favorite ones, so you can see possible looks to wear in your everyday life during Winter months.

Fall Leather Trends - Skirts 2019

Balance out the toughness of the leather with a classic exaggerated black high-neck sweater tucked in wrap light brown leather skirt. That's Filippa K look.

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Sporty Separates And Relaxed Loungewear In Piazza Sempione Resort

The latest Piazza Sempione resort collection was all about the pants and culottes fashion. The pre-spring season can be divided into tow distinct moods, where the first one is about sporty separates and the second part was more on a relaxed loungewear and nautical side. Personally, I felt in love with wide-leg and stovepipe trousers. It's truly work and vacation-ready collection consisting of polished and elegant looks. These garments are ideal for wide range of women, both for conservatives and risk-takers, indeed here is something for every Piazza customer.

Sporty Separates And Relaxed Loungewear In Piazza Sempione Resort 2019

That's a perfect black colored relaxed-fit pantsuit ideal for work and after-work events.

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