Pants Fashion Guide Find Your Favorite Style

In today's blog post I decided to show you the amazing pants every woman should own this year. Even if you're not a self-proclaimed "pants" girl, having these essential styles in your wardrobe will ensure that when you do skip the skirt, you'll be comfortable and look fabulous. Not sure how to wear them? Consult our guide to the shoes every woman should own and you're halfway there. Anyway, it's time to find out how and with what to wear new pants.

Pants Fashion Guide Find Your Favorite Style 2019

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Pleated Pants Suits For Men

So much classic and elegance. Pleated pants used to be usual pants in different types of suits for many decades. Why? Simply, because they give a great style look and it's original formal look. These pants were dominant in 90's, now the style is changed. What does it means pleated pants? It means having fabric folded on itself, that fol can be sharp or rounded.

Pleated Pants Suits For Men 2019

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Gucci menswear Spring-Summer

Sir Gucci in da house. Gucci's new men's collection Spring-Summer looks like glamorous British gentleman's club to me. Color palette is somber with a hint of cherry red. This perfect wardrobe is so classic and charm, take a look at these classic sharply tailored in houndstooth jackets, slim black trousers snapped at the ankle, blazers, collarless shirts, pleated pants, waterproofs as safari jackets, raincoats, black-trimmed trenches, leather jackets, sweaters, monochrome eveningwear, tapered trousers, grosgrain jackets paired with black-and-white plaid pants, leather loafers.

Gucci menswear Spring-Summer 2019

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