What Women’s Short Haircuts Are In Style

It’s an exciting time for trying on something new. I want you to have a look at women's short haircuts which are in style this year. I am going to show you gorgeous asymmetric cuts, voluminous waves, short bobs, vibrant colors and highlights that will surely make you look modern and elegant. Of course, you will get lots of positive attention this year, as each one of these gorgeous looks will undoubtedly put you in a center-stage. It's quite hard to decide making your hair shorter, but there are great advantages in short hair: stronger ends, easy to maintain, less time for styling and many awesome new styles to try. Hope these awesome new ideas will inspire you to make something special for your next hairdresser visit.

What Women's Short Haircuts Are In Style 2019

If you want to make an awesome impression, then try on this asymmetrical bangs and sides black pixie with purple highlights.

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Asymmetrical pixie haircut for oval and heart face shapes

If you have round, oval or heart face shape, then you can try on this asymmetrical short messy pixie cut with side asymmetrical bangs. This look is ideal for those women who want to make a real statement and stand out in the crowd. If you do not want yourself a classic look, then go for a customized pixie that will underline your individuality. Yes, this cut is still on trend and it's perfect for keeping an edgy appearance.

Asymmetrical pixie haircut for oval and heart face shapes 2019

Don’t forget about hair color to take your hairstyle to a new level. You can add black color with dark purple highlights to make this haircut look fashion-forward. I advice you to take time and look through these images and make a print before going to a hairdresser.

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