Billy Boyce Autumn-Winter Campaign

Modern influenced. “Some say beauty is what you’re born with not what you create......How naive!”
Shaun Akanbi, Designer and Creative Director of Billy Boyce label. The limited edition of Billy Boyce Autumn-Winter will feature exclusive holograms jackets, iconic prints and camouflage varsity jackets. All looks are so fashionable and highly modern, it seems like Billy Boyce will dictate fashion for the upcoming decades. Collection combines futuristic holograms, sequins (many sequins), my favorite detailed trimmings and eclectic colours. So it's going to be a glistening and exciting modern and elegant street wear collection, which will be available just before spring of 2012.

Billy Boyce Autumn-Winter Campaign 2018

Photographer: Benjamin Glean
Creative Director: Shaun Akanbi
Stylist: Neesha Sharma
Model: Pawel Bednarek & Kajsa M
Make Up and Hair: Michelle Webb

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