Bill Tornade Spring-Summer Men Collection

French brand Bill Tornade presented its Spring-Summer menswear collection. Casual stylishness, best quality of garments, modern suiting, the show really wowed! Designs were lean and boyish, color palette ranged from muted hues, navy, orange and copper. Shorts suits, where shorts were lean and cut above the knee, leather jackets, trench coats, cardigans, denim wear, knitted sweaters, v-neck sweaters, raincoats, every piece's so must have!

Bill Tornade Spring-Summer Men Collection 2019

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Acne Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week

Romance, retro, bikes and seventies as inspiration. Some athletic elements can be seen in Acne Spring-Summer men's fashion collection. Here you can find boxy outerwear, cabled sweaters tucked into chinos, patent evening shoes, loafers, trouser-cut jeans, running leggings, paneled viscose tights, mini shorts, knit shirts, dress shirts.

Acne Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week 2019

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Boris Bidjan Saberi Spring-Summer Men Collection

Nomadic Barbarians. Boris Bidjan Saberi Spring-Summer fashion show is all about casual nomadic style. Remember Conan the Barbarian? Here you can find fragile drapery, disheveled layering, distressed fabrications, stacked trousers, wrinkled leather jackets, long tops (like shirt dresses), aged boots. It's time for traveling, go get some of these clothes!

Boris Bidjan Saberi Spring-Summer Men Collection 2019

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Thom Browne Spring-Summer Men Fashion Show

Husband of Valkyrie. American fashion designer Thom Browne presented his provocative Spring-Summer men collection at Paris Fashion Week. The whole collection was inspired by cabaret. Well, its something new, only testing, 100% my boyfriend would be scared to wear it on crowd, if only its a Halloween party. Here you can find gangsters and molls in pinstriped suits, loose trousers, shouldered coats, long trench coats, flapper fringes, long strands of pearls, menacing glares, cloche hats and zippered socks.

Thom Browne Spring-Summer Men Fashion Show 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer Paul Smith

Fitted Minimal Casual Classic. New Paul Smith Spring-Summer men collection is minimal and classic with contemporary and modern styles which offers functionality and versatility for everyday wear. Mostly every piece was inspired by traditional workwear, but reinvented in casual and modern designs. Here are shown snug cardigans, slim trousers, semi-relaxed jackets, shaped jackets with neat shoulders, collarless jackets, navy panelled trousers, herringbone work shirts and ox blood anorak jackets. I'm impressed by color palette: navy blue, terracotta, coral and various shades of grey.

Menswear Spring-Summer Paul Smith 2019

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Raf Simons Menswear Spring-Summer

Checks and flowers are for men. Raf Simons menswear Spring-Summer collection is all about masculine shapes, identical looks in a range of colors with soft pastels and floral prints. Simons likes minimal style, so as you can see below there are plenty of minimal silhouette looks. Here you can see sleeveless tops and shirts, plaids scissored into kaleidoscopic patterns, classic suits, trench coats. What I like the most in this collection- is lightweight plaid overcoats with classic black trousers and prints like bright orange checks, flower prints across knitwear (like a version of a Hawaiian shirt).

Raf Simons Menswear Spring-Summer 2019

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Hermès Spring-Summer Men Fashion Show

Luxurious Casual Wear. For the next Spring-Summer fashion season Hermès offers sophisticated menswear collection with black, camel, pink, navy colors. What i really like about Hermès new collection is that, there is a feel of the casualness and elegant insouciance in these luxury garments like conscious shorts, snug turtlenecks, tailored suit jackets paired with loose-fitted trousers, double-breasted jackets in navy, tank tops, drawstring pants, black linen-wool canvas blend jackets, eveningwear.

Hermès Spring-Summer Men Fashion Show 2019
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Men’s Clothing Spring-Summer Henrik Vibskov

Danish-born designer Henrik Vibskov a master of innovative designs delivers his high concept fashion new Spring-Summer menswear collection in Paris. What I really like in his high-concept looks is a mix of playful prints, colorways with heavy knits and relatively wearable assortment of styles. Henrik experimented with silhouettes, offering tailored jackets with exaggerated shoulders, tie-dyed blazers, trench coats, strung baggy trousers, suits, oversize sweaters, drop trousers, blazers with defined shoulders.

Men's Clothing Spring-Summer Henrik Vibskov 2019

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Ann Demeulemeester Spring-Summer Menswear

Classic East Punk or Sand Traveler. Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring-Summer men collection is romantic and militaristic at the same time. Most of garments are in black and white, but you can detect some camel hues. What I most like in this collection is chic long layers. Ann's man is a fighter and a lovely traveler in combat boots, sandal hybrid boots, fishnet sweaters, waistcoats, formal shawl-collared jackets, tunics, britches and a wonderful selection of outerwear.

Ann Demeulemeester Spring-Summer Menswear 2019

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