Androgynous Fashion For Women

This time I want you to discover must-have styles for women who want to try on androgynous chic wardrobe. In this post, I am about to cover Tomboy chic style, as well as such essentials, as boyfriend jeans, Oxford shoes, blazers, and my favorite fedora hats. Yes, gender differentiation is now being blurred and it's okay to be open-minded and wear what you want. You have the power to choose what trend to follow, that's why you are more than welcome to find out my favorite androgynous essentials you can easily try this year.

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Women’s Shoes Spring-Summer by Church’s

British shoemaker Church’s reveals its Spring-Summer footwear collection, which features women's classic and retro inspired shoes, that will fit both women and men. I think you already noticed the high quality of these beautiful and classic silhouettes of these traditional shoes. The color palette is grounded and it comes in various retro inspired hues. I personally love those sandals and oxford style shoes. Each pair evokes elegance and simplicity, which makes you look unique and individual.

Women's Shoes Spring-Summer by Church's 2019
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Saddle Oxford Shoes for Women

Let’s talk about Oxford. Well, not about high school, but shoes. Oxford shoes have a saddle of contrasting colors. Saddle oxford shoes are really nice and chic. They are comfortable, thanks to rubber sole and lace ups. My favorite color of saddle oxford shoes are black and white and blue and white. As I like casual style, these oxford shoes look perfect with everyday clothing. My favorite materials of oxford shoes are mix of leather and suede, it gives elegant and chic look. What I like about oxford shoes, that they come in different heels: flats, high heels and low heels. So, get the classic look right away!

Saddle Oxford Shoes for Women 2019

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