Tailored and Layered Tomboy Looks in L’officiel Turkey

The latest L'Officiel Turkey features stunning editorial which features fashion model Ann Koster captured by Ahmet Unver. We see Ann wearing tailored and layered tomboy looks in a studio. I personally love the 50 shades of grey colors which appear in tweed and wool fabric creations. The layering up tomboy style has a great influence on combining menswear and womenswear looks. We see mannish dressed model in great tailored looks wearing eye-catching accessories. What I like the most regarding this style then it's the is easy look, which makes these simple grey basics stand out from the crowd.

Tailored and Layered Tomboy Looks in L'officiel Turkey 2019

Here we see a double-breasted pantsuit styled with an exaggerated black bowl hat.

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Tomboy Rock Modern Looks in Glamour Netherlands October

In the latest Glamour Netherlands October issue we see an outstanding, bright, street style editorial which features modern tomboy rock looks. That's a perfect outdoor photosession which showcases modern wardrobe looks for those girls and ladies who want to borrow some staples from their boyfriend's closet. The blonde model Soekie Gravenhorst poses for Klaas Jan Kliphuis in the streets of the big city sporting boyish outfits embracing tomboy style. Here we see denim overalls, plaid shirts, denim must-haves and oversized coats. Hope you will like the following images the same as me.

Tomboy Rock Modern Looks in Glamour Netherlands October 2019

The shaggy pixie haircut model looks sophisticated wearing a black coat which covers a denim white blue jacket, flannel (red) shirt and boyish jeans.

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The Fall Classics in Vogue US October

Please welcome this October's issue of Vogue US magazine, which features 'The Fall Classics' editorial. We see easy to wear and style essentials including khaki green parkas, military green trench coats, fur lined long jackets with furs, etc. Photographer Annie Leibovitz captured Natalia Vodianova in open air nature setting. We see Natalia posing in outstanding layered outerwear looks. That's a sweet life in a country-side.

The Fall Classics in Vogue US October 2019

The loose-fit knitted pullover looks casual worn underneath the same colored outerwear with fur details.

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Retro Inspired Looks in Vogue Us October

In October's issue of Vogue US we see Sasha Pivovarova posing for photographer Patrick Demarchelier in retro inspired editorial entitled 'Blanc Slate.' The term 'Blanc Slate' is used as the name of an epistemological theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that all of their knowledge comes from experience and perception (via Wikipedia). I personally love the following vintage, retro inspired looks, which feature awesome separates, shoes and bags. The 60's silhouettes and high school styles include modified versions swing coat-dresses, boyfriends, cuffed jeans cigarette pants, pale colored outerwear and cute accessories.

Retro Inspired Looks in Vogue Us October 2019

Here we see Sasha in a sweet make-up, natural messy hair which looks perfect with statement stud earrings, sleeveless white jacket and eye-catching handbag.

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Normcore Clothing Trend in L’officiel Mexico

In the latest L'officiel Mexico October issue we see this season's normcore clothing trend which looks stunning on Martha Hunt. Photographer Christopher Ferguson snapped model in outdoor photosession. She looks awesome wearing winter style loose-fit garments. Martha sports layered looks which look normcore inspired. I personally consider these looks to be minimal and anti style. We see classic garments, which have that special luxe appeal. The following editorial features cocooned coats, elongated shape jumpers, matte black leather pleated dresses, tweed oversized coats and chunky footwear. Every piece looks simple and basic. I like that volumized and masculine approach which makes Martha look classy and stylish.

Normcore Clothing Trend in L'officiel Mexico 2019

The knitted loose-fit dress in grey color is styled with this cable knit scarf.

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Oversize Monochrome Layered Looks in L’Officiel Paris

If you ask me why I love winter, then it's only because of my birthday. In general, I dislike cold seasons, as we have to wear thick layers and keep warm against the wind. It's time of year, when we wear sweaters, chunky jackets and long outerwear with high boots. Anyway, today I want to share with you this perfect editorial named "The Monochrome" which can be found in the latest L'Officiel Paris October issue. Fashion model Crista Cober appears at the beach set wearing cozy, layered winter outfits in a mannish manner. We see Crista sporting draped and layered, monochrome looks. What I love about the following outfits, then it's the perfect balance, which makes each garment look effortlessly chic and menswear inspired.

Oversize Monochrome Layered Looks in L'Officiel Paris 2019

Here we see a brown beige look, which features cozy fur vest, long layered scarf, knitted dress and the same fabric pants.

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Retro Versus Modern Trends in Glamour Italia

I'd like to share with you this stunning editorial which can be found in Glamour Italia October issue. The name of the shoot is "anni '60." I would say it's kind of mix between retro and modern trends. Model Siri Tollerod looks perfect wearing Autumn-Winter season garments. As you know, fall is the time to step outside your comfort zone, but thanks to the latest collections made by well known brands and designers we have an opportunity to layer ourselves in cozy, printed layers. We see bold new silhouettes, new material experimentations and bright prints.

Retro Versus Modern Trends in Glamour Italia 2019

Model looks fashion-forward sporting a patent black hat with see-through statement visor, cool sunglasses and fur, white coat embellished with pearl necklace.

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Mannish Looks in Vogue Paris

Today I want to bring you stunning, black and white editorial, which can be found in the latest Vogue Paris October issue. The photoshoot's name is Vent Du Nord (North Wind). The photos feature mannish looks which look amazing on model Andreea Diaconu who is shot by Gregory Harris. Andreea appears at the beach sporting tweed, cashmere and classic tailored masculine looks. You are going to see here loose-fit trousers, long coats, moccasins and sweaters with typical male accents. It looks like today's female wardrobe has lots of masculine details and it's okay to wear comfortable and boyfriend shaped clothes. I personally love those moccasins which channel masculine style. The wool and knitted pieces in oversized shaped also give that strong and masculine look. Anyway, let's see the Vogue's images:

Mannish Looks in Vogue Paris 2019

Here we see Andreea wearing an oversized black coat worn atop pinstripe suit jacket.

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Rainy Days Outfits in Jalouse Magazine

Today I want t odraw your attention to rainy days outfits which can be found in the latest Jalouse Magazine October issue. The editorial name is concrete. We see fashion model Marthe Wiggers shot by Cedric Viollet. Marthe is wearing layered looks covered by neoprene and rain resisting outerwear pieces. The waterproof clothing is the must-have that flatters your figure and makes you look original and unique during bad weather. Thanks to the modern designers nowadays rubber shoes and water proof trench coats are looking fashionable. My personally advice to you is to select classy pieces in playful colors creating eye-catching look and making yourself brighter. All in all, I think it's time to see our favorite items in Jalouse photo shoot:

Rainy Days Outfits in Jalouse Magazine 2019

The scuba inspired front zip color-blocked blouse (blue and black) is tucked in high-waisted A-line skirt with a front patch pocket. Love the burgundy leather belt and that awesome box-clutch.

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Modern Clothes in Art Deco Prints in Elle Germany

The Art Deco is alive! Today I bring you this awesome editorial which can be seen in the latest Elle Germany October issue. I personally love that new take on retro vogue, which consists of graphics, geometric lines and abstract shapes. Fashion model Astrid Baarsma looks sophisticated and glamour wearing modernized 1930's garments. It feels like this stunning retro movement is swept back in the streets and runways. What I love the most in the following shoot, then it's the perfect work of Gregor Hohenberg who shot Astrid in beautiful settings giving us opportunity to see all the details of the amazing clothing. Looking through these images I feel that special attitude and style of the Jazz Age which hits back with great power. These modern art deco creations are perfect brightly colored looks which feature function and style touches.

Modern Clothes in Art Deco Prints in Elle Germany 2019

Here we see a cocoon shaped suit in camouflage-like print (black and pale red). Love these cat-eye shaped sunglasses.

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