Women’s Shoes for Fall-Winter by Obi Cymatica

Let me share with you Obi Cymatica's this Autumn-Winter collection's lookbook and campaign images. Obi Cymatica is one of New York's newest talents who makes signature and impressive shoewear for women. This Fall season comes with statement and elegant shoes, that make any lady look bold, chic and sophisticated. As you see from the campaign images, Obi Cymatica's woman is a real strong woman who is a self confident person, she never hides and never regrets about the past, she looks forward and she's a risky one. Are you bold enough to be the same one? I personally love that inspiration which is taken from the modern woman. Every shoe's design is produced of high quality materials and made with true love and care. That's a celebration of the unique strength of a woman's spirit through bold colors and textures.

Women's Shoes for Fall-Winter by Obi Cymatica 2019
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Obi Cymatica Shoewear for Women Spring-Summer Lookbook

I need statement and beautiful shoes! Yes, those words I always hear from my girlfriend and you know what, I think I've already found those unique and elegant shoes that will make my girl happy and satisfied already, I am talking about the latest Obi Cymatica's latest Spring-Summer collection's lookbook, which features versatile creations, that can be worn at work, in the streets, special occasions and rendezvous, everything depends on you. Here are presented gorgeous python print leather patent blue high heels (the same design comes in yellow color), open heel green ones, monochrome (black and white) high heel sandals and many other statement designs.

Obi Cymatica Shoewear for Women Spring-Summer Lookbook 2019
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