How To Wear Turtlenecks For Women

A turtleneck is a classic top that can make a woman look great and keep her warm during cold season months. In today's article, we are about to see hot outfit ideas and ways how to wear turtlenecks in your everyday life. You are about to know simple tricks about different stylish combos, as well as how to style a necklace with a turtleneck. Trust me, every girl and lady can create a unique look with this high neck top. You can either pair it with a casual pair of jeans or create fabulous layers by pairing it with blazers, leather jackets, and skirts.

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Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love

If you want yourself something personalized and bespoke, then I highly recommend you to take a look at these fine jewelry creations from Code Love. Every piece from Code Love is very special made of gold, rose gold or silver. It's all about the subtle art of sharing something beautiful and meaningful. I love the simplicity of almost every piece, as well as heartfelt secret messages that are made thanks to Morse code. You are going to find here stackable diamond rings, wrap leather and semi-precious stone bracelets, as well as semi-precious stone pendants and delicate floating sterling silver and gold necklaces.

Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love 2019

This bracelet will look awesome if you will appear in a blue or green dress. You can add a glamour black bag to the look.

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Yvone Christa New York “Phlox” Jewelry Collection

Please welcome Yvone Christa New York timeless jewelry collection named “PHLOX." You are going to find here luxurious and charming creations. I love the idea of the showcased styles: a small flower with a deep meaning, where a tiny little flower together with its own buddies composes a bigger flower. It feels like we have been transferred into another world with unique garden that is rich of deep thoughts and beautiful details. The following collection includes unique jewelry made of silver and gold.

Yvone Christa New York "Phlox" Jewelry Collection 2019
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Top 10 Women’s Gifts For New Year

Well, it's only one month before the New Year's Eve, right? I think you have to hurry up before midnight to buy your special woman an awesome gift. The thing is that every lady has her own wishes and you have to know, what she's thinking of. If it's a very first time when you celebrate New Year with your woman, then it can be so, that you still don't know her taste, what she likes, dislikes, right? So, my mission for today was to gather all universal gifts, products, accessories in one place, so you can look through and choose what might be in her interest. Let's have a detailed look at the following New Tear's awesome women gifts:

Top 10 Women's Gifts For New Year 2019

That's a chic piece from RABLABS . A photo frame in smoke shade made of a slice of polished agate.
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CHARLES & KEITH Exclusive Necklaces For Fall-Winter

CHARLES & KEITH presents its new exclusive necklaces collection for this Autumn-Winter season. We see a range of new additions which are only available at the online store. The following images feature statement jewelry items with edgy details and eye-catching embellishments. You are going to see awesome designs, like Spike, Multi Chain necklaces, and some pure feminine options, including Rhinestone Chain and Embellished Bib necklace. All these pieces are great options to complement your outfits. Each product evokes innovation, creativity and wearable trends. Indeed, all these must-haves look modern and ideal for sophisticated urban woman.

CHARLES & KEITH Exclusive Necklaces For Fall-Winter 2019

Here we see a cool short spike model withg dangling spikes arranged on a thick gunmetal chain.

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Beaufille Spring-Summer Jewelry Collection

Please welcome Canadian womenswear and accessories brand Beaufille spring-summer season's of eye-catching jewelry collection. The label was founded by two sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon. Each of the presented pieces reflects a sophisticated tough girl's style, who loves to wear and combine masculine and feminine elements. The brand's inspiration comes from French culture, art and history. Love the way Chloe and Parris combine their ideas, like the inspiration from historic events and style mixed with a modern approach. So, let's take a closer view at the Summer collection jewelry and accessories.

Beaufille Spring-Summer Jewelry Collection 2019

That's a beautiful medieval like neck piece with a double ring set.

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Céline Women’s Accessories For Fall-Winter

How about some eye-catching accessories to wear this Autumn-Winter season. Today I bring you Céline women's accessories which are ideal to style with your work outfits and cocktail looks. When it comes to bold accessories, Celine is your one-stop brand with a great selection of sunglasses, necklaces and cuffs. I personally love the timeless choice of colors and designs to select from. Each piece will for sure underline your outfit. Let's take a closer view at these precious designs:

Céline Women's Accessories For Fall-Winter 2019

Thin Mary sunglasses in black horn acetate.

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Clémentine Henrion Jewellery For Fall-Winter

Clémentine Henrion is a French designer who lives and works in Paris. She creates amazing designer jewelry. Today I'd like to bring you the Autumn-Winter season's collection. You are about to see amazing fashion accessories which include spectacular jewelry pieces made from high quality metals, mizuhiki and scoubidou threads and other precious materials. Each creation evokes real excitement and great emotions. Anyway, let's take a closer view at her eponymous collection of hand-crafted luxury jewelery:

Clémentine Henrion Jewellery For Fall-Winter 2019

That's a marvelous double bangle with mizuhiki pink threads.

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Alex Monroe Autumn-Winter “The Haberdashery” Collection

British designer Alex Monroe is a real master of creating new and modern jewelry collections. Remember his Floral Fayre collection, which was inspired by florals. Today we want to share with you his latest Fall-Winter "The Haberdashery" collection, which takes a step away from the natural world and takes us into a much loved form of craft- sewing. The ornate details look creative and very individual, just look at these marvelous birds, little scissors, knit bows, needles, sweet books, thimbles and other cute and unique gold and silver made little figures. I personally love each handmade impeccable ornate creations. These awesome designs will for sure underline your uniqueness and make you look elegant and charming as never before. All in all, it's an awesome sewing box-inspired collection.

Alex Monroe Autumn-Winter "The Haberdashery" Collection 2019

In line scissors necklace with perching sewing bird gold plated with silver details.

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Alex Monroe Spring-Summer “Floral Fayre” Collection

Today you are going to see an extremely feminine and sweet Spring-Summer season's collection of women's gold jewelry designs which are made by London based designer Alex Monroe. He is well known person for the delicate and super-detailed gold and silver creations. The new collection is entitled "Floral Fayre" that's why we see so many flower inspired pieces. All these gorgeous styles are inspired by a walk in the Suffolk countryside, sketches of buttercups, bluebells, dandelions. The British jewelery designer reveals an outstanding collection, which is very spring-like and sweet.

Alex Monroe Spring-Summer "Floral Fayre" Collection 2019
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