Must-Haves For Winter Wear From Stylecreep

An independently run fashion store Stylecreep offers premium, street and lifestyle must-haves for this Autumn-Winter season. The latest offerings include awesome Mr. Bathing ape wool tweed camo grey down jacket, blue check button down, ranger leather boots, white and black shatter box shirt, and awesome black, white and grey leather biker jacket. All these pretty layers are super comfy and ideal for cold winter days.

Must-Haves For Winter Wear From Stylecreep 2019

Mr. Bathing Ape leather trimmed wool camo down jacket comes with beautiful details, leather shoulders and pocket trims. I love that all over signature camo print and remoable hood.

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Must Have: Paula Mendoza Women’s Jewelry

Columbian designer Paula Mendoza is inspired by the interest in the history and mythology of ancient cultures. New collection from Paula Mendoza is a reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. As you all know, snake is a reasonable symbol for Cleopatra (she always associates with them), as we see lots of movies and books where queen plays with them or wears snake inspired jewelry. Egyptian cobra considered to be symbol of power in the dynasties of pharaohs, while the last queen was killed by the snake's bite. So, the latest Paula Mendoza's jewelry collection reminds me of those "queen snakes," which are gathered together from different-sized balls. All the showcased pieces are massive, though each jewelry looks lightweight and easy-to wear and style.

Must Have: Paula Mendoza Women's Jewelry 2019

As you can see model appears wearing those snake-inspired jewelry pieces which are eye-catching and statement.

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Must Have Fall Accessories: Scarves

Today we are going to speak about this fall-winter season's must have accessory- scarves. I think you all know how versatile this item is, as it can be used so differently, so that it can underline your uniqueness. I can tell you more: fashion scarves can be used in so many ways no matter if it's winter scarf or summer one. All of them are classy and voguish accessories that underline women's personality. The scarves are the same thing as women's shoes, there aren't too many scarves. One thing is known for sure, scarves are made not just for wearing around your neck and I will try to let you know how you can use those pretty accessories in your daily life.

Must Have Fall Accessories: Scarves 2019
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Women’s Must Have: Degrade Bags

I think everyone knows what degrade technique means, when one color smoothly transfers into another one. It's quite popular this season. I hope you all remember spring collections from Burberry, Jonathan Saunders and Acne. Stylists say, that degrade will be in trend this autumn and next spring season as well. I'd like to share with you some effective degrade bags from Proenza Schouler pre-fall and Dior resort collections.

Women's Must Have: Degrade Bags 2019
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Women’s Must Have Accessories: Charlotte Olympia Clutches

Here are some bright and 'tasty' accessories from Charlotte Olympia. Here are shown two clutches in the form of lemon and watermelon slices. The black stones are made of Swarovski crystals. I love these charming and youthful accessories, as they can be teamed with different style garments, starting from cocktail dresses to casual everyday classics. It's time to be eye-catching and bright.

Women's Must Have Accessories: Charlotte Olympia Clutches 2019

Women's Must Have Accessories: Charlotte Olympia Clutches 2019

Women’s Must Have: Dior Shoes Spring-Summer

Raf Simons debut spring-summer collection for Dior were lots of classic items, including bar jackets, new look silhouette ensembles, yet every single piece looked modern, fresh and not boring.

Even shoes were not simple: classic pointed-toe pumps with metal plates and deep cutouts evoked femininity and modernity. I love shoes made of metallised leather in green, pink and fiery red colors.

Women's Must Have: Dior Shoes Spring-Summer 2019

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Summer Must Have: Women’s Hats by Chalayan

Today I'd like to share with you women's spring-summer collection by Chalayan, which was observed by many fashion magazines and blogs. Lots of stylists and bloggers felt in love with sheath dresses, sport style hooded parkas, and most of everyone's attention was given to huge toadstool shape hats with colored green, red, white, blue and yellow plastic inserts. Why these hats are so popular this season, well I have some explanations for you, first one is that these hats have wide brims that protect from the sun and second I love these hats colors, that are so fresh, so that there is no worry you are going to be in the center of everyone's attention.

Summer Must Have: Women's Hats by Chalayan 2019

Summer Must Have: Women's Hats by Chalayan 2019

Must Have: Jason Wu Leopard Print Rucksack

Leopad Rucksack. I have a good news for you my dear fashionistas, rucksack are still in fashion. No matter which fabric or shape has this backpack, try it on for your school, high-school or for job. I love leather rucksacks by Hermes, which can be used as trip case or there are neon-bright rucksacks by Versus.

Must Have: Jason Wu Leopard Print Rucksack 2019

If you want something in between of night-out and day-to-business style, then I have one really nice piece for you: leopard print rucksack by Jason Wu spring-summer collection. This accessory suits everything, from short skirts, high heels, denims and evening skirtsuits.

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Women’s Must Have: Acne Sandals

Hot Look. I tell you honestly, this season's most fashionable shoewear style is called high heeled gladiators, yet they wont suit lots of girls, as due to the high heel you have to wear short skirt and with a high height and slender legs. Today, I found you a worthy replacement- Acne sandals made of white leather with lots of straps and a glossy "marble" sole. These shoes will look perfect even without skirt, as you can wear it with skinny jeans and second, these shoes look massive, thanks to ribbed sole and thick heels.

Women's Must Have: Acne Sandals 2019

Women's Must Have: Acne Sandals 2019

Must Have: High-Heel Sandals by Alexander Wang

There is undeniable fact: the most trendy women's footwear of this season is gladiator-sandals, which look perfect on the runway shows, yet in everyday life it's hard to wear them and sometimes it's even complicated to team them with other wardrobe garments. Today, I am going to share with you one exception to the rules, my favorite shoewear, these cute sandals with straps around the ankle and above the knee, that were showcased during Alexander Wang spring-summer collection

Must Have: High-Heel Sandals by Alexander Wang 2019
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