Wild West and Indiana Style Trends

I think everyone knows the new movie called "The Lone Ranger" (starring Johnny Depp), which is about a man of the law John Reid and his helper Native American warrior Tonto. That's a story of Indiana and western cowboy and their adventures. Today, I'd like to share with you some really bright trends that can be seen in the latest collections, like Wild West inspired pieces from Versace to Rodarte and Acne. Love those Versace fringe dresses, Ralph Lauren Indiana ponchos, cowboy hats in Acne collection and leather jackets in Rodarte.

Wild West and Indiana Style Trends 2019

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Must Have: Clutch by Olympia Le Tan in a cover of first edition of “The Great Gatsby”

It looks like "The Great Gatsby" has overtaken the fashion world. This style can be seen everywhere from men's and women's wardrobe to even accessories. There is no doubt, that the 1920's style is comes back in great varieties of clothing and designs.

Must Have: Clutch by Olympia Le Tan in a cover of first edition of "The Great Gatsby" 2019

Today, I am going to share with you designer's Olympia Le Tan (who is well known for creation of women's clutches in the form of books) creation that is inspired by Baz Luhrmann movie. She created clutch in the form of a cover of the first edition "The Great Gatsby" book (made of brass, silk and wool) in blue and violet colors.

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1930’s Style Classic Menswear inspired by “Great Gatsby” by Brooks Brothers

Menswear Classics. I think everyone is waiting for the "Great Gatsby" movie and you are not alone, who awaits for this. Brooks Brothers in a cooperation with GG's movie costume designer Catherine Martin have launched full limited edition menswear line based on this film. Collection fully reflects the spirit of the last century's 1930's ages. The main inspiration of this collection comes from "Great Gatsby" novel book by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald and of course the upcoming movie's costumes.

1930's Style Classic Menswear inspired by "Great Gatsby" by Brooks Brothers 2019

New collection will include so famous Jay Gatsby's pink suit, Nick Carraway's cardigans, jackets and many other things.

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Ryan Gosling Clothing Movie Style: How to dress like Ryan

Dress like Ryan. There is no doubt about Ryan Gosling's amazing clothing style, I personally love Ryan's every movie's look, as it's laid back, cool and effortless. During several years we have witnessed Ryan Gosling style evolution and transitions, from formal to casual styles: slouchy denim jackets, three-piece suits and everyday basics.

Ryan Gosling Clothing Movie Style: How to dress like Ryan 2019

If you want to look through some of Ryan's best movie outfits, then I advise you to take a closer look at these images. I have learned some tricks for myself, so please take a moment of your time and see Gosling's five movie looks and get some inspiration.

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