Army Outerwear For Spring-Summer

Are you in love with military trend? If yes, then I've got this cool army outerwear compilation to try on next Spring season. I gathered my favorite jackets, coats, trench-coats and cargo toppers. Personally, I do like this trend for its functionality and versatility. You can easily incorporate military clothing with your favorite dresses and separates. You can create so many interesting looks by wearing camo and khaki toppers. Believe me, each one of these army outerwear pieces will have you looking fabulous next year.

Army Outerwear For Spring-Summer 2019

You can start from an exaggerated version in khaki color. The showcased design comes with shirt collar and patch pockets. You can pair it with your favorite long black leather skirt and high-platform sandals.

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Trend Alert: Military-Inspired Coats For Winter

I see trend. Today we are going to observe this Fall season must-have coat inspired by army and military style. These are perfect cover-ups to march down the streets. I have gathered beautiful, strong and structured designs what look like a sort of fashion armor to me. You can face the big bad world in one of these beautiful styles with brass buttons, patch pockets, charismatic collars, camouflage and infinite play of colors. If khaki and green are not your thing, then you can play with many other colors and shades, because the military look hides in the outerwear structure and cuts.

Trend Alert: Military-Inspired Coats For Winter 2019

Brand Theory keeps it exaggerated and big. We see a military colored coat with patch pockets and big black fur collar. Try it on with your favorite black separates.

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Women’s Military Coats

There is never been a day when at least one piece from the military trend hasn't made its popularity in any women's wardrobe. Today I bring you women's military coats to wear this season. Seriously, there are so many interesting designs and colors to choose, from olive green belted fit-and-flare to urban camouflage styles. Personally, I find these military-inspired coats to be statement, mannish and sort of fashion armor-like. I am going to show you an ultimate military coats style guide.

Women's Military Coats 2019
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Military Fashion Trend For Women

When it feels like adding an edgy touch to your look, then I can advice you to try military fashion trend that is so must-have this season. I love uniforms and those ideal details that make any woman look fitted, sophisticated and powerful. In today's compilation we are going to observe great outfits embellished with sailor-style buttons, epaulets, etc. It's no secret that military fashion as a trend is nothing new, but the fact is that this trend keeps on updating every year, by offering us new cuts, shapes, fabrics, details and colors.

Military Fashion Trend For Women 2019

It keeps on evolving with new updates taken from Georgian and Victorian eras. Nowadays, army fashion is all about functionality and utility. The key elements in this trend are great coats/ field jackets, tops, pants, dresses, skirts, eye-catching accessories (aviator boots, combat shoes and aviator sunglasses) and various embellishments (including leather and furs). Hope this compilation will inspire you to buy yourself something strong for this season.

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Military Style in Rebecca Minkoff Pre-Fall

Welcome to the ARMY. The latest pre-fall collection from Rebecca Minkoff comes with various structured military style touches. You are going to see the classic forms of army looks colored in olive green and khaki. The standout of the transitional season is the trench that features a zipper at the waist, making the silhouette more modern, softening the boxy look. We see stunning studs that embellish the khaki olive shirt, pencil black leather skirt and amazing suit that is divided into two parts: top and skirt. I really enjoyed looking through these military inspired outfits that for sure will be spotted in the streets next year.

Military Style in Rebecca Minkoff Pre-Fall 2019

Every look is a real must have for those ladies and women who likes the mannish touch in their wardrobe.

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Top 5 Women’s Military Coats For Winter

The military style trend is something timeless. Today I want to share with you top 5 women's military coats for winter wear, which are ideal showing off during the cold days. What really makes this trend to be so popular? Well, it's the silhouettes, color range, which includes khaki and camouflage, as well as army details and embellishments. If you are too sweet person, then believe me, once you try on these designs, you will automatically look strong and self-confident. The following best outerwear looks come with various army style updates, where one piece has a wrap look with statement buttons, another one features typical khaki color, while other ones come with epaulettes and other specific details. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these must-haves:

Top 5 Women's Military Coats For Winter 2019

That's a stunning layered, utilitarian look felt BB Dakota jacket with a relaxed fit and modern shape.

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Oversized Military and Knits in Pop Magazine

Today I bring you another awesome photoshoot, which was seen in the latest Pop Magazine Fall-Winter issue. You are about to see fashion model Devon Aoki who is styled by Stevie Dance in gorgeous, casual and layered outerwear as well as military essentials. It looks like many brands and designers start massively offer its clientèles Tomboy looks, which appear to be oversized, loose-fit and sharp. The following shoot will teach you how to combine various layers and knits to make a perfect everyday look.

Oversized Military and Knits in Pop Magazine 2019

Here we see Devon wearing a cashmere sweater under the cable knit top. That's a really stunning and warm look, which can be worn during low temperatures days.

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Military Style in NLST Spring-Summer Lookbook

NLST is a new line of clothing that is designed by the same team behind the R13. Today we have chance to see its Spring-Summer season's lookbook. I have gathered my favorite designs, so you are about to see statement and military inspired separates made of Japanese fabrics. The overall vibe of collection is authentic and consists of utilitarian pieces like utility pants and shorts. That's a semi-casual lookbook, which features simple oversized tees, classic button downs, M65 jackets and awesome flight jumpsuits. Brand keeps the color palette true to the aesthetic with green and khakis. All in all, you are about to see innovative proportions and silhouettes.

Military Style in NLST Spring-Summer Lookbook 2019

Dark green shirt tucked in utility shorts.

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Fall-Winter Coats For Women

Women's Coats for this season. Today's topic is titled fall-winter coats for women, that's why we will talk about this season's coat trends. Fashion helps us to enjoy crispy air and bright skies of the fall and chilly days of winter, that's why coats are meant for keeping us warm during these cold time. My mission is to show you what kind of coats are in style this season.

Fall-Winter Coats For Women 2019

Let's start from capes. That's not a coat, yet it's an elegant and luxe option that can be used as an outerwear. What I love about capes, especially modern ones, is the look, that can be classy and trendy at the same time. Take a look at this white Burberry bell cape, it looks dressy and can be used as an evening outing. Take a closer look ar the mustard and checked capes, that can be easily adopted for every day wear. Regarding that burgundy Jason Wu cape, it can be used as for casual or as formal wear.

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Fashion Trends: Boots Spring-Summer For Women

Boots for Summer, Why Not! Today, we are going to speak about the trendiest styles of boots that can be worn this spring-summer by women. If you are shopping for boots, then darling, I must tell you there are plenty of good choices that you can find while shopping. Let's take a closer look at the trends of this spring-summer boots for women, so you can choose what really suits you. I have collected the major boots trends that will stay trendy and stylish next seasons as well.

Fashion Trends: Boots Spring-Summer For Women 2019

Color blocking boots. There is no doubt, these color blocking boots look elegant and fashionable. Thanks to their color blocking effect they will go well with various outfits, starting from coats and jackets.

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