Women’s Military Coats

There is never been a day when at least one piece from the military trend hasn't made its popularity in any women's wardrobe. Today I bring you women's military coats to wear this season. Seriously, there are so many interesting designs and colors to choose, from olive green belted fit-and-flare to urban camouflage styles. Personally, I find these military-inspired coats to be statement, mannish and sort of fashion armor-like. I am going to show you an ultimate military coats style guide.

Women's Military Coats 2019
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Top 5 Women’s Military Coats For Winter

The military style trend is something timeless. Today I want to share with you top 5 women's military coats for winter wear, which are ideal showing off during the cold days. What really makes this trend to be so popular? Well, it's the silhouettes, color range, which includes khaki and camouflage, as well as army details and embellishments. If you are too sweet person, then believe me, once you try on these designs, you will automatically look strong and self-confident. The following best outerwear looks come with various army style updates, where one piece has a wrap look with statement buttons, another one features typical khaki color, while other ones come with epaulettes and other specific details. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these must-haves:

Top 5 Women's Military Coats For Winter 2019

That's a stunning layered, utilitarian look felt BB Dakota jacket with a relaxed fit and modern shape.

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Fall-Winter Coats For Women

Women's Coats for this season. Today's topic is titled fall-winter coats for women, that's why we will talk about this season's coat trends. Fashion helps us to enjoy crispy air and bright skies of the fall and chilly days of winter, that's why coats are meant for keeping us warm during these cold time. My mission is to show you what kind of coats are in style this season.

Fall-Winter Coats For Women 2019

Let's start from capes. That's not a coat, yet it's an elegant and luxe option that can be used as an outerwear. What I love about capes, especially modern ones, is the look, that can be classy and trendy at the same time. Take a look at this white Burberry bell cape, it looks dressy and can be used as an evening outing. Take a closer look ar the mustard and checked capes, that can be easily adopted for every day wear. Regarding that burgundy Jason Wu cape, it can be used as for casual or as formal wear.

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Wool military coat by Balmain

You're in the army now. If you like masculine silhouettes, then this tough-luxe aesthetic Balmain's army-green mid-weight wool military coat is the must-have winter piece for you. This coat has wide collar, long sleeves and buttoned cuffs. This sharply tailored coat is a smart investment for cold season. Buy it here.

Wool military coat by Balmain 2019

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