Daniele Alessandrini Spring-Summer Menswear

Colorful & printful. New Daniele Alessandrini Spring-Summer menswear collection no doubt is energizing and full of color and sporadic prints. Lots of color blocking tones, stripes, stars. I most like floral print shorts suit, orange sweater and navy style suit. Overall, it's practical, boyish collection for the next warm season.

Daniele Alessandrini Spring-Summer Menswear 2019

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Ports 1961 Menswear Spring-Summer

Classic casual suits and geometry. Ports 1961 fashion house presented its new Spring-Summer menswear collection. Brand offers (as always) luxury ready-to-wear clothing with slim silhouettes and fitted designs. There are elongated double-breasted blazers and sleeveless trench coats, slim trousers and loose-fitting ones. What i like the best in men's collection is color: from white and beige to midnight blue.

Ports 1961 Menswear Spring-Summer 2019

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Men’s Clothing Spring-Summer Nicole Farhi

Classic Future Wardrobe. French designer Nicole Farhi presented men's clothing collection for upcoming Spring-Summer fashion season. For the next year she offers relaxed silhouettes, light colors of neutrals and whites with futuristic motif. I really like sweater-like jackets, fitted suits, casual jackets, trench coats, raincoats with hood, harnessed shirts, nylon polos, neoprene tops. All designs are made like a modern classic, that's why this collection looks like a classic man of tomorrow.

Men's Clothing Spring-Summer Nicole Farhi 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer Moschino

For the next Spring-Summer fashion season Moschino offers men's clothing inspired by movies of fifties, Elvis and Fronzie with a modern splash and appeal: jackets in baby blue suede, jackets in black leather, jean jackets, some Moschino shirts were accessorized with playing card motifs, printed trousers, rockabilly's cardigans, double-breasted and gold-buttoned blazers, some nice military sand jackets, blue Hawaii prints on jackets, shirts, and pants, cotton gabardine jackets, patent leather shoes, classic brogues. Moschino knows how to impress!

Menswear Spring-Summer Moschino 2019

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Canali Spring-Summer Menswear

Fitted India elegance by Canali. For the men's Spring-Summer fashion season Canali shows luxury modern elegance, which is inspired by a trip to India. Dusty rose tones, orange, pink, turquoise and emerald green colors. Silk blended blazers, casual jackets, velvet sport jackets, dusty rose tone-on-tone stripe suits, checked suits, seersucker suits, silk scarves, lightweight sweaters, canvas bags printed with an image of Ganesh, fitted trousers and delightful footwear. Every piece is so warm and light.

Canali Spring-Summer Menswear 2019

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John Richmond menswear Spring-Summer

John Richmond- the brand of rock 'n' roll. For the next Spring-Summer fashion season John Richmond offers Reggae and tribal influenced graphics on clothes. The hues of red, orange and shocking pink are used in this collection. Black leather shirts, sand-colored jackets, lightweight cardigans, tattoo motifs on shirts, jackets enriched with crystals, silk trousers, jeans, classic long shorts.

John Richmond menswear Spring-Summer 2019

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Versace Spring-Summer Menswear

Glamour Odyssey of Versace or back to the basics. Versace's Spring-Summer menswear fashion show was futuristic and gold. Fashion brand used designs from the old collections of the eighties. Bright colors like emerald green and golden yellow, vermilion, grass green, cobalt blue, hot pink, chrome yellow, bold hues and phenomenal prints. Knits with arms halved at the shoulder, classic double-breasted suits, deep necklines, buckle trimmed trousers, alluring leather and fantastic footwear like gladiators.

Versace Spring-Summer Menswear 2019

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Gucci menswear Spring-Summer

Sir Gucci in da house. Gucci's new men's collection Spring-Summer looks like glamorous British gentleman's club to me. Color palette is somber with a hint of cherry red. This perfect wardrobe is so classic and charm, take a look at these classic sharply tailored in houndstooth jackets, slim black trousers snapped at the ankle, blazers, collarless shirts, pleated pants, waterproofs as safari jackets, raincoats, black-trimmed trenches, leather jackets, sweaters, monochrome eveningwear, tapered trousers, grosgrain jackets paired with black-and-white plaid pants, leather loafers.

Gucci menswear Spring-Summer 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer by Etro

East meets West in Etro men's Spring-Summer fashion wear collection. Etro's collection has a fair amount of sea and sky blue, printed silk and chunky knits. The whole collection was infused with romance, great palette of prints, strong lines offered by tailored suiting, as well as colors for next spring. From wispy fabrics and structured jackets to a loafer for all occasions, sun hats mind-bending paisley shirts, searing yellow pants, long coats, shorts, huge floral scarfs with trailing fringes, galore suits and jackets, some suits were like pajamas.

Menswear Spring-Summer by Etro 2019

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D&G Spring-Summer Menswear

D&G the printed silk . Silk fabrics, denim and relaxed silhouettes can be seen in Men's D&G Spring-Summer fashion show. This show was full of blending the luxurious fabric youthful attire, printed silk, relaxed silhouettes with flair, effortless jackets and casual ones, some really nice jeans, loosely button shirts, linen shorts, cardigans, bombers, trousers, denim waistbands were attached to the top of many of flowing pants, foulard-printed swim trunks, panamas, suede moccasins in a variety of colors. Altogether, D&G show was colorful, juicy and casual.

D&G Spring-Summer Menswear 2019

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