Menswear Essentials in SABA Summer Lookbook

Let's have a look at Australian fashion brand SABA latest summer menswear lookbook which features men's everyday essentials made of lightweight fabrics. I love the style of this menswear line's catalogue, as you can see here are presented gentleman's clean and relaxed silhouettes with minimalist approach. It looks like the sport style is mixed with structured and tailored fashion.

Male model Henry Barnacle appears in pastel shades and essential menswear items. I personally like that modern simplicity which features each item, kind of magic and effortless touch.

Menswear Essentials in SABA Summer Lookbook 2019
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Colorful Clothing in Lazy Oaf Men’s Winter Lookbook

What would be your emotions to see boys and men wearing the latest Lazy Oaf winter collection's garments, well my might be like quirky, playful and fun. Indeed, UK based clothing brand Lazy Oaf comes with its amazing and colorful menswear collection which is meant for this winter wear. Lazy Oaf taps two musician brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei of The Bots. They look cool and modern wearing this season's layered and cozy looks including hoodies, youthful tees, jackets and other fun pop graphic print goodies.

Colorful Clothing in Lazy Oaf Men’s Winter Lookbook 2019
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AG Jeans Fall-Winter Sophisticated Men’s Lookbook

Urban Boy gets Sophisticated. Please welcome, AG Jeans Autumn-Winter menswear lookbook. Three words come in every man's mind, when he looks at these gorgeous images: Sophisticated, Classic and Chic. Every word is true, just take a look at these urban outfits, feels like a city walker style. Every piece is made with meaning, no model is "over done." These jeans are made for a man, who is self confident and he always knows what he likes and what he wants. The main target group of AG Jeans is a young and successful businessman or lawyer.

AG Jeans Fall-Winter Sophisticated Men's Lookbook 2019
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