Sporty Grunge Menswear Looks in PHIRE WIRE Spring-Summer

I haven't found any information about Phire Wire brand, but I want to share with you its Spring-Summer season's collection which was presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. The overall mood is relaxed, casual and sporty. The color palette consists of black and navy hues. I personally feel kind of sporty modern grunge, which makes the following menswear outfits look special.

Sporty Grunge Menswear Looks in PHIRE WIRE Spring-Summer 2019

The tattooed male model appears on the catwalk wearing a loose-fit t-shirt and cropped wide-leg pants, all in black.

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Runway Show: Miharayasuhiro Spring-Summer Streetwear Men’s Clothing

Miharayasuhiro presented its spring-summer runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Label's designer Mihara called this collection "Phoenix" and it's not without purpose, as he has been sensitive to the 2012's Japan earthquake and tsunami, that's why it's kind of phonix spirit which will help his country to rise from the ashes. New collection comes with blue colors which dominated the show, while models appeared in lightweight jackets, sukumo jackets, flannel shorts, printed sweatshirts, intricate feather prints. All in all, collection is about streetwear streamlined and comfortable looks.

Runway Show: Miharayasuhiro Spring-Summer Streetwear Men's Clothing 2019

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Trench Coats for Men

Trench coats look astonishing on men. It's stylish outerwear which keeps warm in cold weathers. Originally, trench coats considered to be waterproof, nowadays, they are made of different warmth materials. Mostly trench coats are long coats, but now they vary from mid length to knee length. Usually trench coats have one column or two button and they appear to be double breasted having high collar or even hood. As I told you before, trench coats are made of waterproof materials, but there are wool, cashmere, cotton, nylon and sometimes they can be mixed in different materials. They look perfect on men, so you can wear them like an everyday outerwear.

Trench Coats for Men 2019

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Pea Coats for Men

I guess everyone knows what pea coats are. This outerwear is very unique for its style. Pea Coats origin comes from the Navy's. This type of jacket was made for them for sailing, as it's warm and comfortable. Nowadays, pea coats are used as an everyday fashion outerwear, which looks stylish and handsome on every man. Most of pea coats are double breasted with two rows of buttons (2 columns).

Pea Coats for Men 2019

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Bomber Jackets for Men

Bomber jackets are comfortable and best for men who like size fitting outerwear. Bomber jackets were designed for plane pilots who were flying in cold weather during 1st and 2nd world war. No surprise, that after war, these jackets became popular and fashionable.

Bomber Jackets for Men 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer by Burberry Prorsum

That's for a cool weather! For the next Spring-Summer fashion season Burberry Prorsum offers wide range of men's outerwear, like oversize parkas, trench coats, coats, knitted jackets, leather coats. I like prints and colors, sweaters with zig zag print, vintage cut tops, knitted cardigans, denim jackets, tam hats (hats with bobbles), skinny pants, brogues, oversize bags.

Menswear Spring-Summer by Burberry Prorsum 2019

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Men’s Clothing Spring-Summer by Jil Sander

PVC Clothing 2012. Jil Sanders's Spring-Summer collection consists of minimal silhouettes, easy knits, shorting ensembles, strong prints and shapes, a dark color palette. I like PVC outerwear, knitted sweaters, high-waisted shorts, trench coats, velvet jackets, patent jackets. There are interesting accessories that were marked by the reptile, but i find them too girlish.

Men's Clothing Spring-Summer by Jil Sander 2019

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Men’s Clothing Spring-Summer by Costume National Homme

It's Rock ‘n’ Roll baby! Next Spring-Summer season Costume National Homme offers classic approach for a sharp yet youthful designs. Costume National Homme used black and gray with a hot streak of red colors. The mix of casual and luxe, relaxed tailoring, squared prints, modern tuxedo and motorcycle jackets, cropped biker jackets, loose-fitting trousers, suits with skinny pants, hot red outerwear, ties with polka dots, grey trench coats, two tone leather brogues, embellished with sequins brogues.

Men's Clothing Spring-Summer by Costume National Homme 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer by Corneliani

At Milan's Fashion Week Corneliani an Italian clothing manufacturer showed its new Spring-Summer collection for men. This brand is best known for its suits and sportcoats and this time uniform of a safari ranger was his main inspiration. Desert colors, like white, grey and khaki, lightweight cotton suits, loose-fitting trousers of cascading fabrics, linen shorts, trench coats, loose-fitting biker jackets, classic suits, utilitarian safari jackets, linen scarves, fedora hats, desert boots, leather goods.

Menswear Spring-Summer by Corneliani 2019

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