ADAX Men’s Bags For Fall-Winter Season

This time I want to make a review of men's ADAX bags for the upcoming Autumn-Winter season wear. You are about to see a great selection of modern and qualitative briefcases, bags, wallets, iPad and Tablet carriers, shoulder and duffle bags, postman and messenger styles, modern businessman briefcases, laptop carriers and iPhone cases. What I find really amazing in these creations, then it's the quality and unique look, which makes every piece look bold, strong and really masculine. Another thing which I find amazing it's the practical and functional side, which make it perfect for work and study carrying. So, it's up to you what are you going to choose, it can be either cool cross-over bag with a great space for your everyday essentials or a practical briefcase, where you can put your laptop and urgent documents. There are beautiful traveling updates, which come in amazing quality and easy to wear style.

ADAX Men's Bags For Fall-Winter Season 2019

Here we see a black laptop carrier which is ideal for working routine days.

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BRAX Fall-Winter Men’s Bags

This time I want to draw your attention to the upcoming Autumn-Winter season men's leather goods made by renowned German brand BRAX. You are about to see medium slim briefcases and flight bags. Each piece looks qualitative and practical. I personally love the briefcases, as each of them looks masculine and very businesslike. If you want a confident and sophisticated look, then I advice you to take a closer look at these men's accessories:

BRAX Fall-Winter Men's Bags 2019

Medium slim briefcase.

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Men’s alternative to bags: Folios for men as an accessory trend

Fashion Never Stops! As you all know my darling fashion is like a speed of sound, it never stops and develops. Today's topic is menswear fashion evolution, that borrows fashion elements from women's and ladies wardrobe. We will talk about bags which firstly were meant for women and now many designers offer these accessories to men. Designers say that thanks to these "new" accessories many men will look sharp, polished and relevant (sound ridiculous to me).

Men's alternative to bags: Folios for men as an accessory trend 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta show at Milan Fashion week was totally superb. Men's Spring-Summer season is full of vibrant colors! Overprinted seersuckers, shirt checks, stripes, printed Japanese denim, prints are delightful. The palette is quiet and warm, starting from dark shades, chocolate, indigo, blue and ending with light colors like Sahara, beige. For the summer season brand offers a wide range of cardigans, rectangular-neck sweaters, casual jackets, biker jackets and pants. I like the design of suits, they are narrow, neat, close to the body streamlined with tapered pants, fitted sleeves, narrow shoulders and a band or mandarin collar. Every suit was buttoned all the way up to neck. Oh, and those multi-functional vintage leather bags look comfortably against the body.

Menswear Spring-Summer by Bottega Veneta 2019

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