GTO LONDON Accessories: Steel Collection

Keep on rollin baby, you know what time it is (Limp Bizkit - Rollin'). Today I want to share with you this awesome new diffusion accessories line from GTO London, named Steel. The new range of men's accessories includes cufflinks in the forms of classic motor cars components, including Real Ferrari Metal cufflinks (RFM), wheels, steering wheels and emblems. That's a real taste of luxury based on classic car designs. As you can see, each piece has its individual features which are inspired by the good, old vintage cars and famous drivers. Let's see the detailed view of these awesome gentlemen's handcrafted cufflinks:

GTO LONDON Accessories: Steel Collection 2019
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KRISVANASSCHE Fall-Winter Accessories Collection For Men

Here is a fresh look into Krisvanassche's Autumn-Winter accessories collection, which comes with lots of men's necessary items, that include men's scarves, ties, rings, bags, tote-bags, rucksacks and sport style bags. Every piece looks qualitative and it seems to me that all these accessories are made of high quality fabrics. I would love to have one of these bags.

KRISVANASSCHE Fall-Winter Accessories Collection For Men 2019

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Davidelfin Fall-Winter Accessories

White on White. In my previous post I shared with you Davidelfin Autumn-Winter collection's runway images, this time you will see the beauty of brand's accessories. Let's start from the bags, these great handbags were made by Pelayo Díaz. Every model has special design, that can be worn in different ways, thanks to the handles position. Then, please take a closer look at the belts and chokers, love the plastic buckle. It's very interesting to observe influence of men's clothing, like business suits and shirts in moden lady's outfits.

As I already mentioned in my previous post, love the red roses at the neck. Look at these white shoes (women's high heels and men's classic shoes), so alluring and classic.

Davidelfin Fall-Winter Accessories 2019
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Givenchy Pre-Autumn-Winter Men’s Accessories

Bold, Edgy, Luxurious with a touch of Sophistication. Please welcome, Givenchy's men's pre-fall-winter accessories collection. These pieces are ready to hit the streets of your city. Riccardo Tisci has perfectly matched all the things here, as he introduced zipped clutches, braided leather ankle boots, printed scarves, cool backpacks, white leather and black lace derby dress shoes for nght outs, zipped totes, long wallets with bulls eye print, Tyson sneakers, skate shoes with diagonal woven leather and silver, gun metal and gold horn cuff links. Basically, Givenchy men's pre-fall collection mixes urban vibe with regained formality, offering more rigorous line up. I tell you honestly, I felt in love with these items from the first sight, just take a look at the key motifs of the collection: stripes, stars, metallic studs, Madonna, checks plaid prints and Rottweiler.

Givenchy Pre-Autumn-Winter Men’s Accessories 2019

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Men’s alternative to bags: Folios for men as an accessory trend

Fashion Never Stops! As you all know my darling fashion is like a speed of sound, it never stops and develops. Today's topic is menswear fashion evolution, that borrows fashion elements from women's and ladies wardrobe. We will talk about bags which firstly were meant for women and now many designers offer these accessories to men. Designers say that thanks to these "new" accessories many men will look sharp, polished and relevant (sound ridiculous to me).

Men's alternative to bags: Folios for men as an accessory trend 2019

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Men’s Accessories in Givenchy pre-fall Collection

Not so long time ago I shared with you Givenchy pre-fall menswear collection (here is the link) and today, I'd like to share with you its accessory lookbook, which includes fashion house favorites: Doberman, Scottish checks, stars and large labels. All these chic additions can be seen in Givenchy's autumn-winter accessory pre-collection: wallets, bags, rucksacks and shawls.

Men's Accessories in Givenchy pre-fall Collection 2019

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Men’s Accessories in Tod’s Fall-Winter Collection

Italian Leather Pieces. Yes, please meet, made in Italy, Tod's Autumn-Winter collection of men's leather goods. If you are in love with classics, then I really advise you to look at these formal shoes with amazing detailing such as lace-clasps and rubber tread soles. My favorite piece here is that Tod’s Double Stripe leather bag, offered in two styles: the zip shopping bag and the travel bag.

Men's Accessories in Tod's Fall-Winter Collection 2019

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Men’s Accessories by David Yurman

I went to the woods. Male model Ben Hill goes wild and explores nature in David Yurman’s Winter campaign. New catalogue was inspired by American naturalist Henry David Thoreau. Ben is captured in wild nature, he appears in label's stated accessories: watch, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Men's Accessories by David Yurman 2019

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