Office-Appropriate Bun Hairstyles

Today, I want you to have a look at some of the best office-appropriate bun hairstyles to try on this year. If you have long locks then you sometimes may have problem styling it in a proper way. Keep it simple and go for a cute, sweet bun that will make you look ladylike and elegant. I have been inspired by some of the latest style trends. So, I want you to take a look and make your choice. If you need an easy hairstyle for the office, then try one of the following ideas down below and let me know what suits you the best. Check out these pretty and professional styles that are perfect for any workplace.

Office-Appropriate Bun Hairstyles 2019

This Braided Bun with back hair is an ideal look for very long locks. I love the way back hair looks with this low bun.

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Top 10 Work-Appropriate Short Haircuts

If you feel boring at work, then you might need something to change your look, right? I am here to show you my personal top 10 work-appropriate short haircuts to try on this year. I found professional looks which are perfect for different workplaces, starting from pr agencies to banks and big companies. Each one of the presented looks will surely make you look smart and trendy. I am 100% sure all these styles will ideally fit you, no matter if you have an oval, round, heart or diamond face shape. Anyway, let's have a closer view at some of the best work hair ideas and tips:

Top 10 Work-Appropriate Short Haircuts 2019
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Trendy Bob Haircuts

No matter what new haircut ideas we've got this year, but it's obvious, bobs are making a comeback in a big way. The following collection consists of fashionable new ideas for those women who are still thinking of making this cut. Before making any decision, keep in mind one thing - this look has so many style varieties that you can choose, no matter if you are getting ready for work, party or any other formal and smart-casual event. Another thing is the versatility, which makes this look flatter anyone with any face shape. Get ready for an awesome inspiration:

Trendy Bob Haircuts 2019

If you are one of those ladies who always wants to try something creative and casual, then go for this messy, blonde bob.

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Hipster Topknot Bun Hairstyles

It's an official hipsters hairstyle. Let's have a look at this cute hairstyle which is every hipster girl must have, yes, I am talking about top knots and top buns. This features a bundle of hair wound into place on the top of your head. It's quite an easy hairdo for anyone, but you should have at least shoulder-length hair to make this look it happen. There are numerous of great versions, starting from simple, sleek, easy and messy ones to braided and pigtail top knots. The easy wearing makes you look flawless. It's the best way to show off your cheekbones.

Hipster Topknot Bun Hairstyles 2019

You can add a casual vibe by making this messy top knot. I love the way it's gathered into messy bun.

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Women’s Modern Punk Style

Let's speak about modern punk style for this season. Today's modern punk is a combination of something traditional with modern fashion world trends. We see popular branded clothing and accessories which are mixed up with casual and punk inspired clothing. Of course, this kind of apparel is meant for individualist people, who love punk fashion, lifestyle and music. This fashion is very alive and I see, that many brands provide great pieces, which can be updated with grungy, edgy, and often glamorous apparel, by sticking with the basics — leather, plaid, heavy-metal embellishments. Many designers offer us DIY inspired looks, which ideally fit punk vibes. Taking cues from the snaps, I'd like to share with you my personal forecasting for next season.

Women's Modern Punk Style 2019

Plaids are for grunge and punk culture. Keep plaids oversized and try on plaid top which can be paired with ripped boyfriends, pointed toe heels and Louis Vuitton suitcase.

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Men’s Dapper Style Looks

Keeping it masculine and beautiful. In today's post I want to talk about real men style tips, in other words, I am going to share with you my personal favorites from men's dapper style looks. This style formerly meant to be a gentleman who looks incredibly smart, stylish and sophisticated. If you are reading this, then I might think that you want to achieve the following look in your daily life, at work or special occasions, am I right? I bet I am. So, if you want to get this look, then you can clap your hands, as it's quite simple and not expensive at all. Of course there are several details, which are essential in every dapper's look, so you just have to follow them, but it's not hard at all. First of all, remember to combine elements from 40s, 50s, 60s eras with modern approaches.

Men's Dapper Style Looks 2019

Here we see some essential details of real dapper man. As you can see, there can be nice watches, beautifully colored suits and crispy white shirts. Start with the shoes: pair oxfords, derby shoes or loafers. Keep in mind that it's better to buy leather and waterproof models. Those guys who want sportier look, then I suggest to try military inspired chukka boots. Wear footwear with bright men patterned socks to add a little style and color. Buy yourself a nice suit, which will underline your silhouette. Use pocket squares showing off your individuality. You can always move to jeans, but keep an eye on slim fit in dark washes, get them tailored with blazers and suit coats. Don't forget to buy a nice collection of button up shirts. So, these are real basics, which for sure will help you this year.

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Spring-Summer Clothing Inspiration For Women

As the spring-summer fashion shows have ended up I think it's the right time to see all those fabulous trends and clothing inspiration ideas. All the presented styles are easy to wear and can be worn in your everyday lives. The following collection consists of seventy one (71) looks, featuring various details, colors and prints. I have underlined and pointed out my favorite creations. The presented images feature most memorable looks with clearly stand-out trends. You are about to see drastically different options, starting from classic styles to modern, loose-fit essentials. Here we see easy to style separates, floral and tree prints, relaxed shapes and outstanding, gorgeous details. Most of these outfits are great for wearing in the streets or special occasions. So, what are you waiting for? Let's spot the best looks from the lookbooks.

Spring-Summer Clothing Inspiration For Women 2019

How about wearing Tomboy sports looks. Here we see model wearing tailored bomber, loose-fit white top and slim-fit trousers.

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What to Wear With a Fedora Hat

When I think of women wearing fedora hat I imagine classy, stylish and sophisticated looks, which are ideal for professional, office ladies, creative fashion bloggers, trendsetters and Tomboy lovers. This headwear is a very popular accessory, which makes its wearer stand out from the crowd. It can be matched with pretty chic separates, including statement outerwear, long tunics, skinnies/ black leggings and a pair of stilettos. If we talk about summer wardrobe looks, then you can try on fresh update, which can feature of light tank, denim shorts, flat sandals and a low-key simple straw fedora. There are plenty of other styles, which include feminine touches, like skirts, strappy heels, ruched or ruffled blouses and other elegant pieces to match your neutral colored hat. Many celebrities, like Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham were spotted wearing this headwear in the streets. I personally like the hats which come in basic neutral colors, as they can match perfectly with any outfit, starting from classy to sport styles. But it's important to experiment with this headwear, that's why I have chosen the following Polyvore combinations to give you some clues:

What to Wear With a Fedora Hat 2019
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Women’s Hipster Clothing Sets

In today's post I tried to include possible women's hipster clothing sets for the next year. You are about to see hipsters modern street style looks, which are easy-to-style and can easily update your wardrobe. The presented Polyvore compilation includes vintage, simple casual, totally black outfits, which are comfortable, functional and perfect for street wear. I personally like these garments for the touches of hippie, grunge and bohemian subculture. Most of the showcased looks feature skinny jeans, yet it's okay to dress boyfriends now. While, my favorite attribute of this style are ironic eyewear, which can be either oversized plastic framed glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, or authentic Wayfarers in all possible colors. Anyway, let's have a look my favorite wardrobe combinations:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2019

Keep it simple and try on pale pink pullover which can be worn with cut-offs, lace-up combat boots and bright nail colors.

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Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50

We have already spoke about formal apparel for women over 50 and today I want to show you best everyday clothing ideas for women over fifty. The first rule is to let go of baggy garments which weigh you down. Indeed, try to buy apparel which makes you look fresh and cute, like fitted and bright color tops, as well as adding bright accessories with sparkling details. Never wear drab and boring looks, it's better to try on flattering and slim-fit styles. I personally advice you to accentuate your natural curves and purchase slimming garments. Well, talking about shapeless tops, boxy sweaters, roomy blouses and outerwear, then, everything depends on your shape and personal tastes, since most of these styles are more suitable for younger generation. Anyway, you can always try on wrap blouse to add an edgy appearance. Look for patterned knits in cashmere, mohair and rich yarn. Some women go for long, elongated cardigans, which add that special layering effect to your overall look. The most important thing in 50's women wardrobe is to choose ageless spirit, which will make you look 10 years younger. That's why I have made this awesome Polyvore compilation of sophisticated and trendy clothing sets:

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 2019

How about slim fit jeans, lace blouse (or you can try on white turtleneck), double-breasted tailored jacket and high boots.

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