Tropical Vacation Essentials For Women

It's time to plan your next tropical vacation! In today's article, we are going to speak about my favorite tropical vacation outfit ideas for women that are easy to copy in real life. If you love to search and plan your outfits for trips, then I am sure you gonna find lots of inspiring ideas in this blog post. You do have to constantly search for new looks in online retailers, in order to find something that really fits you like a glove.

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How to Wear a Jumpsuit Like a Style Icon: Try This Trend Now

With so much occupying our attention come summer—vacations to plan, money moves to make, and poolside pics to 'gram—you've got to plan your wardrobe strategically. The spring 2018 runways, from Dior to Tibi, recognized this and offered plenty of inspiration for wearing one of the easiest, no-nonsense silhouettes known to fashion-kind: the jumpsuit. Like it or not, but this one-piece garment is going to make you look very special this year.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit Like a Style Icon: Try This Trend Now 2019

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Markus Lupfer Fall-Winter Preppy, Sporty And Sweet

German-born, London-based designer Markus Lupfer presents an awesome Autumn-Winter womenswear collection. The lookbook reminds me of a dark fairy-tale combined with relevant street-touched sportiness. I kind of like designer's whimsical aesthetic that makes every look so special. Fashion model poses in graphic-print skater dresses, bejeweled floral jacquard frocks, sparkly holographic skirts, bombers, mock-turtlenecks, parkas, fine-gauge knitwear, V-neck tank dresses, romper suits, floral jacquard boyish tailored pants etc.

Markus Lupfer Fall-Winter Preppy, Sporty And Sweet 2019

Burgundy knitted pom-pom beanie looks awesome styled with white T-shirt in jacquard blue floral worn atop dark blue knitted long-sleeve top paired with shiny, silvery knee-length skirt and pretty dark red sneakers.

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Relaxed Printed Garments In Rodebjer Pre-Fall

Carin Rodebjer behind the namesake New York-based brand Rodebjer offers an Indian summery inspired pre-Fall season's collection of women's transitional lightweight loose-fit garments. The following lookbook features double-breasted mididresses, varsity jackets, wide-leg botanical culottes, little cinched-waist rompers, double-breasted jackets, great chiffon caftans, etc. We see creative prints and graphics, including Marimekko-esque jacquard and Liberty-style abstract florals. The versatility plays a consistent theme in this collection. You can try these urban and effortless designs for home-made evenings, street wear and special events.

Relaxed Printed Garments In Rodebjer Pre-Fall 2019

The following floral jacquard short sleeve double-breasted coat looks great with a simple grey T-shirt, vibrantly printed shortened trousers and black strappy wedge sandals.

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Trends: Bird Print Clothing For Women

Keep your heads up, as I want to share with you my favorite trend of the upcoming year. I am talking about bird print that quite frequently appears in women's modern clothing. Most of the presented outfits will suit summer season, but you can always team the following looks with cozy layers for a perfect transitional update. You are about to see sophisticated separates and dresses that can be used as a workwear and cocktail attire. The vibrant bird motifs include canneries, owls, Bohemian Waxwing, 2. Painted Bunting, Blue Jay, as well as many others. There are also pretty black birds silhouettes that make a sophisticated touch to its wearer. Speaking of clothing, then this trend can be seen everywhere, starting from rompers, ensembles to skirts, flowing blouses and bottoms. Would you wear this print in your everyday life? If yes, then I want to show you some pretty and feminine ideas of Polyvore sets that are ideal for you to think over your next purchase.

Trends: Bird Print Clothing For Women 2019

This outfit reminds me of a sweet hipster girl, who is cute and very feminine. We see a lightweight shirt in pale grey color with sweet colorful birds, pale pink denim shorts, lace-up white slip-ons and light brown handbag.

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Modern Grunge Styles For Women

Please welcome modern grunge style outfits for contemporary women. This movement is a combination of today's fashion and 1990's essentials. It's like mixing up all the innovations with cool plaid shirts, combat boots, slouchy backpacks and ripped denim, making its wearer look different and statement. If you are bold and outrageous person, then this trend is meant for you. The grunge hits back this season, offering creative, sub-genre looks, including glam, neo-, as well as indie. If you are tired of all those business style fashion garments and other glamor street looks, then it's time for changes. Speaking of must-have essentials, then keep in mind denims, which can be a vest, jacket, shorts, skinny or baggy jeans (they can be ripped, washed or worn-out), as well as leather fabric garments, which can be worn as a jacket, pants or dress. The grunge is more about slow and no heel boots, but for evening events there can be exclusions. Keep an eye on details. You can finish the look by adding edgy accessories. All in all, I bring you these easy fashion tips, which will make you look differently in the crowd.

Modern Grunge Styles For Women 2019

The flannel red shirt looks perfect worn with A-line black skirt and cool sneakers.

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Jumpsuits, Rompers & Playsuits Are In Style

In today's post I want to show you the best this year's jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers which come in short, long and mid silhouettes, chambray and silken fabrics, printed and color-blocked versions. I want to share with you several advices on how to wear and style these great essentials. Well, the first rule to follow, the it's if you will think over your overall outfit, then I can assure, you will get the best look ever. New season comes not only in classic designs, but also with wide-leg trousers, open backs, and other stunning experimental shapes and cuts. I personally like the relaxed silhouette designs, which can be styled with wide belts, cinched at the waist with skinny straps, etc. You can always choose the looks which are embellished with patch pockets or zips. Most of the showcased styles have a versatile look, so you can wear them at work or special cocktail parties. If you want to wear it for night-outs, then it's better to choose bright color details, like red belt or pink bag. For formal events and work it's better to style your onesie with tailored blazer or cropped jacket. For those ladies who want to add an elegant touch, then it's okay to update it with a silk, printed scarf, elegant bracelet and turquoise bag with chain handle. Here are collected the most popular looks for wearing next year.

Jumpsuits, Rompers & Playsuits Are In Style 2019

It's okay to choose the black suede strapless jumpsuit which can be worn with a gorgeous short, jacquard blazer.

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Sea Spring-Summer Casual and Polished Ready-to-Wear Looks

Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini behind Sea present their brand's Sea Spring-Summer season's ready to wear collection, which is full of casual and polished looks. The new season comes with easy and laid-back style garments, which remind me of hippie hipster inspired outfits. The summer season with a mix of of fabrics, prints and silhouettes, offering its clients wide range of sunny weekend looks. The model sports denim shorts-jumpsuits, overall-dresses, chambray loose-fit ensembles, loose-fit pea-coats, khaki A-line, below-the-knee skirts, fresh and bright blue colored tops and light beige coats. It's no wonder that denim is the best selling items these years, that's why designers offered so many awesome looks to try on this spring. I personally love the way designers experimented with patterns, combining different fabrics and prints. You are going to find here antique paisley and tapestry prints. All in all, it's very strong, sophisticated and well designed collection.

Sea Spring-Summer Casual and Polished Ready-to-Wear Looks 2019

Here we see model standing in a baggy jeans romper with cuffed shorts. It has a workwear appeal, which makes it look special and casual.

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Penny Sage “The Painted Desert” Summer Collection

Here we see this Spring-Summer season's collection from Penny Sage. As you can see this warm time of year comes with beautiful and natural fabrics, including painterly floral silk and linen. The color palette features pale yellow, gray green, cream, black, white, emerald, burgundy, chambray and maroon. "The Painted Desert" collection is inspired by the moody music of Nick Cave and a dreamy brand of American nostalgia. You are about to see classic pieces, including daywear dresses, kimono jackets, long loose-fit tunics, sheaths, plaid shirts, etc. Label's designer Kate Megaw was thinking about the mysterious and beautiful nature of deserts, her main inspiration comes from a promotional video of Arizona from the 1930s. All in all, this collection is dedicated to a mysterious and sophisticated woman.

Penny Sage "The Painted Desert" Summer  Collection 2019

Here we see model wearing Van Lear Rose bustier and Henry Lee shorts.

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Penny Sage “To The Wonder” Fall-Winter Feminine Collection

In today's post I'd like to review this Autumn-Winter season's collection from Penny Sage, which is entitled "To The Wonder." I simply felt in love with the presented looks. Kate Megaw behind New Zealand based clothing brand offers awesome and practical separates, including fitted cotton shirts, comfy trousers with drawstring waists, feminine ensembles, classic trench coats and contemporary look knitwear. Overall, we see a beautiful, wearable and on trend collection.

Penny Sage "To The Wonder" Fall-Winter Feminine Collection 2019

Model appears in a mannish style outfit, wearing Andesite shirt and Hibernation trousers.

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