Complot Autumn-Winter Lookbook For Women

Complot presented its new Autumn-Winter lookbook of women's colorful and I would say, youthful designs of chic wear. Everything looks bright and shiny. Just take a look at this aggressive girl Charlotte Free, she has so much passion in her eyes. All images have energy inside. I'd like to try on these printed tees (my favorite one is with a face of tiger), long black chiffon skirts and polka dot pantyhose. Overall, collection reminds me years of hard rock and punk culture, how about you? What's your favorite piece?

Complot Autumn-Winter Lookbook For Women 2019
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Top 5 Long Skirts from H&M

Gypsy style becomes popular nowadays. Remember 1976, when Yves Saint Laurent presented his collection called Russian Gypsy, which was inspired by Ballets russes and Carmen dresses it contained wonderful pieces of skirts and dresses and fluttering. Today I would like to overview the best 5 long skirts from H&M, which remind me this stunned style called Gypsy!

Top 5 Long Skirts from H&M 2019

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