Long Hairstyles for Men

Go bold, sophisticated and extremely elegant with one of the following long hairstyles for men to wear this year. The long hair have been a symbol of a signature lifestyle. It's a mainstream look for skateboarders, surfers, celebrities, actors, rock stars and businessmen. This style can now be seen on professionals and models. If you thinking of trying out long locks, then I am here to help you to choose the appropriate look.

Long Hairstyles for Men 2019

Naturally brushed back hair with a beard is a perfect choice that will surely make you look masculine.

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Creative Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer Runway

I'd like to present you Zareena spring-summer season's runway show which was presented at Fashion Fowrard Event at Dubai. The show featured models wearing creative slicked up hairstyles with braids and buns. Every single look is creative and extremely sophisticated. The style reminds me of a braided stand up ponytails. Every model appears on the catwalk in slightly bronzed and dewy skin with beautiful shades with no speck of shimmer. Most of models feature oval and long faces, where the eye make up comes with long eyeliners and natural, soft angled brows. The lips are colored in bronze hue, making each lady look extravagant and timelessly luxurious.

Creative Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer Runway 2019

Here we see a beautiful oval face shape model with soft angled eyebrows, long eyeliner, bronzed, dewy skin and bronzed lips.

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Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair can look chic and glamor, that's why keep attention on how you are styling it, as you can always try a laid-back style, which is perfect for those who love simple and clean lines. Today, I am going to share with you some beautiful and easy hairstyles for everyday wear. These images will for sure help you to make unique looks in several minutes that will look perfect all day long. Anyway, let's start our little trip into this amazing world of glamor and everyday looks. Let's see some samples of styles that feature ponytail. Some ladies love wearing a low tail, that is quite simple to be made and it really look perfect.

Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019
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Long Hairstyles For Prom

Make it avant-garde, elegant, classic or edgy rock and roll. Today we are going to observe some of the best long hairstyles for prom that can be be tried this season. It's no secret, that any girl wants to look special and individual during the official part of the graduation, as well as during the unofficial prom night. Let's get ready for this great day and night event, as I want to share with you some of the best long hairstyles for the year. The Best Fashion Blog has some really impressive styling ideas.

Long Hairstyles For Prom 2019
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Awesome Long Hairstyles For Women

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite hairstyles for long hair. All the images come from the latest collections' backstage, so every hairstyle which is showcased in this post is ideal for the this season. For some girls long hair is like a treasure, as it shows your health and awesome appearance. As you can see from the images below, you can make your hair wild, loose waves, braided styles, voluminous and loose waves styles, some of the hairstyles remind me of 1980's My favorite one is hairdo with braids. I honestly believe that these hair inspirations will help you to choose the appropriate long hairstyle for this year.

Awesome Long Hairstyles For Women 2019
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Long Wavy Hairstyle Ideas For Women

Wavy Style. Today I will share with you some images of the hottest women’s wavy hairstyles. Long locks will suit you for sure. Wavy hair can be styled so that it looks casual and glamorous. Long wavy hair styles look perfect as old Hollywood, every style looks different. These styles are suitable for most of haircuts and look perfect for any occasion. To make your hair look preppy you have to dry it using round brush so that your hair will volume, creating perfect waves with large barrel curling iron or flat iron. And then there are two ways how to style it: for daytime look and for evening look.

Long Wavy Hairstyle Ideas For Women 2019

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Women Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair

Workdays Hairstyle. So, you have long hair, right? Long hairstyles are ideal for every day without much effort styling it. One thing I know for sure, if you have long hair, then it’s necessary to look after it, to keep it alive. I think the best thing to stick to, keeping your long hair to look great is resisting the urge to fight your hair texture, that’s the biggest secret so far, it will help your hair to be in shape and be healthy.

Women Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019
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Celebrity Up & Voluminous Hairstyles

Get crazy with up & voluminous. It looks like celebrities hit new heights, as they appear on red carpets with fresh and chic hairstyles. Take a look how they played with textures, volume and styles. For example, there were celebrities, who donned faux-bobs and half-up styles. Take a look at Jenny McCarthy and P!ink and their hot blonde hairstyles: crazy quiffs, sleeked-up sides. Simple, yet looks astonishing. If you’d like to showcase your femininity and play with your hair length, then I advise you to switch from punk glamour to half updo style thanks to volume or chic faux bob, you will look classy!

Celebrity Up & Voluminous Hairstyles 2019

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1960s bouffant hairstyles for women

60’s inspired bouffant hairdo. Today, I’d like to share with you some vintage inspired hairstyles, this time it’s bouffant (where hair piled high on head). It’s classic and looks perfect when hair hangs down on the sides. Let me tell you more about this hairstyle, so it was popularized by Jackie Kennedy and then by Hollywood. It was a mainstream hairstyle, it best suits those who have thin hair.

1960s bouffant hairstyles for women 2019

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