Les Copains Fall-Winter Luxury Knitwear

Luxury knitwear brand Les Copains revealed its Autumn-Winter collection's runway show which was full of beautiful outfits. Models appeared on the catwalk wearing puffy grey Christmas sweaters, metallic jackets, fuzzy striped dresses, dusty floral mini-dresses, chunky sweaters with bows and ruffles, track pants and shaggy coats. Graeme Black behind the main line gives us eye-catching pieces, with hipster, traditional and trendy touches. The prints are restrained and elegant, featuring polka dots, chevron, stripes, hearts, butterflies, houndstooth, flowers. While the color palette is meek and consists of black, mauve, white, gray looks. I love the high quality of the presented fabrics, which includes angora, mohair and cashmere. I would say it's a great mix of sporty silhouettes with classic femininity.

Les Copains Fall-Winter Luxury Knitwear 2019
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