Pants Fashion Guide Find Your Favorite Style

In today's blog post I decided to show you the amazing pants every woman should own this year. Even if you're not a self-proclaimed "pants" girl, having these essential styles in your wardrobe will ensure that when you do skip the skirt, you'll be comfortable and look fabulous. Not sure how to wear them? Consult our guide to the shoes every woman should own and you're halfway there. Anyway, it's time to find out how and with what to wear new pants.

Pants Fashion Guide Find Your Favorite Style 2019

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How To Wear Leggings With Dresses

Before we move on and talk about possible ways of wearing leggings with dresses I want to ask myself: why do women wear leggings under the dress? There are several worth reasons: first of all, they wear it because sometimes ensemble isn't long enough, secondly, some women feel themselves like being in a kind of camouflage while wearing these bottom, as they do not want to show off their fat legs, some women want to wear sandals, but they have some troubles with skin, so they prefer to keep their skin covered, while other ladies are afraid their underwear might be seen. Most of women fear of something, that's why they use this bottom as a kind of protection. The majority of women like wearing short dresses which are perfect for elongating your legs, that's why petite girls love sporting this kind of combination, as they automatically looking higher. One of the important rules is to keep your look simple. You can try something shorter than you might usually wear; leggings are more practical, functional and breathable. Anyway, let's have a look at some of the basic style combinations, which will make you looking great.

How To Wear Leggings With Dresses 2019

Here we see a preppy look, which features black wool beanie, turtleneck dress, double-breasted dark camel coat, black bottoms and camel wedge boots. If you want to finish this look, then I advice to add shearling gloves and shoulder leather handbag.

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Style Tips For Wearing Leggings Under A Dress

If you ask me why women wear leggings under the dress, then I would definitely say: "because sometimes the dress isn't long enough to cover the bottom." Honestly there are lots of reasons that make women and ladies to wear this kind of combination: because of problems with legs (leggings are camouflage), this kind of wear is more versatile than tights, etc. Not every woman understands how to wear this combination, that's why I want to share with you best style tips. This kind of outfit has a layered look, which makes you fashionable and allows you mix and match different separates. I personally find it amazing, when girls combine summer short ensembles with cotton leggings. Thanks to wide range of fabrics, you can choose the best look for yourself.

Style Tips For Wearing Leggings Under A Dress 2019

If you love school inspired looks, then I advice to go for a ruffled black dress which can be teamed with the same color bottoms and pair it with studded boots, black leather rucksack and hipster glasses.

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What to Wear at Home?

As you all know, home is the place where we want to sit back and relax, to think about something sweet, deep and just to be ourselves. I say get rid of high heels, pantsuits, all those hairstyles and complexed make-up. Well, I do not say, that you should not look beautiful and perfect, yet I am saying to just keep calm. Usually, women try to wear everything that is quite old and lost its forms, like sweaters, jeans, loose fitted tees. I do not judge them, yet I have collected some principles that should be considered in your home wear dress code.

What to Wear at Home? 2019

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How to Wear Leggings Under a Dress

Today We will speak about how to wear leggings under the dress. No matter if you are trying to feel a bit warmer, or you simply want to wear shorter dress, I can tell you for sure it's useful to know how to wear leggings under a dress. What I like the most about this look is that it's fun, modern and casual.

How to Wear Leggings Under a Dress 2019

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How To Style: Sweatshirts For Spring-Summer

Oh, that Sporty Chic Style! I am so happy, that sweatshirts came back in fashion as a sporty chic style, as this sporty attire looks great when you wear it in the streets as a casual garment. This style can be used on Saturday's and Sunday's mornings while you are walking down the streets with your favorite coffee in your hands, or you just want to kill off your bad hangover. As for me, this piece looks like 'I don't care how I look' (but I know I am gorgeous). Today we will see all the possible variations how to style sweatshirts for this spring-summer season.

How To Style: Sweatshirts For Spring-Summer 2019

It feels like lots of designers get their inspiration from the streets and grad students, varsity jacket for instance, it was used only in universities and as a team-sports attire, now it can be found in every fashion clothing shop. Nowadays fashion paradox is the less you try the better you look. Let's grab our attention to the sweatshirt trend.

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Women’s Looks: Leggings – How to Wear?

How to wear Leggings. Today's, mission is to observe five easy stylish ways how to wear leggings this spring-summer season. May be it's still cold outside, but the spring is already can be felt. Leggings are so trendy, that its popularity is growing everywhere so fast, that's why so many girls and women try to style them with every possible garment. I will try my best to share with you some insights on current fashion trend. Here below you will find five different outfit styles and ideas on how to wear and how to style leggings this summer.

First option. Pastel colors. This season pastel colors continue to be trendy and this trend is easy to be opted, especially with leggings. Try to use turquoise, light coral, mint, beige, light blue and lavender with each other; as you can see in this image I combined beige leggings with coral sleeveless shirt. I finished this look with striped jacket, pumps or loafers, chic clutch and bright color accessories.

Women's Looks: Leggings - How to Wear? 2019

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1960’s Inspired Clothing in H&M Spring-Summer lookbook

Summer Vintage Glamour. H&M reveals its spring-summer lookbook entitled “Spring’s Key Pieces”. Fashion model Magdalena Frackowiak appears in 1960's inspired fashion looks: black leather biker jackets, body hugging mini skirts, fitted dresses, skinny cuts, graphic black and white prints, androgynous leather jackets, collared shirts, striped leggings and loose fitted knits. All in all, everything looks in vintage style way.

1960's Inspired Clothing in H&M Spring-Summer lookbook 2019
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1990’s Style in Shoop New World Collection

90's Styling. Fashion label Shoop reveals its latest collection of men's and women's clothing entitled 'New World'. This brand inspires by the streets life and music of the 1990's, take a look at these patterns prints and fabrics. New World Collection is inspired by music and looks of R&B’s trio, TLC and the hip-hop culture of the late 1990's and early 2000's. Here you will find sportswear clothing with sophisticated edge and urban influence. Everything looks comfortable, elegant. Love these leggings, tracksuits, sweatshirts and shirts. All in all, collection comes with simple patterns and unisex looks.

1990's Style in Shoop New World Collection 2019
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Retro Inspired Punks in Bershka Lookbook Fall-Winter

Retro Rocks. Spanish label Bershka offers dozens of new fashion ideas in its Autumn-Winter lookbook. Here you will find cozy, high quality and comfortable outerwear, like denim jackets, warm knits and faux fur; pay attention to tailored inspiration, which combines style and glamour. Models sport skirts, printed leggings, shorts, tees, ankle boots with rock chic attitude.

Retro Inspired Punks in Bershka Lookbook Fall-Winter 2019

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