Winter Leather Accessories In Hands of Oizo THE METAMORPHOSIS Collection

French leather accessories brand Hands Of Oizo presents its Autumn season collection of women's leather made accessories. Label's fashion designer Blandine Boudet has a unique view and approach to her designs. I am so in love with its sophisticated urban style and ladylike touches. The brand designs innovative and timelessly elegant tailor-made accessories for sophisticated women.

Winter Leather Accessories In Hands of Oizo THE METAMORPHOSIS Collection 2019

Carapace black handbag. An ideal design for cocktail parties.

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Fall Suede Addicted Looks For Women

Addicted to Suede. Let's face it, suede is one of our favorite fabrics this year. It's no wonder why so many designer brands are offering us suede garments in their Winter collections. The thing about suede is that it's so much more than just a fabric. This cowboy texture has an incredible ability to make us think of old times. It ideally suits almost any style, starting from retro to modern looks.

Fall Suede Addicted Looks For Women 2019

Burberry offers a belted suede coat. Love the relaxed fit of this cover-up.

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Bilam Bags: Hand Made Leather Man Bags

A family-run business fashion brand named Bilam presents their latest capsule collection named Maison Range. The line features hand-crafted accessories made of durable leather. The label's name comes from their slogan 'Bag It Like A Man' and consists of four cool color creations. It's an elegant take on the traditional postman's bag design. We see contemporary details, including adjustable straps, antique style buckles and fresh color range.

Bilam Bags: Hand Made Leather Man Bags 2019

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Women’s Leather Jackets

Women's Leather Jackets 2019

What is so special about leather jacket? This cover-up is a perfect choice for those women who look for functionality and timeless style. This leather jacket compilation is perfect for any season and I am sure, each one of the showcased designs will add some edge to your wardrobe. Today I bring you an awesome collection of leather jackets luxe range.

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Women’s Leather Coats

The transitional times between seasons can be annoying, the weather can change in a moment from warm into chilly. Here are shown women's leather coats ideal for this season. Thanks to this compilation you are going to have a great inspiration, as I am sharing only the best styles for your consideration.

Women's Leather Coats 2019

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Mödernaked Leather Cap Summer Collection “Sunshine in your head”

If you love enjoying your life and you want something unique and modern on your head, then I am more than happy to share with you this stunning collection of caps made by lifestyle and accessories Spanish brand Mödernaked. The label reveals its new leather cap collection campaign entitled "Sunshine in your head." What do I like in this brand? Every single creation from Mödernaked is handcrafted.

Mödernaked Leather Cap Summer Collection "Sunshine in your head" 2019

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Ucon Acrobatics Bags Collection

Just before this Christmas Ucon Acrobatics has launched an awesome bags collection for this year. Each creation is constructed from robust 16oz canvas and wool-felt fabric. The line is extended by two new backpacks, as well as new series of luxurious wallets that are crafted from premium leather. Looking through these images I can assure that each of these products is a high quality creation that looks and feels so must-have. I personally love the wallets and functional backpacks.

Ucon Acrobatics Bags Collection 2019

The canvas backpacks are multi functional as you can use them for different activities, starting from carrying all your essentials for work to picnic essentials.

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How To Combine Leopard Spots With Leather

Hey, Everyone! I am so happy to share with you this gorgeous trend which is a leopard print combined with leather. Don't try to keep things simple. Keep it bold, sophisticated and stunning. Actually, mixing this wild print with leather clothing can look extremely fresh, and elevate your look. If you want something street-style ready, then trust me, nothing will make you so eye-catching, than a styling of these two timeless trends. If you are a beginner, then start with simple options, which include less leopards and more leather (my favorite example is the leather dress cinched at the waist with a leopard belt). But, if you will take a look through this Polyvore collection, then you will notice an easy styling, which will always keep you noticed in the streets.

How To Combine Leopard Spots With Leather 2019

Here we see a pleated luxe material black and cream beige skirt styled with a wild printed front bow-tie blouse and black tailored jacket. If you want to finish the look, then add glossy, black pumps and classic handbag.

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Top 25 Women’s Gloves For Winter

Let's talk about gloves for women to try on this winter. This accessory is necessary for keeping your fingers and hands in a warm place, as well as for a statement making. There are so many styles to try on the upcoming cold season, that I simply loose my mind counting them. The following collection is divided into two parts, where the first part features elegant gloves and the other one comes with everyday essentials to wear at work. I love this year's extravagant minimalism, like those cool sporty, fingerless designs. But you can try on long, knitted versions which are ideal for styling with cozy down-coats or parkas. Anyway, I think it's better to review each pair so you can choose the ones which are ideal for you to try on this winter:

Top 25 Women's Gloves For Winter 2019

Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) offers studded leather gloves which are ideal for wearing with biker jackets.

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