Modern Sweaters And Knitwear For Women To Try Now

Time flies fast and the sweater weather is already upon us. Why don't you try on a cozy sweater this cold season? In today's article, I am about to show you many style options you can mix and match with your wardrobe basics. I am telling you, the showcased designs are ideal to be worn from fall, winter to early spring months. By the way, check out latest knitwear trends to try this year. As you can see, there are so many options to choose from. Plus, you are free to choose whatever accessories to complement the outfit. Anyway, check out this list of sweater combinations that are so must-try this year.

Modern Sweaters And Knitwear For Women To Try Now 2019

An oversized poncho-cardigan ideally matches these navy knitted wide-leg pants.

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The Best Knitwear Trends For Women

Cardigans, jumpers, turtleneck and poncho styles: fashion embraces soft materials like wool, mohair or cashmere. Knits for everyone and for all tastes. For 2018, we are giving you a selection of innovative knitwear trends and styles made of soft and warm fabrics that will keep you warm and trendy. Playing with proportions, hues and wool thickness, that’s the starting point. Some cutting-edge labels love asymmetry and fringe details, others focus on tradition, opting for refined hand-knitted pieces. Others propose all-knit looks to dress in soft wool from head to toe. One label comes with a 1970's inspired vibe, another is all about modern-folk geometric motifs. Try the psychedelic geometric patterns and neon hues, I am pretty sure you gonna like them.

The Best Knitwear Trends For Women 2019

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Get Creative With These Knitted Headwraps For Fall Made by EMMElab

Italian brand EMMElab reveals its stunning Autumn collection of women's knitted headwraps. Every single design is HAND made of high quality 100% extrafine Italian merino wool. Personally, I was impressed by the color palette, consisting of Bordeaux, blush, blue, beige, grey, bicolor, etc. There is no problem styling these hair accessories with your daily outfits.

Get Creative With These Knitted Headwraps For Fall Made by EMMElab 2019

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When Basics Are Your Besties. Cara LUISA Fall Knitwear

When your Bestie is KNITWEAR. Please welcome Cara LUISA brand. Designer Luisa Wagemann behind Cara LUISA is known for creating high-quality and exclusive knitwear and accessories for sensual women. Today, I want you to have a look at brand's latest Autumn season collection what comes with a distinctive and unique character. From now on, winter will be full of fun! Why? Cara LUISA's collection includes fine knitted scarves of Superkid Mohair and a wide selection of triangles and caps made out of soft Alpaca.

When Basics Are Your Besties. Cara LUISA Fall Knitwear 2019

We see a windowpane printed poncho what will ideally fit your everyday outfits.

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Jedi & Nomad Touches In Charlotte GG Harris (CGGH) Knitwear Fall Collection

Transformative, vibrant and hi-tech. Looking through knitwear Autumn season collection made by Charlotte Grace Georgina Harris (CGGH), I keep on thinking about Jedi clothes and nomad touches. I think every person will definitely find something unique and different in these looks. Her recent MA Fashion Womenswear graduation final collection 'Enhanced Space Suit Assembly' at the Royal College of Art comes with hi-tech fashion looks and athlete vibes. Transformability and functionality play major roles in her creations.

Jedi & Nomad Touches In Charlotte GG Harris (CGGH) Knitwear Fall Collection 2019

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Ksenia Seraya Fall Russian Knitwear Designer

Knitted Normcore Style. Please welcome Ksenia Seraya latest Autumn season collection of women's contemporary knitwear outfits. Russian knitwear designer manages create something new using electronic knitting machines in accordance with her own technology. The result is really unique and eye-catchy! This Winter season capsule collection is inspired by contemporary sculpture and features of 3D-printing technology.

Ksenia Seraya Fall Russian Knitwear Designer 2019

This outfit looks really modern. I like that biker style touches and asymmetric cuts what are seen in this wrap jacket. The matchy-match colors complete the look.

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My Favorite Knitwear Looks In Claudia Paz Fall Collection

It's preppy, elegant, ladylike and sweet! Please welcome Claudia Paz Autumn collection, what is full of beautiful and feminine knitwear designs. I tell you honestly, every single piece has that special spirit, what makes it look and feel unique! In today's post I am going to show you my favorite four looks from designer's Winter season collection. Looking through these styles, you automatically start to imagine classic and somewhat retro inspired outfits, but thanks to the avant-garde afflated Parisian touches, every garment appears to be sophisticated and modern. Designer's eponymous brand embraces a depth that takes you back to ori­gins. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these wonderful creations:

My Favorite Knitwear Looks In Claudia Paz Fall Collection 2019

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Hand-Knitted Sweaters By Anna Dudzinska

I've got only one word to describe latest knitwear collection made by Anna Dudzinska- AMAZING! Indeed, every piece from her collection has that special touch, what makes it look very unique and luxe. The collection's name is CONCRETE GREEN, and it consists of of hand-knitted sweaters made from pure wool, meaning you will never feel chilly during cold winter days and nights. Dudzinska is based in Poland. All her collections may be described as a street style avant-garde. Each piece is handmade of high quality woolen fabrics.

Hand-Knitted Sweaters By Anna Dudzinska 2019

How many likes for this fabulous pale blue sweater-dress with a high-neck? I LOVE IT!

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New Knitting Trends and Patterns for Fall

I'd like to know, where is the magic? We see awesome magic tricks from various designers, as they offer us marvelous knitwear must-haves to try on this Autumn season. You are about to view vintage nostalgia, asymmetrical cuts, relaxed fits, tunic and poncho shapes, bulky sweaters, sophisticated cape-sweaters, loose-fit cardigans, cool tops with dropped shoulders, oversized knits, eye-catching knit sets and many other must-try layers and separates. Stay on trend this fall, as I am here to show you some of the best looks to try that will keep you warm and voguish.

New Knitting Trends and Patterns for Fall 2019

James Hock reveals an exaggerated cozy sweater. An ideal piece for Lazy Sundays and casual walks in the parks.

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Voguish Printed Minions In Jessie Lecomte Fall-Winter

Please welcome Jessie Lecomte Fall season collection of women's high quality, ready to wear outfits. You are going to see a lot of knitwear creations, including marvelous sweaters, capes and dresses. Each garment is knitted with new techniques of jacquards, by mixing different stitches, colors and yarns (silk, mohair, elastic yarn, wool and cashmere) updated with leather lamb fringes, marabou feathers what are sewed and attached on the knitwear. Personally, I like the way Lecomte used the jacquard of a pineapple drawing which was transformed into a face with the leaves on the head, it reminds me of minion, looks cute. The color palette includes coral, scarlet red, midnight blue, black, tea green, orchid blue and it's inspired by birds, feathers and a mix of both African and Mexican cultures.

Voguish Printed Minions In Jessie Lecomte Fall-Winter 2019

Model appears in a super soft jacket of marabou feathers in coral red worn atop printed top styled with black pleated trousers.

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