Get Creative With These Knitted Headwraps For Fall Made by EMMElab

Italian brand EMMElab reveals its stunning Autumn collection of women's knitted headwraps. Every single design is HAND made of high quality 100% extrafine Italian merino wool. Personally, I was impressed by the color palette, consisting of Bordeaux, blush, blue, beige, grey, bicolor, etc. There is no problem styling these hair accessories with your daily outfits.

Get Creative With These Knitted Headwraps For Fall Made by EMMElab 2019

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Post Apocalyptic Elegance In A.F. Vandevorst Fall-Winter

My personal feeling about the latest A.F. Vandevorst Autumn-Winter collection is post apocalyptic elegance and chaotic wintry atmosphere. While the real inspiration comes from Peru, where An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx traveled not so long time ago. Both were inspired by condors, traditional dresses, ponchos and folklore. The silhouettes are long, lean and brooding. Love the viciously heeled, slouchy boots. Models appear in studio images wearing goth-style clothes black surgical (protective?) masks, chubby fur jackets, shaggy knits, etc. All in all, it's industrial, sophisticated and avante-garde detailed collection.

Post Apocalyptic Elegance In A.F. Vandevorst Fall-Winter 2019

Can't say why, but this suit has that special sporty touch that makes it look functional and athletic inspired. Love the tailored cape.

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H&M Outerwear and Knits For Women

It's time to get cosy by wearing H&M's outerwear and knitwear designs. Isabeli Fontana poses in studio set images sporting H&M's Fall-Winter essentials which will save you during chilly days. Here you will find Brazilian top model covered in the best cold season basic wear designs, starting from sweaters and knitted dresses to fur vests, elegant coats and stylish jackets. All these pretty garments can be easily pulled on for casual days as well as for your workdays at the offices. I personally love those simple tees and leather pants.

H&M Outerwear and Knits For Women 2019
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Knitted dresses for this Autumn-Winter

Knitted dresses are the most essential piece during Autumn-Winter seasons. I think every girl or woman wants herself a nice and cute knitwear dress for this Fall-Winter season, as it's very popular and timeless garment which evokes elegance, sophistication and comfort. This season we have chance to see many brands and designers offering different kind of length, style, shape and fabric knitted dresses. I personally consider that this year is all about midi length dresses. Lots of fashion retailers offer us cotton, wool and cashmere dresses that are cozy and comfy at the same time.

Knitted dresses for this Autumn-Winter 2019
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Knitwear Looks in Roboty Reczne Autumn-Winter ‘WOOLOVER’ Campaign

Hello there my fashion readers, today I have fresh news from Roboty Reczne knitwear fashion brand from Poland and it's Fall-Winter collection's campaign entitled WOOLOVER. That's a true lover of knitwear, as it features all kind of knitted designs. Remember my previous post about this label's autumn lookbook, which featured unique and warm knitwear items made from wool (here is the link).

Knitwear Looks in Roboty Reczne Autumn-Winter 'WOOLOVER' Campaign 2019

Today, we have chance to see this label's amazing designs in action, I mean viewing this romantic lookbook, which features all kind of headwear (beanies, pompoms), neckwear (scarves), sweaters, accessories (knitted bracelets) etc. Overall, All you need is knits!
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Surface to Air Spring-Summer Sporty And Casual Collection For Men

Here are fresh news from Parisian label Surface to Air and it's their new Spring-Summer collection's lookbook, which features sporty and casual menswear garments. New season comes with intricate prints and graphics, street style touch, youthful and relaxed shapes. Male model appears in lightweight knits, ripped jeans, light parkas, floral shirts, leather motorcycle jackets, floral baseball jackets, pullovers and floral backpacks. I personally like that floral shirt and leather jacket, regarding other garments that are presented here I am not interested.

Surface to Air Spring-Summer Sporty And Casual Collection For Men 2019
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Hugo Boss Fall-Winter Men’s Sportswear Lookbook

I'd like to share with you Hugo Boos latest Autumn-Winter sportswear collection's lookbook, which is full of casual and charming looks. Male models Garett Neff and Wouter Peelen appear in German label outfits. The fall season offers leather jackets, slim fitted knits, quilted outerwear, skinny pants, casual style pantsuits and other eye-catchy looks. I personally love that mix of colors and textures that represent refined casualness.

Hugo Boss Fall-Winter Men's Sportswear Lookbook 2019
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Modernized Knitted Classics in Maille Lookbook

Australian fashion brand Maille reveals its Fall-Winter collection's lookbook where are presented structured and modernized classic women's wardrobe pieces. Brand's designer Hellen Kitsandonis offers casual and formal clothing designs, that feature suit dresses, dark printed shirtdresses, quilted separates (jackets and A-line skirts), long white shirts, modern pantsuits, oversized knitted sweatshirts and shirtdresses.

Modernized Knitted Classics in Maille Lookbook 2019

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