Fun Accessories In Tiffany Cooper x Karl Lagerfeld Collection

Have some fun with these awesome accessories and tees from the latest Tiffany Cooper x Karl Lagerfeld collection. The cartoonist Tiffany Cooper offers a fun and bright collection of accessories and clothing inspired by Karl Lagerfeld. I love that comic twist that Tiffany offers its clientèle. Each creation comes with a cartoon picture of Karl and his beloved cat Choupette. All these beauties will be available at Colette in Paris starting April 1.

Fun Accessories In Tiffany Cooper x Karl Lagerfeld Collection 2019
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Chanel Dubai Resort Accessories Collection

Keep it glamor, tough, rich with romantic accessories by Chanel for resort season. Fashion house creative director Karl Lagerfeld offers romantic ideas and Orient details for this 21 century. The Dubai collection is all about new touches, refreshing ideas and unexpected items. We see ironic, luxe and bright must-haves, including satin slippers, pearl clutches with floral accents and gold shades, small "glass" heels, quilted petrol (gas) can inspired bags and many other fashionable accessories to try on next transitional season. I love the bright patterns, gold hues, pearls and charming mannish inspired can bags. Let's have a closer view at these Arabian Nights, Chanel Cruise collection items:

Chanel Dubai Resort Accessories Collection 2019

That's what I call sweet and feminine touch. Try wearing this glamour, floral clutch embellished with sequins with your evening gowns or stunning pantsuits.

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Karl Lagerfeld Watches For Fall-Winter

I want to introduce to you Karl Lagerfeld's new watches line, which consists of men's and women's designs. There is men's black classic model and three gorgeous options for women. The following Autumn-Winter season's collection looks very rich and sophisticated. I personally love men's black matte style made of stainless steel (this watches price is $295). The women's designs, include the ones made of pink gold (you can buy them for about $225), there is awesome Petite Stud design made from stainless steel in three different options: yellow, pink and black colors (the price is still unknown). While the price for Marais watches with a strict rectangular dial is $ 275. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at the following models:

Karl Lagerfeld Watches For Fall-Winter 2019
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Karl Lagerfeld Spring-Summer Feminine and Youthful

I'd like to share with you Karl Lagerfeld women's Spring-Summer collection's lookbook, which is all about sport style, feminine elegance and youthful silhouettes. I personally love that rebellious spirit, unique, innovative and original ideas. Here you will find black leather biker jackets, skinny jeans in waxy or metallic jacquards, leather biker pants, striking halter dresses, wide knit boyfriend sweaters, jersey LBDs, leggings, jackets with holographic prints. Color palette is versatile and contemporary, which features electric blue, some pinks, citrus shades, black and white. I personally love that rock 'n' roll touch, which is felt in these gorgeous separates.

Karl Lagerfeld Spring-Summer Feminine and Youthful 2019

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Girlish Accessories in Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Capsule Collection

Let's take a closer look at Karl Lagerfeld collection named Choupette. This adorable leather accessories collection will hit the stores on Monday November 11th. All these cute accessories are inspried by Karl Lagerfeld's now famed cat Choupette. Here are presented girlish handbags, scarves, gloves, beanies, iPad and iPhone cases with printed cats whiskers. I personally find these pieces creative and adorable. WHat you think about these creations, please comment.

Girlish Accessories in Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Capsule Collection 2019
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Chanel Resort Singapore Culture Inspired Collection

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel resort collection was about Chanel’s history and elements of Singaporean culture. Love tropical accents on raffia dresses and loose-legged cream trousers and schoolboy uniform: collared shirts, skinny ties and pullovers. Chanel’s history inspired looks included: boxy jackets in various lengths, navy bathing suits with yellow trimmings, black lace jackets, kebaya like blouses, jacquard sweaters with exposed shoulders, handbags that resembled oversize bottles of Chanel No. 5. Whilst, Singapore inspired looks featured traditional black-and-white woven curtains.

Chanel Resort Singapore Culture Inspired Collection 2019

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Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Shoes For Women

She's Gone Glamour. Fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld has collaborated with Brazilian label Melissa to create exciting shoes collection entitled 'Plastic Dreams'. New collaboration partnership offers a range of wearable plastic designs, inspired by sweet candy desserts and lush colors of Brazil. New collection is pretty fun, as it consists of quirky designs, including Mary Janes with pink ice cream cone on the heel.

Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Shoes For Women 2019
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Karl Lagerfeld Watch Collection

Chic, Luxe and Modern. Here are some good news for Karl Lagerfeld's fans, Karl will launch a watch collection. New collection consists of pyramid studs, stainless steel bracelets, luxe metallic leathers. These watches evoke designer's love for modern vision. My favorite design here is the “Karl Zip,” which is also Lagerfeld’s favorite silhouette. This exposed zipper is fully functional and looks amazing. Retail price for these watches will range from $150 – $595 USD.

Karl Lagerfeld Watch Collection 2019

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Chanel Spring-Summer Classic Lookbook

Light Spring. Fashion model Stef van der Laan stars in the latest Chanel’s spring-summer 2013 lookbook images, featuring boleros and dress-skirts in black, white and pastel colors. Tweed jackets embellished with ivory pearls, accessories like clutches, two-tone sandals, petite handbags and sunglasses. Chanel's Spring woman is retro inspired chic.

Chanel Spring-Summer Classic Lookbook 2019

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