Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer Statement and Desirable Looks

Please welcome Junya Watanabe spring-summer collection which is inspired by apocalyptic folklore, hippies, American West and ravers. I personally find these looks too layered up, it feels like we are viewing kind of pre-fall season's collection, indeed, those layered tribal outfits give additional warmth, that's why if the next summer is going to be quite cold, then you know which dresses to wear. Here are showcased fringed dresses, leather biker jackets, patchy worked denim, sliced and diced vests and studded, ankle boots. It seems like we are viewing scarecrow looks that are accessorized with braided hair with tribal references that are quite wearable nowadays. So, the show featured sophisticated, statement and desirable looks.

Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer Statement and Desirable Looks 2019
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Punk Leather Jackets in Junya Watanabe Fall-Winter Collection

Junya Watanabe presented black leather jacket collection for this Autumn-Winter season. Designer offers punk inspired looks, which are fun, fresh and audacious. The starting role of this year's collection was black leather jacket then models started to appear in reconfigured denim, playful punk patchwork jeans, black leather fitted biker coat-dresses, Perfecto-style jackets, wool tunic-dresses, tartan boyfriend jeans cropped leggings, high-heeled patent pumps.

Punk Leather Jackets in Junya Watanabe Fall-Winter Collection 2019

Everythng looks modern and biker hybrid updated. Love the way furrily mop-head models appeared on the catwalk wearing those 1940's and 1950's silhouette tweeds, leather looks. Junya Watanabe has proved once again that he is a unique master of cool-casual wear with his signature cutting technique.
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Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer Outdoor Hiking Men’s Runway Show

Please welcome Japanese designer's Junya Watanabe spring-summer collection's runway show, which was all about picnics and outdoor hiking, fishing and other leisure activities styles. Male models appeared on the green catwalk wearing rumpled, old-school trekking gear, including inside-out fisherman jackets with secret pockets (which become designer's signature), cherry-red hiking jackets, outdoorsy blazers, anoraks, expedition jackets, loosely cut trousers, utilitarian jackets, vests, slim checkered Bermuda shorts, chinos or dungarees.

Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer Outdoor Hiking Men's Runway Show 2019
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Modern Punk Style in Loewe and Junya Watanabe Capsule Collection

Loewe creative director Stuart Vevers and fashion designer Junya Watanabe showcased new capsule collection, where the main focus is made on Spanish leather and Japanese denim. Here are showcased images where models appear wearing punk patchwork style garments. I'd say it's a mix of Watanabe archives and Loewe autumn collection. All in all, it's edgy, dare to and wearable.

Modern Punk Style in Loewe and Junya Watanabe Capsule Collection 2019

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Perforated Bags: Marni and Junya Watanabe

This summer collections were so fashionable and rich of perforated items, indeed lots of designers presented leather perforated skirts, coats, tops and accessories. This time I'd like to share with you Marni Polka Dot and Junya Watanabe perforated bags.

Perforated Bags: Marni and Junya Watanabe 2019

Marni's bag is made of two leather layers, where the upper layer is gouged with dots and the bottom layer is painted in different colors. I personally like Junya Watanabe bag, which is semi-transparent, due to these dots. Which bag is your favorite.

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Laid-Back Style in Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer Menswear Collection

Sim­ple and Wearable. Junya Watan­abe showcased its menswear spring-summer fashion collection during Paris Fashion Week. Brand's new sea­son comes with pol­ished looks and details. Models are dressed in laid-back style, as well as in smart and elegant style, so you can see them sporting striped tees, dress shirts, suit­ing, single-​​breasted jackets, as well as dou­ble-breasted jackets, above the ankle trousers. Take a look at these muted pastels of new Junya Watanabe collection, it feels casual attitude.

Laid-Back Style in Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer Menswear Collection 2019

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Stylish Women Ponchos

Women ponchos are so fashionable nowadays. Every stylish woman has different kids variations and styles of ponchos in her wardrobe. Why is it so fashionable? First of all capes are comfortable, you're free in movements and it saves warm. Another thing is about styles and colors. Some are '60s-inspired capes, classic style or fringed style ponchos.

Stylish Women Ponchos 2019
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