Alice Springs Jewelry Made From The Heart

Let me introduce to you Alice Springs. She is not an ordinary designer. She is the one who creates gorgeous and contemporary jewelry for those ladies who want to underline their uniqueness. It's not just geometric shaped and many different art formed jewelry. Every single piece ideally fits woman's body, complimenting her moves while she walks or poses. We see marvelous and individual designs that are inspired by the beauty and elegance found in nature and the human bodies’ geometry.

Alice Springs Jewelry Made From The Heart 2019

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Wallis Reid Jewelry

Not so long time ago, (well to be honest, long time has passed since I realized that I have lost this email somewhere in my inbox) I was contacted by Mike Reid photographer and husband of Wallis Reid who is the owner of the namesake brand Wallis Reid Jewelry. Wallis creates jewelry for women and men for already eight years. She uses agates, carnelian, jasper, petrified wood, fossils and other gemstones mostly found on the beaches along Oregon coast (beautiful sightseeing by the way). I shouldn't tell you that everything is handmade, right? Her findings are all hand formed by her of recycled solid sterling silver and solid 14k gold. She also hand forms her chains of solid 14k sterling silver.

Wallis Reid Jewelry 2019
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Gorgeous Jewelry In The Latest Collection From Ornella Bijoux

If you are looking for something special and eye-catching for your very special event, then I highly recommend to check out this gorgeous jewelry collection from Ornella Bijoux. It's voguish, beautiful and exclusive. You are going to find here awesome brooches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings in various shapes (insects and sea creatures). From the very first sight I can declare: each of the presented creations evokes charm and timeless beauty. We see handmade pieces made of beautiful shimmering pearls, shiny metals, Murano glass, hand-painted wood and Swarovski crystals. Every single piece from Ornella is ideal for evening occasions and special parties. All in all, if you want yourself timeless and glamour jewelry, then you better go for these unique pieces.

Gorgeous Jewelry In The Latest Collection From Ornella Bijoux 2019
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Dori Csengeri Jewelry Spring-Summer Collection

Dori Csengeri presents her latest spring-summer season's collection of women's jewelries. Her unique universe is inspired by art and fashion. I personally have a feeling, like I am looking at some-kind of haute couture creations what are ready to wear. The spring season comes with free-spirited creations, where creativity is influenced by eclectic and costume jewelry. Designer plays with beautiful elements, fresh colors (neutrals and light pastels) and individual shapes. Every piece is hand embroidered by talented artisans. Each of her voguish pieces comes with intriguing designs. Dori Csengeri has a defined taste and personality. While designing, she visualizes the woman who will wear her works, that's why every creation is like a piece of art. The following collection consists of chic earrings, necklaces, pins, rings, bracelets, etc.

Dori Csengeri Jewelry Spring-Summer Collection 2019
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Yvone Christa New York “Phlox” Jewelry Collection

Please welcome Yvone Christa New York timeless jewelry collection named “PHLOX." You are going to find here luxurious and charming creations. I love the idea of the showcased styles: a small flower with a deep meaning, where a tiny little flower together with its own buddies composes a bigger flower. It feels like we have been transferred into another world with unique garden that is rich of deep thoughts and beautiful details. The following collection includes unique jewelry made of silver and gold.

Yvone Christa New York "Phlox" Jewelry Collection 2019
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Jewelry From Diamond Point For Spring-Summer

Let's have a detailed look into the latest spring-summer season's collection from jewelry brand named Diamond Point. The label is well-known worldwide for making brilliant jewelry pieces made of luxury gold and diamonds> You are going to see amazing rings, starting from engagement to anniversary, prom-night, cocktail, solitaire and weddings ones. I love those colored diamonds, original designs and individual shapes. If you want yourself something traditional, like earrings, necklaces and bracelets then you are more than welcome to see Diamond Point creations. The label values quality, customer satisfaction and natural elegance. Thanks to its high standards and pure individuality Diamond Point is now one of the leading jewelers in Netherlands. Why don't you want to feel like a real princess this year? Try on one of these precious pieces:

Jewelry From Diamond Point For Spring-Summer 2019
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