Valentina Brugnatelli Spring-Summer 2016 Italian Jewelry

Italian jewelry fashion designer Valentina Brugnatelli presents her latest Spring-Summer 2016 collection of women's luxe jewelry. Looking through these images you automatically ask yourself if every showcased design has a soul. I am amazed by the beauty of these creations, every detail comes with a marvelous look. It feels,like every piece tells a story. Brugnatelli's clientèle is a free-spirited woman with a personality strong enough to wear whatever she feels like. She's comes with an individual personality that makes you love her from the very first sight.

Valentina Brugnatelli Spring-Summer 2016 Italian Jewelry (1)
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Real Luxe Treasury For Women In Nouveau Luxury Jewels Spring-Summer 2016

Please welcome an ideal combination of design and material coexistence. In today's post we are about to see a marvelous Spring-Summer 2016 collection of women's luxury jewelry made by Nouveau Luxury Jewels brand. Designer label offers a beautiful range of women's golden jewelry completed with precious stones and Swarovski crystals. In this collection are gathered Italian made unique pieces that are ideal for wearing to work and special occasions. All products are inspired by art, by watch mechanics and the innovation of Art Nouveau. Each creation comes with special energy that makes it look and feel powerful.

Nouveau Luxury Jewels Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

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Jaw-Dropping Jewelry Brand To Know: Adina Mills

Are you in love with wearable art? If so, then I am here to introduce to you this marvelous jewelry designer brand called Adina Mills. Mills creations blur the lines between art and fashion. I am so in love with striking juxtaposition that can occur between the urban and organic worlds. Designer carefully combines selected gemstones with unique settings and materials.

Adina Mills Jewelry (1)
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Custom Jewelry 2016 by Jade Chiu

An emerging fashion jewelry and accessories designer Jade Chiu presents new 2016 custom jewelry collection of women's beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and headpieces. She is already a well known designer who offers its clientèle gorgeous creations with a captivating fusion style. Jade Chiu's jewelry and accessory collection take on raw and whimsical forms inspired by her Asian culture combined with her love for nature.

Custom Jewelry 2016 by Jade Chiu (7)

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Must Have: Arte Facta 2016 Women’s Bags And Jewelry

Arte Facta is an Italian brand that is specialized in creating beautiful and exclusive women's accessories and jewelry. In today's post I am proud to share with you label's latest collection of must-have bags and jewelry. Every piece is handcrafted in Italy with highest attention and care to details. I think label's name speaks to itself: brand expresses the will to create collections in which the skillful manual ability of handicrafts meets a refined, sensible and discrete design.

Arte Facta 2016 Women's Accessories (1)

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The Best Jewelry Brand To Know: Minimalistic & Modern Designs In Luz Ortiz New York

If you do want to be different and stand out from the crowd, then I highly recommend to take a look at New York based designer brand Luz Ortiz latest Autumn 2015 season collection. I know one thing for sure: a woman's jewelry says a lot about her personality. Those shiny precious items have power to make or break her dresses and everyday clothes instantly.

Luz Ortiz New York Jewelry (1)

I am so in love with these handcrafted earrings made of in 18K gold plated brass. The movil earrings feature two hinged semicircles allowing mobile movement. Influenced by post modernism these earrings are versatile, contemporary and timeless.

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Jewelry Essentials To Have In Your Fall 2015 Collection: All Hands

In today's post I want to introduce to you All Hands fashion brand founded back in 2011 by Jennifer Stiwell. She specializes in leather goods. Stilwell leared all manner of leather treatment and techniques, from cuir bouilli, originally developed for medieval armor, to reverse embossment, wet molding, hand-stitching, leather wrapping and leather inlay, among other skills.

All Hands Fall 2015 Jewelry Collection (1)

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Must-Have accessories and jewelry to wear next Summer 2016 made by Audrey Akman

Please welcome best accessories and jewelry to wear next summer 2016 all made by Audrey Akman. I tell you honestly, scrolling down these images, I was like: wow, OMG! Must-have! Love it! Next season's collection was inspired by the photography of Irina Ionesco - sensual, and innocent, yet dark and hauntingly beautiful.

Best accessories and jewelry to wear next Summer 2016 made by Audrey Akman (1)

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Geometric Shapes & Minimalism In Mei-ling de Buitlear White Pearl Jewelry Collection

Mei-ling de Buitlear reveals new, luxe and minimalistic jewelry collection. We see a marvelous line consisting of geometric shaped earrings and pendants. The pearls are connected to golden colored, highly polished metal basis. Every piece is handmade with care and high attention to details. See everything by yourself.

Close up - Square Pendant2

Geometric square pearl pendant will for sure match your evening look. The necklace is updated with a freshwater pearl sitting perfectly in one of the right-angled corners of the pendant. This gorgeous pendant is available in sterling silver and sterling silver with 18 carat gold plating.

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Autumn 2015 eclecticism In SUNLIGHT New Jewelry Collection

The latest GOLD AUTUMN 2015 jewelry collection from SUNLIGHT was inspired by the magnificent and colorful Fall season time. The line features natural gems, saturated solid colors, as well as ladylike bows and lucid knot elements. The golden autumn appears everywhere, starting from rings to earrings and suspensions, as every item was made by sunny yellow, romantic pink and white gold. Personally, I love the use of blue and green stones.

SUNLIGHT Fall 2015 Jewelry (1)

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