Amazing Hand-Crafted Jewelry For Spring-Summer Made By MJXL Jewelry

I say no more boring jewelries from no on! I'd like to share with you amazing MJXL Jewelry brand's latest spring-summer collection of women's hand-crafted pieces. Label's independent fashion designer and creator Michelle Lee offers hand-crafted wrapped designs made of pearls, gemstones, 14kt gold, sterling silver and other precious materials. These creations are made for daily wardrobes and special occasion ensembles. You are going to see perfect items for street style looks which can be worn with plain T-shirts, as well as evening LBD. Everything is available on her site, you can even order custom styles.

Amazing Hand-Crafted Jewelry For Spring-Summer Made By MJXL Jewelry 2019
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Evening And Special Occasion Necklaces In Joomi Lim Spring-Summer

I'd like to introduce to you some of the best necklace styles from the latest Joomi Lim spring-summer collection. Two New York based designers behind this brand, Joomi Lim and and Xavier Ricolfi offer its clientèle high quality blazing jewelry with great feminine touches and playful details. I personally felt in love with these gorgeous necklaces with intricate crystal motifs and unexpected pops of color. There is kind of punk chic spirit, which makes these pieces look original and very unique. We see a perfect result, which includes sleek spikes, titanium finishes, colorful gemstones, chic pearls, crystals and braided cotton. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these evening appropriate creations:

Evening And Special Occasion Necklaces In Joomi Lim Spring-Summer 2019

That's a stunning Rebel Romance Crystal Necklace with chain and braided cotton threads. It's made of Swarovski crystals, chains dipped in rhodium and braided cotton threads. The price for this creation is $754.00

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Eye-Catching Accessories In Maiyet Spring-Summer

In today's post I am going to share with you an awesome spring-summer collection of women's rings and cuffs made by New York based label Maiyet. You are going to find luxurious creations with sensible details. The summer season features elegant jewelry styles made by Kenya, Peru and Columbia artisans. These are great products for those ladies who are in love with beautiful items that exude femininity and stylishness. I personally felt in love with these artisanal creations. Every single piece from entire collection is designed for those who recognize quality and seek for something special and rare.

Eye-Catching Accessories In Maiyet Spring-Summer 2019

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Awesome Jewelry In MVP Spring-Summer Collection

This time I want to draw your attention to the latest Spring-Summer season collection of Maria Vittoria Paolillo (MVP). Her creations are inspired by the silhouette and power of the most precious stone- diamond. The spring collection comes with gorgeous rings, necklaces, earrings, neck pieces, bracelets and many other interesting jewelry creations. I personally felt in love with those abstract constructions, form cuttings and geometric lines. Looking though these images I feel the power of modern technologies and traditional jewelry designs. The reconstruction of classic shapes is on its high peak. We see innovative and unique pieces that are ideal for wearing at special occasions and work. Just look at those straight lines and curves, simply amazing. Each one of these beautiful items is made for contemporary woman, who is powerful and self-confident person. Try on these elegant pieces for your very special moments.

Awesome Jewelry In MVP Spring-Summer Collection 2019

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Elvis et Moi Spring-Summer Boho Chic

I'd like to share with you, my dear readers, this adoring and boho chic inspired spring-summer season's collection made by Elvis Moi. The label's creator and designer Emilie Austin of Elvis et Moi creates amazing pieces that are not only high qualitative, but also unique and bohemian rock chic. All the showcased jewelery items feature creative and luxury details. I personally felt in love with Emilie's feminine, edgy and effortless creations. She uses classic materials, including silver, rose gold, brass and semi-precious stones. I personally felt in love with her minimalistic bracelet designs. You can try on Emilie's pieces with evening ensembles, as well as with causal leather jackets and denim essentials.

Elvis et Moi Spring-Summer Boho Chic 2019

Here we see a silvery heart shaped box ring. Try it on with casual separates and cocktail basics.

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Timeless Trendy Jewelry by Anna Wolf

If you want yourself bright jewelry, then I recommend you to observe the following timeless jewelry made by Anna Wolf. The latest collection is ideal for various occasions, starting from business meetings, office hours to dating, operas and theaters attendance. The first creations look more like Christmas tree balls so you can try them for New Year's Eve. Next items come with a kind of retro look that are ideal for wearing with classic outfits, while the necklaces come with sophisticated brightly colored stones and chain-look bracelets. Speaking of earrings, then my personal favorites are the drop-like designs. Choose your beloved ones and tell me what are your favorites.

Timeless Trendy Jewelry by Anna Wolf 2019

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Zoemou Jewellery “Lost In Savanna” Collection

Please welcome Zoemou latest season jewelry collection entitled Lost in Savanna. The following brand takes its inspiration from handcrafted African jewelery. Each of the showcased pieces celebrates artistic, religious and cultural elements. Each item comes with an Africam heritage. Jewelry brand Zoemou produces modern creations with a great attention to details and quality. Each piece is named with an authentic African name, so you are about to see Nurisha earrings, Ameena ring and many other interesting pieces with original names.

Zoemou Jewellery "Lost In Savanna" Collection 2019

Here we see Ameena ring that is ideal for wearing with any apparel, starting from office wear to cocktail attire.

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Alex and Ani Women’s Jewellery Christmas Collection

Please welcome Alex and Ani high quality producer of eye-catching bangles, necklaces and sets of bracelets. Today I want to share with you best selling products from its Christmas collection. Each piece is hand crafted in America using local manufacturers with stores located on main city streets. I personally like their bangles sets, which appear to be modern, stylish and easy to style and wear. These creations are perfect for everyone, that's why it can be perfect gift for your mom, best friend, coworker, etc. You are about to see different creations from various collections. Each of the presented items is unique, making its wearer stand-out from the crowd. All in all, it's time to see the charming styles and find out what fits you best:

Alex and Ani Women's Jewellery Christmas Collection 2019

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Chanel Vintage Earrings

I have found a great collection of Chanel vintage earrings which are timelessly cool and eye-catching. The following compilation consists of great styles, which will definitely match any outfit, no matter if it's casual or formal look. Earrings are the most perfect accessories, which frame your face and make you look polished and make your overall look completed. In today's post I want to share with you the best ears jewelry which will bring some drama to your outfit. Here we see sparkling feminine designs, classically vintage updates and “extremely rare” vintage pieces, which are ideal for wearing with elegant work outfits. All in all, I hope this collection will inspire you:

Chanel Vintage Earrings 2019

The rope like embossing gives these chunky vintage Chanel earrings a nautical feel. I personally love these styles for a simple look.

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Floral Jewellery Collection by SUNLIGHT

Flowers- that's an ideal gift, no matter if there is a reason or not. A long, long time ago this flowering plant became one of the main women's accessories. It's no secret why it's a symbol of beauty, perfection and rebirth. It still inspires many jewelers around the world and today I bring you SUNLIGHT latest collection of gorgeous jewelry with floral motifs. The following collection comes with juicy poppy plant inspired designs, delicate petals of tulips, graceful rosebuds, cornflowers and other great pieces embellished with twigs and leaves. Everything is done to emphasize the charm and beauty of its wearer. When I see or hear about flowers, then I think of romance, sentimentality and even naïveté, which give smile, warmth and feeling of care. Every design is made of high quality and luxury, precious metals combined with valuable, precious stones, like diamonds, topazes, rubies and citrines. Keep in mind, the flowers will compliment your strict or minimalist wardrobe. All these earrings, rings and necklace pendants are ideal for evening occasions, but you can always combine these gorgeous pieces with your every day styles.

Floral Jewellery Collection by SUNLIGHT 2019
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